Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crazy thoughts : Titans and Pawns

Sometimes , in fact recently I reached to the conclusion that we reached to level that the people of Egypt including activists and the youth that are so moved by the revolution are turning to pawns in a big chess game.

Sometimes I believe that we are inside some sort of clash of the titans as Zeus has fallen down and they are fighting on who should rule the mount Olympus. 

Of course in this time we are waiting for that human hero to come and save the people in earth because there has been always that hero who units the people around him in order to stand for their rights and freedom from slavery.

The worst thing is that in ancient Egypt the hero always turn in to a pharaoh , our own version to demigod !!

Crazy thought before heading to sleep.


  1. Sudanese Observer9/29/2011 12:57:00 AM

    Interestingly - I agree...

    Our issue, on this side of the border (notwithstanding the illegally militarily occupied area) is not 'who' rules, but 'how' they rule...i.e. subject to which kind of system...

  2. There are no heros, only ordinary people doing their best with what fate has dealt them. Heros are not needed just average honesty & competence. With the right structures in place no would-be pharoah will ever arise.

  3. @Zenobia
    Just to tell you that Zeus became the ruler of mount Olympus by overthrowing his father Kronos and defeating the Titans. His own brothers challenged him several times but at the end had to accept reluctantly him as the ruler.

    Each time he was going to be defeated, a human hero appeared and saved mount Olympus.

    The people like to believe in a hero that would save them. The truth is, we dont need a hero, we just need people with faith, honesty and competence.


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