Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Needs Explanation : CNAIPIC and the Egyptian ministries of communication and transport !?

Thanks to a friend tweep’s tip I found out that one of the anonymous  affiliated groups is claiming that it hacked the evidence servers of “CNAIPIC” or “  Centro Nazionale Anticrimine Informatico per la Protezione delle Infrastrutture Critiche” or in easy English “The Italian cybercrime unit

According to what looks like a press release issued by that @Anonesc group that Cybercrime unit in Italy used to gather the evidence of cyber crimes in what they called “Global spy game”

Among the stuff those hackers found files from several countries included USA , Russia and Vietnam. There are also files from American companies , giant companies like Exxon Mobil. Now what cares in all this is that there are files in this so-called hacked files related to Egypt , specifically to the ministry of transport and ministry of telecommunications according to the press release.

I downloaded the Preview files and I found files in Arabic indeed related to Egypt like for instance for some MS Word document with details of the financial department team at Cairo railway station , the names with ID numbers !! It was a document sent from Alpha Design & Networking to ACT with the Title “ Renovating and improving the Cairo stock Exchange” . There were scans of the national IDs of Alpha Design & Networking’s CEO along the rest of that financial department team including the license of the car they were using !!

Why has the Cybercrime unit in Italy got something like that !?

I do understand that the cybercrime unit in Italy would keep the details of Egyptians involved in cybercrime but why it would store the details of specific project not related to Italy. This is an internal memo from Alpha Design& Networking to ACT !!?

I will not publish the documents here in my blog because they include the personal IDs of Egyptian citizens whom I am sure did not imagine that their personal IDs will be available worldwide after being stored for God knows why in server in Italy.

I do not understand this to be honest .

This is all from the preview files , I wonder what we will find in the big 8GB file concerning Egypt.

There should be a good explanation for this because it seems that we have been breached from a very long time thanks to Mubarak.

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