Thursday, September 29, 2011

30/9 Friday in Tahrir : Our Force is in our unity

Tomorrow there will be another million man protest at Tahrir square and unlike previous million protests there is a real consensus on its goals above them : Rejecting the emergency law.
Not only the emergency law is rejected but there are other demands that are related to the elections laws. Here are the demands most political groups and parties participating in the protest.
  • Ending the emergency law
  • Amending the elections law
  • Activating the treachery law to ban the remnants of NDP
  • Setting a date for presidency elections
  • Shorter timeline for power transition.
  • Ending the military trials for civilians 
The participation will be high according to what see as many parties including the parties that stood against the million man protests in the past like El Wasat party.
According to my knowledge there is no agreement on sit ins. There will be rallies from mosques and Churches insh Allah. There will be also parallel protests across the country as well.
There are several names for this Friday yet the most common name is “End the emergency law” Friday.
Unsurprisingly the Muslim brotherhood , Islamic group and main Salafists groups have announced that they will not participate in the protest despite the MB is extremely angry from the elections law and is insisting on the closed proportional list.  The Muslim brotherhood gave SCAF till the end of the month , here is the end of the month, I do not know what they do next.
I know some adrenaline junkies are dying for clashes tomorrow that would lead  in to some Libyan or Yemeni Style because they believe our revolution will not achieve its goals without following these styles.
Of course Tantawy’s appearance in the civilian suit made many people angry and fear from military take over , that scene made me many people decide to join the protest tomorrow.
Anyhow there is a good thing in tomorrow’s protest ,more people are united on more goals.
A youth group called "The revolution Youth Federation" announced that it thinks in the sit in option and that 150 of its members who though of running for the parliament decided to boycott the elections.  


  1. wonderful blog ya zainabia



  2. Unfortunately the revolution in Egypt has not even started, it is just a media event, with Mubarak successfully handing over the keys of the country to Military.
    Today I read a report that Nobel Peace Prize should go to some of #jan25 leaders, sorry they have not led Egypt away from the yoke of corrupt elitism, as Military receive $1.3b in USAid!
    Military must be laughing at such behaviour.
    Sorry but in this consumer age, it would appear cosmetic changes are acceptable for the majority.



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