Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Abdullah The fisherman and Abdullah the merman {2}

Oh boys and girls here is the second night in our Arabian nights 2011 , our second night with the adventure of Abdullah the merman and Abdullah the fisherman and how the later became King Mahmoud.

You can know what happened in the first part here.
Abdullah the fisherman and Abdullah the merman is from the famous stories that has been featured in TV series as well as children literature. One of the famous versions of the story was presented by the famous Kamel Keilany. Just like the original text in the Arabian nights book , the story is different from our radio tale , of course Taher Abu Fasha changed in details for radio but the main theme is there for instance in the original story there is Abdullah the baker who used to give bread to Abdullah the fisherman.  I do not want to add any spoilers though so I will stop here.
Now here is the Kamel Keilany’s children book “ Abdullah the fisherman and Abdullah the merman” published by Dar El Maraaf , Cairo. This is the edition of 1998. Just enjoy the beautiful old illustrations.
Abdullah the fisherman and Abdullah the merman "In Arabic"

Tomorrow we will continue the tale of Abdullah, the fisherman who became King Mahmoud


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    Happy Ramadan

  2. I am so glad that I found this blog before Ramadan, not only I totally adopt your views of the ongoing events, but I found my self waiting for the next "Arabian Night" just like I used to wait for it years ago.

    Thank you very much for such quality time that I spend on your pages.


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