Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The worst statement ever issued by SCAF "Updated"

Lt. General Mohsen El-Fangary has lost all the popularity he has gained by his famous statement on February 11th with his infamous today July 12th.
The Statement of SCAF on July 12th
In a very short statement of 3 minutes El-Fangary asked the citizens to stop any activity that would stop the return of regular life and warned of rumors and attempts to jump over rule !! Needless to say he was referring to sit ins and strikes , he was referring to the Tahrir complex and blocking the highways. He was warning the protesters of Tahrir along other protesters in the country.
I will not be like those who only focused on his warning and his finger and will not ignore the part he spoke about giving the rule to an elected authority. Still this statement is confusing actually , forget about the threatening tune and focus at the part where he said that we have a committee to write down the constitution then move to the second part where he said that SCAF was abide to the road map of the constitution referendum !!
You do not need to understand Arabic to feel the threatening tune in the speech , you do not need to understand Arabic to understand the threatening body language. There is an escalation from SCAF’s side as it seems. Just like Wael Ghonim said on his twitter account : He was addressing his soldiers and not the people. Update : I have heard the speech 4 times and I believe there is nothing new about it except for the political announcement and the statement would not have provoked us if he was not that nervous. Of course those who served in the Egyptian army say that this language is normal in the army , well may be it is normal in the army but it is not normal in the army nor normal in these circumstances.
El-Fangary lost a lot of popularity in a very few hours that his fan Facebook page was closed while hundreds now are “unlike”ing the official SCAF Facebook page.
El-Fangary's page closed after intimidation 
In matter of times we got pages making fun from El-Fangary and his finger. There is a new Facebook page called "We are not threatened ya El-Fangary"
It is worth to mention that El-Fangary's name was brought up as a candidate for the ministry of interior before Sharaf's speech . 6th April youth group refused his candidacy along other activists and politicians especially that they were demanding for civilian minister for this troubling making ministry.
People all over Egypt are expecting something bad to happen to be accurate like the Camel battle. Many companies made their employees to leave earlier before 5 PM !!
SCAF is holding a press conference currently with Lt. General Al Assar, Etman , Hegazy and El Fangary. It is now 4:11 PM when it was supposedly to start at 3 PM.There was meeting in SCAF during all that time.
Ok journalists at the press conference are tweeting what is taking place there. The presser will be recorded and aired later
BY Sherine T 
From Sherine T's tweets I believe that SCAF is trying to amend what was damaged thanks to the El Fangary's speech and this shows how much confused these men are now.
They are insisting that they are with the revolution and will not use force to end the sit in at Tahrir square but they will use it against thugs, they also considered the protesters as revolutionaries whose demands are being taken seriously. The military generals made it clear that the revolutionaries are those who protest in millions peacefully and not those who stop traffic.There will be new laws and the next phase will be for the constitution !!?
The military junta will not stay in power more than necessary till a civilian elected government takes power.
They are still defending the military trials claiming that it protects the country from Chaos !! They are also insisting that there were no activists or revolutionaries at military prisons !? "What about Amr El Bahairy and his brothers !?"
They start in the procedures for elections with in 6 months from take over , not the elections "ok boys and girls who were calling for delaying the elections , you got it" 
Lt.General Tarek El Mahdy spoke on TV and he was more nervous than Fangary but he insisted to give SCAF a week and it will please everybody. Here is the video of Tarek El Mahedy's on air live.

You must know that this televised statement of Fangary scared a lot of people ,companies closed their doors earlier and many many people were expecting another new camel battle.


  1. i believe it is also the worst actions taken by the revolution to cut roads and closing Tahrir complex!! we didnt do that in Jan25th and after..so how we are doing this now ? violence will bring only violence..and this way we are punishing the normal citizens by turning their life to hell.

  2. Sherine Tadros tweets was enlightening, they even gave a reason for military trials: to avoid chaos! They also gave a justification for military trials: Emergency law and constitution says so!

    Why can't they make more of those Q&A press conferences? And why was it not streamed live, or was it?


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