Monday, September 19, 2011

And Whales are finding their way to our Red sea shores

This year has still got a lot to surprise us with in Egypt. People suddenly found humpback whales in Red sea , oh yes a family of humpback whales from male and female at our red sea shores in Hurghada.
Hurghada : Humpback whales in Hurghada
According to experts there is one bad thing in the whole issue, this is not the natural environment of humpback whales that live in the Indian Ocean. Already the humpback whales eat tons of smaller fish everyday which means a change in the ecosystem of the Red sea if I am not mistaken.
I am so worried from tourists and fishermen by the way. I think the RSEC should do some researches about that whale couple. I hope someone records the male’s song.
Strangely this is not winter so these two whales would migrate to warmer water to give birth.
Where is Professor Gohar when you need him !? He missed this without a doubt May Allah bless his soul.


  1. Poor things probably took a wrong turn somewhere and need help getting back to their natural habitat.

  2. Quite strange. It is either what Antum said, or something drove them there. Either way, I haven't heard of a big move of whales out of the Indian, so not sure if you should be worried!

    Cheap Calls Australia


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