Monday, August 8, 2011

RIP Hind Rostom

The legendary Hind Rostom has passed away tonight from few hours ago in Cairo. The 82 years old cinema legend was transferred to the ICU after having a heart attack where she passed away . May Allah bless her soul.
Rostom was a true legend in Egyptian cinema without doubt. Many consider her as the Marilyn Monroe of the East while I think she was much luckier as well as more talented than Monroe when we speak about Drama.
I believe also she was happier in her life , her personal life than Monroe , she had the courage to leave fame and to become a housewife for her daughter and her husband , late Dr. Mohamed Fayad.She was an example of strong , sexy and confident woman indeed when I look to her.
I do not care what Rostom said about the Tahrir square or Mubarak , she was 82 years old lady for God sake. Also she was in Tahrir square
I will bring you from Sharm
Ya Sona oh you traitor "A graffiti at Tahrir square"
Last year she appeared for the first time on TV for an interview with Mahmoud Saad after more than 30 years of staying away from cameras.
Here are clips from my favorite Hend’s films : Husband’s confessions and Love rumor.
Hind Rostom sings
Hind , the star in Love rumor


  1. May Allah bless her soul

  2. Born in Moharram Bey in Alexandria, Hind Hussein Mourad Rostom was destined to a childhood of wandering as her parents got divorced. Her father, a police officer, was posted in different cities in Egypt far away from home. For that reason, she did not continue her education at St. Vincent de Paul School in Alexandria, moving to Cairo with her father for five years, then to el-Mansourah, Senbellawain, el-Zagazig, and Darb Negm. They finally returned to Cairo in 1946, when she was fifteen, hardly aware that a career she had never dreamt of was in store for her.

    It all started when she went with a friend to el-Aflam el-Motahedah Company for a screen test. She had no hope or intention at all of becoming an actress, but had gone simply to see her favorite stars. While there, she was asked to play a small part in the film (Azhar wa Ashwak). And so she was launched on the first steps of her acting career, a career her father objected to, but was supported by her mother. When she married director Hussein Reda, he gave her the supporting lead role in (el-Aql Zeenah) in 1950. The film’s failure made her go back to small parts again. In 1954, as he was shooting (el-Malaak el-Zaalim), Hassan el-Imaam noticed the girl who was playing the role of a club singer and, after consulting with the producer of the film, Mary Queeny, and the actor Hussein Reyaadh, he decided to let her star in (Banaat el-Lail) in 1955. The film was such a success that el-Imaam gave Hind Rostom the lead roles in two more films in the same year: el-Gasad and I’trafaat Zawgah. She had finally become a star, on a par with Faten Hamamah, Magda and Shadia and the rest is history.


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