Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sawt El Oma is confiscated but not because of Tantawy’s testimony

Sawt El Oma newspaper’s issue for this week has been confiscated and was not printed today in the first incident of its kind after the revolution.
The newspaper’s issue was not confiscated because of the gag order in Muabrak’s trial as there was a rumor that it was confiscated because its editor in chief published the testimony of Tantawy.
The newspaper’s issue was confiscated because it criticized the General intelligence “GIS”.  According to the newspaper’s editor in chief Abdel Halim Kandeel , this week’s issue included a criticism to the intelligence after the CCTV CDs scandal in Mubarak’s trial. The GIS shocked Egypt last week when it showed the CCTV CDs it filmed during the revolution at Tahrir square from the cameras of the Egyptian museum and it turned out that the CD partially contained the Romantic Comedy “Pasha Talmeez” !!
Now “Sawt Al Oma” and most probably Abdel Halim Kandeel himself wrote an Op-ed attacking the GIS and saying that its performance is deteriorating and asking current spy chief Muard Mowafi to purge the agency from Omar Soliman’s men.
It is not the first time that Sawt El Oma issues to confiscated , it happened before couple of times especially under the supervision of Abdel Halim Kandeel.
It is well known that the intelligence’s issues are a big taboo in the Egyptian press and during the time of Mubarak you can only refer to GIS as sovereignty apparatus. Even if it is confiscated , it is good to see this being challenged and yes the GIS after nearly a decade under the supervision of Soliman needs change but it will come in the right time from inside. It happened before after 1967
Speaking about the GIS , from couple of two days ago we were surprised to find out that our current Spy chief Mowafi had a meeting with a group of youth from “Revolution Youth Coalition” , “April 6th Youth Movement” and “Muslim brotherhood”. Mowafi told those youth that the GIS is in the service of Egypt and not in the service of Mubarak.
Today “April 6th Youth movement” with its fronts “It is getting silly” denied going to the meeting because they do not have meetings with security officials now “why now !?” while the “Revolution Youth coalition” is having defects after the meeting. It seems that not all the members agreed on meeting the spy chief.
In my humble point of view that will make some angry : A meeting with the spy chief is not different than a meeting with An American official or any foreign official especially as young politician.
Change will come to every place in this country insha Allah including the army and the intelligence but it will not come in a revolutionary 18 days style but in a natural way. To criticize the intelligence for the scandal of CDs is a must because it made it look very very very bad but to open all the files at once will make us lose our focus and effort in side battles especially we got too many battles to fight from democratic transition, elections , economy , strikes , freedoms and corruption.

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