Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black Sunday : The snipers are back

Al Badil e-newspaper published today a very interesting investigative report about the snipers and the strange ammunition found in during the Black Sunday’s Maspero clashes. It is a must read investigative report.

We all know how things developed but as the report says we do not know how really it started other than the military police went mad and began crash protesters under its vehicles. According to one popular theory “ based on two testimonies including a testimony I read in El Badil” the military police went mad at the protesters despite they were peaceful when suddenly two soldiers were shot down.

Some eye witnesses spoke about snipers during the clashes , Mohamed Salim El Awa spoke about snipers he saw in a video clip he did not show to the media but presented to SCAF. The autopsy report of the army soldier we know that he was killed states that he was shot down by one of these bullets the report highlighted.

I am from the team that believes that the military police had casualties including dead.

The report is full of details , I want to translate its important parts but I feel so tired.

The army is still responsible because if there is truly third party involved then with we have to ask where the security apparatuses in the country are !? This report actually forces me to think about the possibility of having a fifth column here.

We need to know the truth

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