Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Libyan Revolution : And let the games begin

So I woke up to find that Seif El Islam Qaddafi is a free man roaming Tripoli streets at night saying “toz fi ICC” or “Screw the ICC”
Tripoli : Seif Al Islam is a free man once again on 8/22
AFP and Sky News were reportedly the first to show the footage of that criminal. The ICC is now demanding the NTC to confirm whether he was arrested at or not !!
Strangely according to Al Arabiya sources El Islam Qaddafi was captured for real but he managed to escape by the help of the militias just like his brother Mohamed last night.
Here is a photo by dear Maggie Osama showing Libyan protesters raising the independence yesterday at the embassy even though the diplomats in the embassy hoisted the new flag earlier.
Protester raising Libya's Independence flag above Libyan Embassy متظاهر يرفع علم الإستقلال الليبي فوق السفارة
Back to Tripoli We do not understand anything for real now , it is like what Hala Gourni said in her twitter account today’s morning.

So Saif is driving around Tripoli in a convoy of only 3 or 4 land cruisers? So how much of capital do rebels really control? #Libyaless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I fear that the Qaddafi is preparing some sort of trap , this is a man that will fight till the last breathe for his sick ego.
By the the Turkish FM is visiting Tripoli, some people do not waste their time at all.
Well keep you updated insh Allah with the latest Libyan updates .
Ibrahim Eissa wrote a very interesting column about Libya and Qaddafi today in Tahrir Daily.
Currently the fight is near from Bab Al Azaziyah
Here is a close story from Bab Al Azaziyah from short while ago by a tweep called Tweeting Libya
Bab Al Azaziyah
@8:08 PM CLT So I slept before breakfast and woke up on the amazing news that the revolutionaries have stormed Bab Al Azaziyah and controlled it already. The iconic stronghold of Qaddafi has fallen , his castle compound is in the revolutionaries’ hand. While eating my breakfast , I kept watching the footage from Bab Al Azaziyah live on Al Jazeera Arabic.
According to the revolutionaries’ leader Abdel Hakim Belhag that the revolutionaries forces attacked Bab Al Azaziyah from 4 sides along with the NATO raids , the Qaddafi’s militias which are made of mercenaries could not stand and thus the revolutionaries won in couple of hours thanks to God in those blessing days.
Many people are amazed and seriously up till now I am concerned that Qaddafi and his gang are doing some kind of trap knowing that the man got chemical weapons that he used against his own people in some stage during the revolution. Now all the Qaddafi clan are believed to be near Sirte.
We are all happy with the new revolutionaries’ victory and we are more happy to see the Libyans capturing the Qaddafi’s tuktuk.
Tripoli : Qaddafi’s tuktuk
I am sure that we are going to see a lot of strange stuff in that compound , the big surprise if we see nothing.
By the way not less than 30 countries have recognized the NTC today including many Arab countries , it seems that Egypt was not only the country shamefully late in its recognition.
Remember nothing is easy , liberating Libya from Qaddafi has cost it so far not less than 40,000 Libyans.
@9:28 PM CLT
And the trophies began to show up.
The people reached to his bed room and a young man took one of the Qaddafi's military hats and couple of golden accessories. I wish that the revolutionaries keep Qaddafi's stuff and put it in a museum !!

@10:43 PM CLT
Here are couple of photos from Bab Azaziyah from AP

From an hour ago Dr. Mahmoud Jibril , member of NTC had a press conference. This man gives me hope in better Libya insh Allah , one must wonder where these men have been all those years. He was graduated from Cairo university by the way. Anyhow he raised many important points especially concerning Bab Azaziyah compound , the escape of both Seif El Islam and Mohamed Qaddafi.
Seif El Islam was not captured , the NTC heard unconfirmed reports about his capture three days ago and they informed the ICC about these unconfirmed news promising to call back if they get a confirmation as they needed help in guarding him. Strangely the news spread that he was captured and despite they dd not deny it , it proved to be very good for the revolution for the following reasons :

  • In 24 hours not less than 15 countries recognized NTC including Egypt. 
  • In 24 hours several embassies joined the revolution. 
  • In 24 hours several Qaddafi's army commanders surrendered themselves as well complete units. "One of these units actually helped the revolutionaries to get in to the compound today. 
Now Dr. Mahmoud Jibril believes that Seif El Islam Qaddafi did not deny the rumor of his capture like he always does in the media and waited all those because he knew that no one will search for him if it was claimed that he was captured. 
Mohamed Qaddafi was offered protection by the revolutionaries but for some reason he escaped. 

The NATO denied bombing the Bab Azaziyah compound
The Libyan TV and radio will start their broadcast for real tomorrow insh Allah. The NTC will move to Tripoli insh Allah tomorrow. China and Italy want the NTC to protect their investments.
In 60 days the Libyans will put down their first constitution since 4 decades.
Here is the Bab Azaziyah's entry in Wikipedia. 
Hugo Chavez still supports Qaddafi !!
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  1. Zenga zenga, beit beit, dar dar, sheb'r sheb'r the people will find Qaddafi and his children.

  2. it will be hard to find him and his children in Algeria.......

  3. Probably by now, they know where he is, but they have to produce the film in time, then the feature will be that they will find him, they will video him with his bushy hair, with his drooping face skin and mouth wide open to reveal his bad teeth and show it in the comfort of your own home, or if he is lucky they will kill him and they will share the Video on your HD enhanced flat screen TV, between the commercial breaks just like Saddam.


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