Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Major General El Assar Goes to Washington

Here is the complete session of Mohamed El Assar , Member of SCAF and the minister of defense assistant at the U.S Institute of Peace. El Assar is the man responsible for American file in the ministry of defense , you can consider him as MOD’s Omar Soliman.
Hate him or love him I think this man among the real minds in SCAF , our military junta.

Of course the statements of El Assar about the Muslim brotherhood are making headlines more than anything as I could tell.
Omar Afifi has attended that meeting , he is the man who wore the Egyptian flag. By the way these visits are usually announced in the States publicly by certain time , for instance the U.S Institute of Peace announces that meeting in its schedule online by days and sometimes by weeks so Afifi probably knew about this visit from press not from crystal ball !!
I will comment later on that meeting , cheers.


  1. I have to say ,Great job on the thread congrats,keep up the good wrk

  2. Excellent job General Assar! Balanced, confident and very informative.


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