Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth time is the charm as it seems !!

For the fourth time after the revolution some unknown group in Al Arish blew up the gas pipeline.

Blowing Up the gas pipeline

This time it is at Sheikh Zowaid and allegedly a group of unknown masked men did it.No one has claimed responsibility. That group of unknown masked men already blew up the gas pipeline last week at Beir El Abd and stopped the gas exports to Jordan.

Now after this explosion the gas exports to Israel and Jordan will be stopped indefinitely according to GASCO statement. I read today that Israel is thinking of using other source of gas. Our youth welcomed the action so much and that unmasked group or man became the heroes of the day before El-Fangary’s speech.

We need this gas more than any country now with my respect to Jordan and Israel , there are millions of Egyptians who indeed gas in their homes before anyone.

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