Friday, July 29, 2011

The showing off Friday

“And fulfill Allah’s agreement when you have made an agreement and don’t violate your oaths after they have been established and you have made Allah your guardian (therein).” (Surah An-Nahl 16: 91)
Abdullah ibn ‘Amr (RA) says that Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Four traits whoever possesses them is a hypocrite and whoever possesses some of them has an element of hypocrisy until he leaves it: the one who when he speaks he lies, when he promises he breaks his promise, when he disputes he transgresses and when he makes an agreement he violates it.” (Muslim and Bukhari)
There was a specific deal , a specific agreement between most of the political powers , parties and movements about today for the sake of the revolution , for the sake of unity and the future of this country. This agreement was like a new hope for our revolution , a push for our quest to democratic Egypt but some people have not realized or fully understood what we want.
The Square today by Mahmoud Gamal El Din
Some forces and powers mainly from Salafists or broke the agreement. Of course the dilemma here is that unlike the Muslim brotherhood or the Islamic group the Salafi movement in Egypt is not united , it is made up of different groups and movements. The Salafi movements are new to politics , in fact knowing their beliefs and history in time of Mubarak it is awkward to see some involved in politics this way. Needless to say they are so obedient to the SCAF , to the field Marshal Tantawy who is insisting in all his speech so far “just like SCAF” that the upcoming republic , the upcoming state will be “ A CIVILIAN State” !!
I do not know from where the Salafi sheikhs got this idea that Egypt will adopt a religious state or from where they thought that the military will let them have it , I will not even speak about the rest of the Egyptian population.
Ironically some sources are saying that our Spy chief Mourad Mowafi will meet allegedly Hilary Clinton in Washington to discuss the democratic transition in Egypt. We must take in consideration that what is taking place currently at Tahrir square can be a message from the SCAF to the West especially to the States using the old Islamist boogyman to scare them from the consequences of having a real democratic life in Egypt. Some protesters currently are holding the photos of Omar Abdel Rahman and Osama Bin Laden.
ميدان التحرير يوم الجمعه ٢٩-٧-٢٠١١
What I see in front of me is a show off for powers in the street, the Salafists are showing off their size in the street , they are showing how many people they can mobilize in the street. According to several sources the Salafi groups began to mobilize their followers from all over the country to Tahrir square starting from yesterday in buses. Today there is huge number of number of buses outside the square. The Salafi channels and Salafi Facebook pages and websites were mobilizing through out the week. “Strangely nobody speaks about the funding of such channels as they do about the funding of April 6th movement , it is fair that if we are going to discuss the foreign funding in NGOs , political groups and parties to bring in to the TV channels and newspapers because actually they are more dangerous on the society than anything
The Muslim brotherhood group and its party seemed to be absent from the scene , it is all about the Salafists so far and their controversial slogans. 28 parties and movements have declared this afternoon that they withdrew from the agreement reached last Wednesday. The Revolution Youth Coalition has declared that they are going to continue in the sit in after the departure of the Salafists. The Salafists announced they will leave at 6 PM.
I will not speak about the position of the famous Salafi sheikhs before the revolution and how they looked to the January 25th protests. But from what I see from conversations between Salafists and other protesters at the square is that we still do not know each other at all.There are a lot of lies and misconceptions from both sides especially the Salafists and how they look to the Supra-constitutional principles. These people ignore the fact that many political powers calling for the Supra-Constitutional principles consider the 2nd article of the constitution among the Supra-Constitutional principles along with the Egyptian Arabic Islamic identity of this great. Nobody even bothered to read the Supra-constitutional principles proposed by different parties and potential presidential candidates.
It is good that we see the Egyptian powers like that , I am not concerned or freaked but I am just sad because I know this whole scene is being used politically for other proposes , indeed we are like pawns used. Some people see that we are re-living 1954 fiasco while others think we are re-living the 1970s when Sadat gave freedom to the Islamic powers to fight the leftists powers. I believe we are living a new scenario and insh Allah we will not lose but we will win in the end because we are honest and we seek justice.
Tonight there will be a media frenzy in the TV channels without doubt along with newspapers. Mubarak’s orphans are so happy and are reminding the people on Facebook on how Mubarak and the State security stopped those Salafists who raised the Saudi Flag in the heart of Cairo. The liberals and leftists are freaking out.
God protect the nation and revolution.


  1. Salafiah and democracy is like fire and water. If we let them, they WILL turn Egypt into an oppressive, intolerant Islamic republic.

    I am afraid that all those illiterate ones from the country side who believe in religion regardless who is promoting it will vote for these seducing satans.

  2. كالعاده لقد اصبت كبد الحقيقه لكن افه حارتنا النسيان كما قال نجيب محفوظ ١٩٥٤ و السبعينيات هل نسي قيادات الجماعه الاسلاميه السبعينيات؟ لقد عاصروها و شاركوا في احداثها ببدو انهم لم يتعلموا من التاريخ ، اما عن السلفيين فربنا يهديهم عموما شكرا للمقال فقد قلت كل ما يختمر في ذهني

  3. Mubarak's General In Mubarak's Military Council: Said El Asaar, Said In Washington D.C., US Institute For Peace: "Nothing Had Changed In Egypt After The Revolution" !!!!!!!!!!!!!, He Said: The Relation With US & Israel Is The Same, The Relation With Iran Is The Same, ...., The Status Of Rafaah Crossing Is The Same.!!!!, So...It Is The Same Bloody Imperial Story (Divide & Conquer). He Stated That Mubarak's Generals Plans To Continue The Old Regime Will Be Through The New Constitution & National Assembly, After The Upcoming Elections Which He Mentioned Is Already Financed By US Organization !!! (Fabricated Elections And Tailored Constitution As Before) ...Did Not The Same USA Is The One Who Financed The Previous General : Mubarak.
    WE NEED CIVILIAN PRESIDENTIAL COUNCIL NOW. WE NEED NEW CONSTITUTION NOW. Mubarak's Generals Have To Be Forced To Go As Their Ex-General Mubarak Had Gone....By Millions In Demonstrations.

  4. Democracy is hypocrisy, men legislating out of their own wimps and desire, and since men are not perfect it automatically leads to tyranny, just like what we have now in our country. the USA is actually and oligarchy ruled by few elite wealthy banker families the rest is sheep, every four years they put a show call election for entertainment so people can think they really have a choice and can make a difference. while in reality their choice is between A and B with the rest of the alphabet out of the picture. Allah the creator of mankind send manual for humans to live by, the divine sharia law, but we humans don't know what is good for us and we run after the glitter shinny things thinking it's the solution, while the trickery iblees and human wolf experts of human mass psychology manipulate us the way they please. wake up Egypt, go for sharia.

  5. Do you think that the salafis will ban eating somosa in Egypt as the Islamists in Somalia have done?

  6. Tahrir was not a happy place to many of the revolutionaries. Some of my friends even went as far as saying that they felt the that the sanctity of the square was violated. Something felt very wrong. If felt under attack or being stormed by a force and sentiment that is quite foreign to it.
    However, I found also to be an opportunity to talk with the often hermetically sealed Salafis and to share with them thoughts, concerns and ideas. I found many of them are willing to listen and engage in dialog. I tried to capture that is this short blog (in Arabic).

  7. what is a samosa?

  8. A samosa is an Indian vegetable pie in the shape of a triangle. They are delicious


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