Saturday, September 10, 2011

Regarding the Israeli Embassy and the clashes to this endless talk

Ok first no one broke in to the Israeli embassy officially yesterday, it was an apartment used by the embassy as some sort of archives vault. I am not defending the action itself but you have to transfer the truth.
Second all the clashes that took place  starting from Mid night till the dawn and resulted in the injury of 1049 and the death of 3 was not at the Israeli embassy but rather at the Giza security directorate which are couple of blocks away , in fact when I imagine the map in my head you got the Orman garden between them and the Orman garden is one of the biggest gardens in North Africa.
We got two separate incidents here , the first incident was breaking in to the archives vault apartment following the Israeli embassy in Egypt in the 18th floor. What happened at the building of the  already is suspicious by  all means , I can’t understand how the army security withdrew like that and why it let the protesters get in to the apartment in this way
The second incident was the Giza security directorate which included huge violent clashes resulted in the death of 3 “2 of them were killed by live ammunition while the third died from a heart attack” . The clashes started when a police vehicle ran over protesters yesterday near Saudi embassy before hiding at Giza security directorate which made the protesters angry to the level of torching other police vehicles and things erupted to the level we are sorry to see.
Officially SCAF warned from an attempt of attack or breaking in to a vital or security premises in its 74 message issued last Wednesday. All these photos of burning vehicles and clashes between the CSF conscripts and protesters were not at the embassy but rather  at the Giza security directorate.  It has nothing to do with Israel from near or far , it is all about the ministry of interior.
Third all the world has forgot on how Israel forces violated Camp David accords and entered our territories to kill our officers and soldiers without any regret or any official apology as they are not humans and as if Israel did not break any international law. Obama did express his concern after the death of soldiers and officers.
Today conscript Emad Abdel Malek has become officially the 6th martyr in the attack against our officers and soldiers on the borders, he was shot three times by Israeli forces. Of course international press does not recognize and will not recognize Abdel Malek as a human so his murder will be highlighted.
Late Emad Abdel Malek 
FYI Dr. Doaa Galal, the brother of Police Captain Ahmed Galal who was killed by the Israeli forces on the borders had a shelling testimony about her late martyr brother who talked before his death ,after his injury. Police captain Galal told his sister that the Israeli forces knew that they were attacking Egyptian police forces as there is coordination between them in securing the borders. Unlike what Israeli claimed Galal and his soldiers were wearing the black uniform of CSF not Egyptian army uniform, Galal told his sister that the Israeli counter point knew everyone by name and rank , he kept calling them on radio channels but they did not answer. Galal was shot in his head. 
Late Galal in Sinai wearing his black uniform
Our officers and soldiers were killed by forbidden ammunitions according to the official forensic report. They are not animals for God sake. I do not know why human rights watch and other international human organization do not include this in its reports , being a military does not make you less human.
The first position of late Galal was to protect the Israeli embassy by the way !!
If SCAF and Egyptian government took correct steps to restore the rights of these men as well as our dignity , all this would not happen in the first place.
Over the last 10 years Israel violated officially Camp David accords and killed not less 50 officer and solider on our borders , we were forced to be silent because of the Mubarak regime that used to bury them in secret and threat their families if they dared to speak up. Israel unleashed two wars against Lebanon and Gaza because of 4 or 3 soldiers if I am not mistaken.
Now despite it is unacceptable and against the international laws like Vienna convention to break in to an embassy like that , yet this is not the first time it happens in the world. I will not mention the Iran hostage crisis but in my mind we got the incident of breaking in to the American embassy in Beijing after bombing the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1999. Also in January 2009 our Yemeni brothers stormed the Egyptian consulate after the attack on Gaza.
Many believe in Egypt that what happened in the Israeli embassy was a set up by SCAF , ministry of interior in cooperation with Israel to empower SCAF more. Now the emergency law is fully activated and many people can’t tolerate this chaos and this lack of security that jeopardize our relations with the outside the world now. Tantawy may not show up tomorrow to testify in the shooting of the protests case because of the lack security.
By the way here is a video shot , it clearly shows army soldiers and officers trying to convince them to leave the apartment. Of course the question is why the security forces left the entrance of the building in the first place to let this mob enter like that.
Giza : Breaking in to embassy’s empty archive
Here is a link with more videos from that bloody night.
Of course the beard men and “Allah Akbar” chants do not mean it was made by radical Islamists on the contrary the Islamic powers in the country including the Muslim brotherhood who issueda strong statement about yesterday despite their stand from Israel. The April 6th movements “ The two fronts” are also against the events of yesterday as well as many parties like Al Adl. April 6th Movement “Maher’s front” accused Gamal Mubarak and his men of standing behind these violent clashes. Many public personalities also expressed refusal for what happened despite their stand from Israel like Yosri Fouda and Amr Hamzawy.
Of course in general people are extremely happy with the departure of the Israeli ambassador and are making jokes about it but officially now the emergency law is activated completely and according to it the MOI will be back in business by full force and instead of having military tribunals ,we will return back to the high supreme emergency. Of course Ofir Pasha has tweeted that the Israeli ambassador will return once again to Cairo just from few hours ago
I would be happy if the expel of the Israeli ambassador was taken by an elected democratic government and supported by an elected parliament , the ambassador was not expelled by he was recalled to his country and the gas is still exported while the 6th martyr from
We are emotional people , it is our biggest weakness as Arabs and Egyptians as we do not think of the implications of our actions and we cheer for short term easy mob victories
Despite we are not going to war any time soon whether from our side or Israel’s side , yet I would like to remind on how people cheered for the daring decision of Nasser in 1967  and how he deployed our forces in Sinai in 1967 in a show off move without thinking for one minute logically and strategically the implications of that decision. Unfortunately up till this moment we are paying the prices of his decisions in 1967 among his other decisions.
Ironically Nasser whose photos were held at the Anti-Military rules at Tahrir square last Monday was actually the reason of the military rule in Egypt , in fact the emergency law of 1958 was another product of his era.The 1958 emergency was fully reinstated after the 1967 defeat. 


  1. Why are Arabs so ready to believe conspiracy theories The military definately put the events in motion by Rewarding the first attack flagman then built the wall that angered some then stood around and did nothing on the next attack but to say Israel was involved is ludicrous. The Egyptian people are unable to move forward to democracy because they stay stagnant in the past. Until Egypt can go forward Democracy will elude them.

  2. thank you for this post. there is a lot of misinformation about last night's incident. if you have anymore information please share it. be safe and keep up the good work.

  3. Imagine we would attack the Egyptian or any arabo-muslim embassy in the west! Not only would our own police shoot to kill, but the ‘Muslim World’ would start killing any Westerner wherever they could be found….
    That said, as I discover your blog, a great "bravo" from France!

  4. Zeinobia,thanks for the clarifications,though still the Israeli media and even al gazeera give a different story. and to your third topic,i think you are tring to force the blame on Israel and relate to it some patronizing evil intentions " they are not humans" you write.i really hope some investigation of the event will take place and will shed some light on the confusion and mess i am sure took place there. there is a video in israeli media of the minister of defense and some officers breaking a press conference there on site since they where shoot at....8 israelis where killed there...six egyptians and some of the attackers...from your description it seems like the Egyptians where some kind of sitting ducks for the Israeli soldiers...i doubt this..

  5. Very important post, Zenobia.
    May I gently correct some of your English?
    2nd paragraph, 1st line: 'dune' should be 'dawn' (a 'dune' is a large hill of sand).
    6th paragraph, last line: should say 'will not be highlighted'.
    7th paragraph, 2nd line: 'shelling' is not right, perhaps you meant 'chilling'?

  6. I don't agree with you, but thanks for writing!

  7. Zeinobia, about the death of Egyptian soldiers on the border of Israel. You've forgot one little detail. They were killed during the terrorist attack on Israelian civilians and soldiers. The terrorist came from the Egyptian side and were close to the egyptian soldiers. It is not that Israel suddenly started shooting without any reason. Two buses were attacked by the terrorist, people were shoot to death in their private cars, on the way to vacation.

  8. This episode has a few goals as follows:
    1 - distract the Israeli people from the current demonstration and raise their nationalism.
    2 - Test the Egyptian Army resolve so that the Egyptian Armed forces would show their cards.
    3 - Demonstrate to the rest of the wrold that the Arab revolutions will present the west with more of the same, for example when Gazza voted democratically, what was voted was Hamas, which is considered a terrorist organisation.
    5 - That no Arab revolution can ever change the Arabs anti-Israel/Anti West stance.
    What the egyptians get out of this is that Egypt is still a client state and that the real enemy of democracy in the Arab states are:
    A - The Islamists
    B - The Armed forces
    C - The Elite
    4 - Ignorance

  9. @previous anon
    What a scoop!!! By the way what are your sources?
    The terrorist attack in Israel on israeli civilians and soldiers was planned and done by Netanyahu!!
    If a guy obviously cultivated like you can write this, everything is possible now in Egypt. For sure the worst.

  10. It's a very strange state of affairs that a peace treaty should be in place for so long without any of the population supporting it. But that's becasue it's another example of dictatorship in action, a government ruling without the consent of its' own people. This puts the governments protection of Israel and complicity with Israel's crimes at the very heart of the revoluiton, at the core of the struggle for a government of the people, which answers to the people and represents the peoples wishes.

  11. The people and revoluiton and blah, blah....
    If you'll again go to war, you'll never get the Synai back.

  12. Ahavat Eretz Israel9/12/2011 11:44:00 PM

    The people's wishes? What people? Majority of Egyptians are fed up with their revolution and the bedouins of Sinai want to join Israel.

    In the end you will see Egypt apologizing to Israel for attacking our Embassy.


  13. Western relations with Arab and Islamic countries are conditioned on the hard experience, that public pronouncements and signed agreements are meaningless. What matters is, the secret deal that you make with the head chimp, which remains in force only while he lives/rules.

    Egyptian threats to tear up the 1979 peace agreement, underline the Not Ready For Prime Time nature of the Arab states.

    Right now, the CIA is probably loading up on fur coats and diamonds for the wives of whoever emerges as the next head chimp, trips to Disneyworld for his cousins, Oxford admissions for his sons, and meetings with Justin Bieber for his daughters.

    Nuisance to have to start all over again with a new clique. But, in Egypt, it only happens once in thirty years. Can't complain too much.


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