Monday, August 8, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Princess Badr Al Budur and the sultan of gypsies “2”

Here is the second night , the second part of the “Princess Badr Al Budur and the sultan of Gypsies” tale in our Ramadan Arabian nights 2011. Things are getting very interesting and intense indeed.

Badr-al-budur and the king of gypsies-2 by egyptianchronicles

Princess Badr Al Budur is in love with his cousin yet unfortunately they can’t get married because their king parents are having this ugly fight ; at the same time the evil sultan of Gypsies Dumdum is mad about her and decided to have a plan to abduct her and marry her with the help of his wicked mom. Dumdum was arrested tonight when he was busted at the King’s palace as he went to propose to the princess as the Sultan of gypsies.

Up till now I have not found its origin in the One thousands and one book.

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