Thursday, August 25, 2011

Libyan Revolution : Is Qaddafi in the Zoo or in a building !?

From couple of hours ago Washington Post speculated that Qaddafi is staying at Tripoli zoo ,now from few minutes ago Al Jazeera and Reuters say that Qaddafi and his sons are in some building and they are being surrounded by revolutionary forces now. So where is Qaddafi !?
Is he at the zoo or at some building !? Of course if he is in the zoo , this will be a new low for Arab dictators after the hole of the Qaddafi and a new horizon for jokes and cartoons in the Arab world. Personally I do not believe that he is in Tripoli at all.
The people of Libya of course stormed the palaces of Qaddafi clans to find strange stuff like that photo album for Condoleezza Rice photos at Qaddafi’s residence.
Someone has a crush on Condi "AP"
Or that tacky , so tacky golden mermaid sofa with her face !! That sofa was actually her “Kosha” in the wedding aka the Wedding sofa.
Aisha's mermaid sofa "AP"
Anyhow here are couple of interesting videos related to Libya or rather to Qaddafi clan that proved to be more royal than the Senussis. Here is the video of Aisha Qaddafi’s wedding after the break. The dowry of Aisha Qaddafi was 1000 camel !!! “I do not buy it”
The wedding of Aisha Qaddafi
Suzanne Mubarak attended that meeting. Of course that wedding is tacky compared to her son Gamal’s wedding in Sharm. Aisha Qaddafi should have married Gamal Mubarak , oh boy that would be more interesting on all levels. Among the other guests Queen Salma of Morocco and if I am not mistake Queen Noor of Jordan. Suzanne Mubarak’s dress was bad as expected , she does not have style at all despite all the money she got. Heidi Raskh was with her and she looked fine as usual. They were seated at the first ladies table beside Safia Qaddafi , Queen Salma of Morocco and some ladies from the Gulf including Suzanne Mubarak’s nemesis Sheikha Moosa of Qatar . The wedding was jewelry's exhibition Its theme was the mermaid. ‘Aisha , the mermaid of the Qaddafi’s clan’
Latifa sang in the wedding.
Here is a video from the Libyan embassy in Zamalak where the Libyans kicked out the Qaddafi’s ambassador from the building.
Cairo : Kicking out the Qaddafi’s ambassador from the embassy
Now this is a very touching video from Abu Salim prison in Libya where Qaddafi kept his political dissidents at. Abu Salim prison won a notorious reputation after the massacre of Qaddafi regime did there where not less 1000 intimates were killed aka “The Abu Salim massacre”. This video shows how the prisoners were liberated and how they celebrated it. It is overwhelming.

Qaddafi is being accused of stealing not less than 10 billion dollars in gold from Libya's central bank.


  1. So Zeinobia, everything is nice and beautiful in Tripoli now that the nasty Gaddafi has been somehow beaten by those plucky ragtag rebels?

  2. What a question? How can everything be nice and beautiful if Gaddafi's thugs are pounding the city with grenades?

    It will surely take weeks until this pest is truly eradicated. But this is a sacrifice to be made, to get over 42 years of oppression, murder and a mad clown with a moronic fashion advisor.

  3. 8/27/2011 03:38:00 PM "So Zeinobia, everything is nice and beautiful in Tripoli now that the nasty Gaddafi has been somehow beaten by those plucky ragtag rebels?" OK, now that's funny. On my blog I put a temporary banner honoring the Libyan revolution, but it's true the future is bleak. I saw a provisional constitution based on sharia. Bummer.

  4. @Jason
    Many of the rebels have an Islamist background. This is why leaders of the Libyan revolution did already threaten to resign, because they don't want a religious state.


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