Sunday, September 25, 2011

Egypt’s speech in front of the UN General Assembly

Amr in UNGA
Now I know the name of latest minister of foreign affairs “ Mohamed Kamel Amr” after the speech he said yesterday in the UN General Assembly.
Here is the speech of Egypt before the UN GA 2011 and it covered many issues from our revolution to the Arab Spring in details “he mentioned every country in the Arab spring by name except Bahrain” , he spoke about South Sudan as well as Egypt’s full support to the Palestinian state recognition.
Amr also renewed Egypt’s call for clean middle east from nuclear weapons again. You can watch the video of the speech after the break.
UN GA : Egypt’s speech before the UN General assembly
Insh Allah the next UN General Assembly Egypt will have a democratically elected prime minister as well as a president who will really represent Egypt and the Egyptian people in front of the whole world.
I am waiting to what the Syrian regime is going to say in the UN GA as well as the Yemeni and the Bahraini regimes are going to say.

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  1. Sudanese Observer9/26/2011 06:37:00 PM

    His nod to South Sudan is ineffectual on the ground...

    The Southern Sudanese are still not won over re: construction of the Jonglei Canal which they believe will 'benefit Egypt' more than others, and they have history to back them up in that regard...

    We're all waiting for 'Egypt's civilian democratic government' - as it stands the past regime was 'bad' and the current administration is a caretaker one that cannot make 'strategic decisions'...


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