Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flag diplomacy : The flag is down at the Israeli ambassador’s residence For now

There is news that the Israeli flag has been pulled down at the Israeli ambassador’s residence tonight in Maadi , Cairo. Flagman may has nothing to do with the Israeli flag this time in Maadi despite many protesters wanted to see that flag down after the murder of not less 5 policemen and army officers as well in Al Arish according to the latest death toll.
There is news that the Egyptian flag will be pulled down from the Israeli embassy’s flag pole which is ok by me , still I think it is wise not to raise the Israeli flag for now , in fact for quite some time.
The Israeli embassy from its side reported Ahmed El Shehat to the public and wants to sue him , despite international laws give it the right yet currently it will not be wise move by all measures because all political forces in Egypt “I mean it” are standing behind him regardless of what you may think about him.
The Israelis do not understand that we will not accept the old Mubarak days’ treatment. Even Shimon Peres’ condolences to the families of his army’s victims in Sinai is not enough. We want an official written apology from the Israeli state , I think this is a reasonable and it is not impossible and even if it is impossible ; already we love to make the impossible possible , at least we will try in front of our martyrs.
What Shehat did was a violation of international yet it is nothing compared to the violations of a peace treaty and the killing of our men on the borders when they were doing nothing except their job. When it comes to international laws , I believe Israel should not speak with its black record in breaking international laws , UN and security council resolutions starting with 242.
Some people are saying that Israel is testing the new Egypt, I think now it knows the new true Egypt and how it likes. The IDF did not start a full scale military operation because of the new Egypt more than the SCAF's mediation.
The message is received and now it is our duty to make sure that our martyrs' rights are not wasted by our own hands. We have got a golden opportunity to revise Camp David accords more than you think , we should not waste it.
We do not want also to get lost in the debate discussion when we are supposedly
The flag is turning in to another Tahrir square , the symbol that turned in to a false idol that we should think beyond it especially we got elections in couple of months.
The Israeli flag will return back whether we accept this or not , whether we like this or not , you have to deal with in the logic way because one thing the Israelis know very well about us :  We always think with our emotions in a reaction way and they used this very well.


  1. Dearest Zeinobia,
    I hear you and I see how you are struggling between what is right and what your heart is telling you.
    Yes Israel is wrong in so many respect, but now it is about Egypt.

    Egyptians have to grow up and become adults. They have to accept responsibilities and that rules have to be followed. Egyptians do not respect traffic rules and the result is chaos in the streets. Egyptians defy the police and condemn each and every officer; at the same time they deplore the absence of police and the rise of crime.

    Egyptians want to have all the advantages of keeping peace with Israel: billions of dollars and euros every year, visa to travel to the USA a and into the EU, tax exemption for Egyptian products exported into the US and into the EU, foreign investment from the West, tourist.

    Now if Egyptians want all this they have to pay the price or reject all this and live on their own without support from the West.

    Egyptians need to understand that there is a strong Jewish lobby in the USA as well as in the EU and without this lobby no Western politician can rule. Abandoning Israel is out of the question for the West. Abandoning 82 million Egyptians is an option, if Egyptians are pushing to far.

    Israel is there and will stay - period! Make the best out of this. Mubarak understood this, however, he made the best out of it for himself and his cronies. The army understands this too and trust me; the army will not allow some weirdos from the streets jeopardizing their turf.

    Dignity needs to be earned. Forcing 7.7 million Israelis to go into exile is not a dignifying act. Egypt should push for a peaceful coexistence of Israelis and Palestinians.

    What Egyptians are doing now is destroying any sympathy they did win with their revolution. Nobody wants to spend holidays in a country that is hostile to Israel, nobody wants to invest and put their money there.

    As for your demand for apology: Did Egypt formally apologize to France for the French girl that was killed at Midan Hussein last year? Did Egypt apologize to the USA and to Germany for the tourists murdered in the Luxor massacre in 1997? Did Egypt apologize for the Sharm el-Sheikh attacks, and the 2006 Dahab bombings? If this is not enough read more about Egyptian killers here: http://www.sullivan-county.com/id3/terror_egypt.htm


    Sure, killing the policemen was absolutely wrong, however, how dare you sitting on the high horse and demand apologies while you are killing your guests and killing and killing and never apologize?

  2. http://www.youm7.com/News.asp?NewsID=479082&SecID=65&IssueID=0

    now do you see the truth about the SCAF?!?!

  3. Luckily Tantawi has his senses together and stopped this madness. Both Ambassadors stay. Street mob does not rule Egypt.

  4. Only an Egyptian could refer to attacks on foreign embassies as "diplomacy". When your world turns to shit and you find yourself wondering why, all you have to do is look in the mirror.

  5. Hey Craig what about the attack on our borders and violating a peace treaty without an official apology !?
    If 5 American officers are killed by Mexican forces or cartels , I think you will think in a different way.
    The Israeli embassy was untouched aside from the flag

  6. What about the fact that Egypt allowed terrorists to cross into Israel and mass murder Israeli civilians, Zeinobia? I somehow think if Israeli terrorists were going to Egypt posing as tourists and mass murdering Egyptians and then running back to Israel you'd want the Egyptian military to do something about that, would you not?

    And you still haven't faced up to the fact that you have personally praised attacks on a diplomatic mission in Egypt, which is both a violation of the Vienna Conventions and an act of war against Israel in and of itself. From the very first time I read your blog you've consistently praised acts of aggression against Israel while at the same time complaining about Israeli "aggression" that was in actuality nothing more than Israelis defending themselves from the aggression you were calling for! You are some piece of work and I find it appalling that you are considered one of the leaders of the Egyptian Youth Movement.

  7. Zeinobia, about what border violation are you complaining?
    About terrorists entering Egypt to commit crimes? Fact is: Egypt is not a sovereign state if you have lost control over your borders. However, if Egypt allows terrorists to enter and closes all eyes, then Egypt is a terrorist state and has to be dealt with accordingly.

  8. Egyptians are happy when Israelis are killed. They are utterly indifferent about low-caste Arab boys, who become military recruits. The nonsense about "Arab blood is not cheap" notwithstanding, these dead Arab boys only acquired value from the circumstances of their deaths.

  9. @Anonymous 8/23/2011 10:15:00 PM
    @programmer craig

    If terrorists entered Israel through Egypt as Israeli claimed (until now there is no certitude about that), then it is mainly Israel fault since they were not able to watch their borders. Borders security is a shared responsibility, not one side's only.
    Therefore, Israel failed to do their job, they should blame no one but themselves.

    Israel did violate international law and Camp David peace treaty. In such situations they should ask Egypt officially to do its job, ask for a joint investigation, and ask this to be supervised by UN or by Multinational Force and Observers. They did not even wait the end of their investigation to know exactly what happened (until now nobody knows where and how the terrorists entered Israel).

    It seems that you dont understand what international law and peace treaty are. Of course, what happened at Israel embassy is unacceptable: I would have preferred Egypt government to expel the Israeli ambassador (which is legal unlike the israeli flag removal)

  10. Zeinobia,i read your words and they makes me very sad..beyond political criticism,you express mainly hate. there is no word in your article about the fact that the whole mess happened because of a brutal terorist attack on Israeli civilians (killing eight).one could have understand that the Egyptian soldiers where killed "just for doing their jobs..".- as if intentionally. there is so much justify criticism Israel deserve regarding her foreign policy and the treating of the Palestinian problem. but here it seems you using the unfortunate,sad and accidental death of the Egyptian solders to unleash and attack Israel as a gold miner who found a good piece..i have read on Israeli media that the terrorists where dressed up as Egyptian soldiers..i don't know if it true or not,but it might explain something of the confusion..more than this i have just read that three of the terrorists on the attack on Israel where Egyptian! do you think that's not something to criticize? in what way you want to "revise Camp David accords"? tax free zone? like Europe.encourage tourism? or more cultural exchange? more open political debate? some how i doubt these where your intentions..

  11. The israeli flag in Cairo is down, but the pressure is much up. So much up care of USA

  12. @Sakrquraysh

    that is a pathetic try to pin an Egyptian terrorist attack on Israel. Anonymous 8/23/2011 03:02:00 AM has provided a horrific list of Egypt's terrorist acts and Egyptians are in total denial of their own reality.

    If Israel had asked Egypt officially about what to do, it would have taken Egypt years to reply. You know how Egyptian bureaucracy works. Once Egypt becomes efficient, reasonable and dependable one can use the usual diplomatic channels. As long as Egypt is disfunctional guns are the only language that is understood.

  13. Anonymous said...

    "Egypt is disfunctional(sic) guns are the only language that is understood"

    You asked for a demilitarised zone in Sinai(zone C) and then you cry Egypt is not protecting us ..boohoo

    There are no army units in Zone C, not a single trained soldier to operate in Sinai. It's a small border guarder unit consisting mainly of untrained Police conscripts that simply cannot control a vast rugged area like zone C- whether it's terrorists, smugglers or human traffickers. That's exactly what you wanted and that's a condition Bigen would not compromise and then you cry foul when you are unable to protect your side, breach the treaty and wander into another country's territory. You have 2 solution with no third(if you want to protect your border like intelligent human beings), either agree to amend the peace treaty accords; particularly in regards to army mobilisation in Zone C and Sinai in general OR agree to have multinational observers on both sides and dramatically increase their number, in either case I am fairly sure the Egyptian side would oblige. Go read the peace treaty idiot(and a dictionary while you're at it)

  14. Omar 2 do you seriously believe anybody who is not Egyptian will believe such rubbish???
    The mongoloid idiot is obviously you! Who needs an army to control a border??? An ordinary border guard would do the job. Of course Egyptians have a second agenda and hope (hilarious) they can finally win a battle against Israel. I have got news for you: IDF will gladly spank you anytime anywhere.

    Let's put the record straight: You do not care at all about the safety of civilians and according to your depraved mindset they deserved to die just because they are Jews. Why don't you admit it: You hate Jews.

    The truth is, those terrorists were not Palestinians disguised as Egyptians, they were Egyptians and most likely they were helped by those policemen that got shot in the process.

    That happens if you groom Salafists in your midst. So pathetic!

  15. an ordinary border guard will do the job??? you fucking moron do you have any idea what Sinai is like? and do you even know what border guards are?? in any country border guards are trained soldiers from the army not the police..what shows your ignorance is that Sinai doesnt even have an 'ordinary' border guard in compliance to peace accords. what a stupid troll..

  16. Ahavat Eretz Israel8/25/2011 03:31:00 PM

    Your wish will be granted Egyptian. The IDF shows up in full force at the border by now.

    And we will rule for the Lord says:

    "O House of Israel,I will sanctify My great name that was desecrated amongst the nations... and the nations shall know that I am the Lord when I shall be sanctified through you before their eyes. And I shall take you from among the nations and gather you out of all the countries and I will bring you into your own land."

    and here you see Israel's future borders as by the Lord's will and command: http://www.ahavat-israel.com/eretz/future.php

    Israel FOREVER!

  17. People who can only do things by force will only understand force. Force rule, force is the only convincing mode of communication, if you have it you can communicate and do things, if you dont, things will be done to you and there is nothing you can do about it, simple really.

  18. as an Israeli i have to say that some of the Israelis that comment here are total extremists that represent embarrassing ideas,saying the least...

  19. @Ahavat Eretz Israel as an atheist Egyptian I can only piss all over your comment. Quoting stories from a rubbish mythical book shows what a brainwashed twat you are. Good luck understanding how the world functions according to your bogus "holy" crap.

  20. Ahavat Eretz Israel8/26/2011 02:14:00 AM

    Hahaha, trying to be funny, you sweet Egyptian sunshine? You must be really wetting your pants, that Mossad will come after you. Relax Habeebi, not yet but the time will come ...

    That rubbish mythical book, that you cannot insult as much as you try, is based on facts. The Lord dumped an entire Egyptian army along with their Pharaoh in the Red Sea and since then Israel won every war with any Egyptian army. I so much wish you going ahead and cancel Camp David. We will be happy taking Sinai back again. And unlike you Egyptian, we will develop it and the tribes will love us as they hate you already for abandoning and discriminating them for so many years.

  21. egyptian sunshine8/27/2011 03:25:00 PM

    @ahavat. lord dumped the Egyptian army in the red sea is a fact? can you SCIENTIFICALLY prove it? can you present evidence that that happened? do you know what a fact is?? oh yea forgot you beleiev in fairy tales and supreme beings living in the sky, everything is fact to you LOL.
    No Israeli idiot, that is not a fact, even your kingdom of "israel" you keep boasting about in your holy crap book never happened, it only happened in your bedtime stories and not a single shred of evidence or artefact supports your fairy tale. and before you get all too excited and wet your knickers and talk about the Gezer, no honey, that doen't prove anything, in fact most archeologists believe it was written in Phoenician, only biblical archaeologists(aka bullshit scientists) try desperately to convince the world it was hebrew and only those who believe in fairy tales(like you) believe them. The FACT you can't see because you're so blinded by rubbish harry-potter-like-books is the kingdom of Israel never existed in History.. there is not a single SCIENTIFIC evidence of hebrew sedentism in the entire recorded history of mankind, even if the Gezer was hebrew(which is isn;'t) it only proves what we anthropologists already know about hebrews, they were nomadic tribes travelling the region and occasionally setting camp around Canaaite cities to get food and charity(like the beggars they were and still are) that my ignorant friend is a FACT. kingdoms that supposedly last for a millenia(lol) leave behind real evidence you know like Greece, Mesopotamia EGYPT you know things that last for thousands of years showing every aspect of their daily life...not POTTERY! cave men left pottery, civilisations and kingdoms leave behind much more than artefact fragments that can't even be proven to be in situ!

    As for your wars in the 20th century, you should know that in every one we were fighting a superpower called usa not israel. you'dn't exist without america .. we were always under-armed and in 73 we spanked you pretty damn well with outdated artillery before you started crying for your papa america for the rescue and you can only occupy deserted areas once you cross the suez you will perish, you couldn't even last for a day in suez city and you were fighting civilians with knives lmao!

  22. Ahavat Eretz Israel8/27/2011 09:16:00 PM

    @egyptian sunshine, what is there to proof? Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia have one thing in common: They are broke.

    History tells, that Israel's kings were even ruling Egypt as Hyksos. Yes they call us the shepherd kings, but twist it as much as you like: WE RULED YOU!

    Yes, the borders of our Greater Kingdom are our vision. At least we have one and time is with us to make it become reality. Lebanon is disintegrating, Syria is falling apart, Iraq is in shambles. All this will be ours and it is not Israel who is doing this. That is a higher being at work, deny it or not.

    Sure our American friends help us. At least we have friends. What about your Arab "friends", Egyptian? Where are they? Didn't they always abandon you?

    Our friends are with us because we are killing terrorists every day, while you are grooming them. Islamic fundamentalists live a happy life in Egypt now that Mubarak is ousted. They will even become your government and steal the revolution from you. The Americans will not forget this. And this is good for us, because we are just 7 million and you are 80 million. However, you can fuck like rabbits, with our friends we will always spank you.

  23. America is also a primary funding source for Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestine Authority. And, when an Israeli strike against Hezbollah/Hamas starts to generate Arab casualties, the American president telephones the IDF and tells them to shut it down.

    Arabs imagine that if America disappeared, that Arabs would rule the world. Laughable. In fact, the terms of the American global order require that 1)Arabs be paid for their oil, and 2)Arab concerns be taken seriously. No future Russian, Chinese, Indian or Iranian global order will treat Arabs so kindly.

    Watch what you wish for. You may get it.


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