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Mubarak’s trial : Military testimonies and more updates "updated"

Mubarak and Tantawy in some
funeral before 2011 
When Farid El Deeb threw his own bomb last August 3rd ,2011 in the court claiming that field  marshal Tantawy was in control of the country since January 28th and when the lawyers of the martyrs’ families demanded the testimonies of Tantawy and Anan, all people wondered if the generals will show up in the court in one of the biggest dramas ever air on our national TV : Political/Poetic justice reality TV.
On Friday we found out that Mubarak’s lawyer accused Tantawy of having a hand in cutting off the telecommunication services starting on January 27th in his appeal against the court order to pay millions of pound as compensation to telecommunications companies. Personally I do not believe that because I think this stupid decision was taken at the policies committee of the NDP , it had got the stamp of Ezz and Gamal Mubarak to be accurate ; again this is a personal belief. Update : El Deeb denied that Mubarak accused Tantawy in the telecommunications blackout.
Now last Thursday we found some unknown military source claiming that Tantawy may testify in Mubarak’s trial. It is confirmed by judicial sources that there is nothing against the testimony of Tantawy.
If you remember Tantawy said publicly at the graduation of the new police officers from couple of months ago that the army got orders to kill the protesters but they declined to do , it was a direct accusation to Mubarak.
It is more than critical testimony and from what I see it will could the testimony of the century as well because let’s not forget Tantawy was the minister of defense in time of Mubarak for nearly 19 years and it is on air trial. May be if Tantawy accepts to go on stand and testify , the session will not be on air for national security reasons and it will be edited before public broadcast. It is up to the judge then.
Can Tantawy turn against Mubarak in court ? Well actually it will not be the first time. We will see what will take place insh Allah next August 15th , 2011 in the second session of Mubarak’s trial.
Now regarding the judge , the famous judge Ahmed Rifaat’s retirement and the fate of this important trial , Rifaat will reach to the age of retirement the end of this month “Happy birthday in advance” and according to some this means the trial will be transferred to another judge who can be biased to Mubarak. Well several sources have got another theory concerning the fate of the trial :
  • Despite Rifaat will reach retirement age by the end of the month , he will not leave the service till next July 2012 , till the end of the Judicial year.
  • The trial will not be long but rather shot , of course it will not take a month but judge Rifaat will continue to head the court regardless of his retirement age.
You must know something Rifaat will not judge Mubarak based on the public opinion but rather based on the evidence in front of him , based on the legal procedure and legal papers or rather based on the papers upon him as this is a normal civilian trial not a revolutionary court , this is why we need to pay very carefully to what El Deeb is going to present to the court.
Speaking about Mubarak’s trial , I do not know when I see Farid El Deeb in court , I remember that scene.
Farid El Deeb in court
Update :
According to some military expert on TV , Tantawy and any other military officer can't stand in front of a civilian court except the approval of the military court. Accordingly the judge and the prosecution should write down the questions they want to ask the military and send it to the military prosecution which either will allow the military to testify in front of the civilian court or will make the military answer the questions in front of military court and the military court will send it to the civilian court. Nevertheless this does not mean Tantawy is not going or going to testify but this is how it works according to the law. I think it is a long process and this is why Farid El Deeb demanded his testimony. 
Now concerning the telecommunications the army is insisting it has nothing to do with the blockage decision and that its only relation with the mobile phone networks is the permits they receive before starting to operate concerning the frequencies.. etc. 
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  1. egyptian court is very fast... in the international courts they r making investigation for several years and here is BOOOOM! u're guilty.


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