Friday, August 19, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Princess Badr Al Budur and the sultan of gypsies “10”

Ok boys and girls here is the 10th night with Princess Badar Al Budur or rather Princess Nasin tale.

As you may remember Prince Ramsh El Ain was on his way to save princess Nasin from marrying the evil demon Shabt using the sword of king Samandal. I forgot to tell you that King Samandal’s seal got a very interesting feature : The invisibility. 

Now at the Jinn’s temple the high priest refuses to start the marriage ceremony because Shabt is not a believer still the evil Jinn king is insisting to complete the marriage. At the climax of the events we find Ramsh Al Ain and Amhat show up at the right moment to save the day. Ramsh Al Ain kills Shabt with the Samandal’s sword. Ramsh El Ain asks the hand of Nasin as a reward but this was not easy because he is a human and she was from the Jinn.

After deliberating whether he should marry Nasin because he is a human or not , he marries her after the approval of the high priest and their marriage is not only a royal feast but it has become a national day for the Jinns that were liberated from the evil Shabt.

Now the story of Nasin has finished we will return back to the original tale of Princess Badur Al Budur whose father by now learned important lessons from that tale that would help him in saving his daughter from the grim fate waiting her.

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