Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Camp David accords Anniversary : The Back Door Channels

At the same time the 32nd anniversary of Camp David accords comes in very intense time in the Middle East by all measures , we find a very interesting documentary sooner to be released in the States related directly to the peace treaty or rather the the back channels of the famous peace treaty and how it was achieved. The documentary is Back Door Channels : The price of peace.
Now despite it discusses important parts of unknown history to the public , I know this documentary will reopen the discussion of whether Ashraf Marwan’s loyalty was to Egypt or to Israel.
Oh yes Ashraf Marwan and his role as double agent are in the documentary. From the trailer you can see that he was a Mossad spy with indirect hints that Egypt got rid of him.
I wonder about the reaction of Mona Abdel Nasser and her son Gamal Marwan regarding this documentary.
Here is the trailer of the documentary.
The Back Door channels : Price of peace
I hope that the documentary will highlight the role of King Hassan of Morocco in the peace negotiations.
Here is the official website of the documentary.

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