Saturday, September 17, 2011

Al Arabiya : Parliamentary elections in Egypt next November 21st

According to Al Arabiya News Network the parliamentary “People’s assembly” elections will be allegedly held on November 21st while the Shura council will be held on January 22nd ,2012. “Before the first anniversary of the revolution insh Allah”

BRK: #Egypt to hold elections for the People's Assembly on November 21 and for the Shura Council on January 22Sat Sep 17 18:48:58 via Google
The elections 2011 official website has already hinted that the parliamentary elections will be held by the end of November 2011. There were news that the parliamentary elections will be held on three stages by the way.
You check through your National ID Number and see if you are registered in the voters database or not.
Now if you know someone dead and registered in the voters database , please leave a comment with the details. Also if you are Egyptian abroad and registered , please leave a comment as well.
Nothing is announced officially though. Tomorrow General Sami Anan and Lt. General Mamdouh Chahin will meet with political parties and powers’ representatives to discuss the elections and elections committees law as far as I know.
We want to know what is the position of the Egyptians abroad from the elections and I do not mean these elections but the future elections because it seems that we do not have enough time , it is in a month from now.
Updated on 18/9 : SCAF will issue a statement about the elections next September 26,2011.

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  1. As I live abroad, I do surely want my right to vote. I wish to be able to vote in the parliamentary elections... But if it is not possible I surely do want my right to vote for the presidential one insh.


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