Friday, October 21, 2011

Free Libya : After Qaddafi’s End “Graphic”

And Libya is officially over with the Qaddafi nightmare after 42 years.

Now Mohamed and Hannibal Qaddafi are in Algeria while El Saadi is said to be in Niger. Aisha Qaddafi was reportedly transferred to the hospital after seeing his dad’s videos on TVs.

There were news earlier today that Seif El Islam has escaped once again to Niger but he was captured as well as wounded by the Libyan forces. The NTC will release more photos.

New video emerged showed Mutassim Qaddafi in his last moments alive.

Misrata : Mutassim Qaddafi in captivity

New videos also emerged for Qaddafi showing him begging for the mercy , the mercy he did not know for years so no wonder he did not have got from his capturers.

Here is an exclusive video from Global Post showing the moment Qaddafi was arrest , it is so emotional when one the capturers tell him “Misrata , Misrata , you dog”.

Global Post : The moment Qaddafi was arrested

Misrata witnessed the murder of thousands on the hands of his troops including hundreds Egyptians by the way. 

Here is video showing him speaking to his capturers. Of course I can’t make out what he said because of the loud chants of the capturers.

Qaddafi speaking to his capturers

Here is a video showing Qaddafi after he was captured.

Libya : Capturing Qaddafi

Please nobody teaches the Libyans about POWs rights. The NTC told Qaddafi’s tribe that they can bury him as they want.

The Libyans have kept Seif Al Islam alive because unlike his mental sick father knows everything. The NTC is officially demanding the rest of the clan from Algeria and Niger.

The debate of the scenes of Qaddafi’s capture and corpse is still on. The UN is having a probe in his death. The Libyan people are now branded as barbaric , of course nobody likes to remember what the Italians did to Bentio Mussolini.

Of course those who did not live under the rule of Qaddafi , who were not tortured or raped by Qaddafi’s troops , who were not forced in to exile or who did not see their beloved ones executed or killed by the Qaddafi’s regime in those bloody 42 years that sent Libya in to the dark ages , can say whatever they want. It is up to the Libyans not to anyone of us. Already I remember in my coverage for the Libyan revolution since February 2011 , Libyans made it clear that he would not make it alive.

Already I am glad that it is finished like that because we do not anyone to have sympathy with him if he was put in a cage and faced a trial like Mubarak. Speaking about sympathy , Mustafa Bakry yesterday was mourning Qaddafi in his TV show just like a good orphan.

Now concerning Islam , well yes Islam orders us to respect death and human rights but if you read the Holy Quran , you will know what we have seen is a sign of God , a message to all the tyrannies in the world not only in the Arab world.


  1. We pray to Allah that one day we can see Mubarak and his filthy family and gangs receive the same end, they deserve it those thieves who have stolen not only the Egyptians' money but their future, their dignity, their values and their lives.
    Hasbia Allah on all those tyrants and their families and their gangs who forget humanity in search for their greedy wealth and power.
    May Allah bless all our suffering people now and then.

  2. You should be ashamed of yourself if you think Mubarak deserved an end like this. Barbaric you are indeed.

  3. Any minute now Arabs will take to the streets waving French, German and American flags to express their thanks.

  4. The Libyans have paid a horrible price, and their country was bombed to bits from the air by foreign cowards, but what did they get in return?

    1. Qaddafi was lynched -- for those who don't understand, lynchings are not how justice and democracy are achieved, and

    2) Their nation is now controlled by powerful foreign (and domestic) vampires.

    What's to celebrate?

    At this rate, we're all going to need new revolutions to get rid of the "new boss, same as the old boss," or even worse.

    God help us.

  5. fateimad said
    طيله عمري أكره منظر الدم والدمويين في الافلام وأشعر بغثيان من مناظر التعذيب وأحس بالهبوط والدوخه والقرف من العنف ووسائل التعذيب كنت أحب عبد الناصر حبا جما حتي مات وبدأت تتكشف وسائل التعذيب فقلت لعله كان لايعلم وبرغم ان عدم علمه مصيبه الا انني تمسكت بهذا المنطق زورا ادافع به عنه حتي كان أن قرأت كتاب السيده زينب غزالي عن حياتها في السجن الحربي واساليب التعذيب الرهيبه وقولهاشهد عبد الناصر عذابي وكانت نقطه فارقه كرهت عبد الناصر بلا أي مقاومه ولاندم وأصبح في نظري صوره للطاغيه وبعد ذلك نضجت افكاري ورفعت من نفسي صوره الرئيس الحبيب وتبلورت قناعاتي لاري ان معظم الحكام العرب هم في الحقيقه طغاه متجبرين متجرأين علي الله والقذافي واحد منهم أوصله جبروته وحبه للتحكم لجنون العظمه والتصرف وكأنما هو الملك وأنه رسول مرسل كذلك حقد علي سنه رسول الله ( والله أعلم)يقال انه دفع لضعاف النفوس لانكار سنه الرسول(منكري السنه) ورفع كلمه قل في القرآن لانها تخصه صلي الله عليه وسلم وأري في هذا أنه حقد علي رسول الله وعلي علومكانته وبعدما تكشف لي عنف اولاده ودمويتهم ورضاء أهله عن أفعاله لم أشعر بأي غثيان لرؤيه فيديوهات قتله ولامعاملته السيئه ورأيتني أهتف من داخلي لعله عظه لهؤلاء الطغاه وتمنيت مصيره لكل طاغيه لاتردعه أخلاقه ولادينه عن الظلم والتجبر وتحثه علي تطبيق عدل الله في أرضه ومن يري أن هذا ظلما فليتذكر كم فتاه اغتصبت وكم شاب انتهك عرضه وكم من روح أزهقت وكم من أسر شردت وكم من أموال نهبت ومصائب انهالت فوق رؤس الناس تمت وكم من سفه منه ومن اولاده وليدرك ان هؤلاء خونه فجره لايرضون بغير الفجر والفحش ديدنا وسبيلا وليكن عبره وليفعل الله مايريد

  6. No, Zeinobia, the nightmare is just beginning, not just for Libyans, but for all of us here on the continent of Africa:

    Please don't be so short-sighted and easily manipulated by the Zionist media: if you're too busy celebrating this sadistic lynching to care about human decency or international law, or that the US and its allies now control Libya's oil, then surely it matters to you that USRAEL is taking over the Nile Basin countries, one by one?

    Or are you just "living the moment" and don't even care about the big picture, even when Egypt's very survival is at risk?

  7. "Already I am glad that it is finished like that because we do not anyone to have sympathy with him if he was put in a cage and faced a trial like Mubarak."
    as i remember when they announced that osama bin laden was killed u wanted trials for him, so why u r happy that they have killed kaddafi??? we need trials for all the dictators coz we r livin in a civilized world, just remember the nuremberg trials and keep it as an example.

  8. Muslims friends specially Arabs..yo udont need to foucs on Money but instead on Humanity.. It is so cruel and foolish to kill a person and praise the lord.. Hell nonsense..Dont spoil the name of God.. You should have given him a proper trial.. He tried his best for his country.. Yes he was wrong in killing 200 people ..for Lockebeire incident..But all those could have been handled via trial. .You all be civilised..You cant talk about musloni etc cause that was 50 years earlier ..Dont give bad example and please be human..Be have like humans and also arrest the person who shot him..cause just it is the righ thting to do best of luck..

  9. Alice with all due respect, but you should be one of those to be excluded from the upcoming elections for reasons of being mentally not fit enough.
    Your posts are so backward and lacking reality that one can only wonder where you have been living throughout the recent years.

    We had to suffer under Mubarak's Baltageyyah from torture and murder just as the Libyan people suffered horribly under Qaddafi.

    NATO was called and they will leave behind a country that is free from tyranny - the damage is small compared to what Qaddafi did to his people.

    He was lynched yeah! So what? Did he ever care? Why should one care now? He would have been executed like Saddam anyway.

    Do you prefer a proceeding like the ongoing one against our dethroned Pharaoh? Where suddenly nobody remembers what happened and all are turning into innocent angels.

    It is about time to say good bye to our tyrants, whom you seem to adore so much. And you have to make your choice, whether you want to live with free Egyptians, or with the monsters of the past.

  10. Probably its the best for Libya that it ended like that - otherwise we would have seen trials without end and infuriated supporters of Ghaddafi and probably more victims. But arguing from a more distant, ideal perspective of course a trial is always the best solution and of course also Ghaddafi would have had the right to a fair trial! From this point of you, Zeinobia, Anonymous is absolutely right in criticizing you, because of your justified claim for a fair trial for Bin Ladin...

  11. NATO, proxy of US, could have obliterated his convoy from the air. Instead, they disabled him enough to be lynched by the fighters. The execution of Mussolini is a text in history, since there was no youtube. These gruesome pictures will remain live forever and will be used to justify future event.

    After the euphoria of Qadafi departure will fade, it is likely that the various Libyan militias will settle their own differences on the same way.

    To use the ‘Oil’ card as the basis for US/NATO intervention is just ridiculous. Oil is a commodity purchased for a price. Did anyone notice a drop in fuel prices after Sadam is gone?

  12. @Alice "bla bla bla USRAEL bla bla bla"

    You are one kooky Copt, Alice. Egyptian Muslims killed like 27 of you the other day and you blamed Jews for that too, LOL. Ms. Schlussel has some opinions beyond the pale, but when she sheds No Tears for Egypt’s Coptic Christians and when she doesn't give a f*ck About the Egyptian Muslim Shooting on Coptic Christmas I begin to understand where she's coming from.

  13. You are a racist Alice, always dragging the Jews into your arguments! The Jews had nothing to do with this one, bigot.

  14. What they did to Gadaffi wasn't barbaric, they could have skinned him alive, or tortured him for weeks. How can Europeans have haven't suffered such a brutal dictator as him, judge the Libyan's as barbaric. What fool ever expected them to treat Gadaffi in any other way once they caught him. And who cares what they do to Mubarak, let them do what they will, I care for his victims, not for him!

  15. If you have a dictaor them you have to make war on him to get rid of him, or endure the oppression indefinitely. Yet the freedom fighters are being presented as "new tyrants". This is a very fatalistic attitude, it says that there is no point in fighting against dictatorship. Give the Libyans a chance!!

  16. If only Egypt were as free as Libya now, if only the old regime had been ground into the dust. Some of us Egyptians envy Libya, not the cost in humnan lives, no, but rather the result. Here in Egypt the enemy is all around us, moving between us, and ruling us. If only the old regime would stand up clear and separate from us, we could attack them and destroy them too, once and for all!

  17. Here is an American sitcom predicting that Qaddafi will be killed in 2011. I think it was in 1987. Its funny though.

  18. "Anonymous said...

    You should be ashamed of yourself if you think Mubarak deserved an end like this. Barbaric you are indeed."

    To all those who think like that, just watch this:

    I hope that this will recall some memory, what this revolution is all about. And then you will look into the eyes of your Egyptian brothers and sisters and tell them. "those young men and women deserved to be killed by Mubarak's henchmen"

    If you manage to do this you may call yourself barbaric indeed.

  19. Evil can't be defeated with more evil. Lynchings do not bring justice.

    Today, lynchings are being perpetrated by what you've decided are the "good guys", so you approve. You've accepted the principle that lynchings and assassinations and executions without law or trial are not necessarily always bad. But though today, your "team" is powerful, tomorrow it may not be and then, you won't have a moral or legal leg to stand on.

    And those who believe that the Americans and NATO give a rat's behind about freedom for the Libyan people are in for a very rude awakening. We've seen what happens to people in countries that they rule over.

    We can't afford the luxury of believing in fairy tales simply because it feels good right now.

    As for us here in Egypt, 9 months after we entrusted the US-financed and supported SCAF with our revolution, and believed their promise to lead us within 6 months to a new, free Egypt, I wish we'd benefited from bitter experience and been less eager to "believe".

  20. "As for us here in Egypt, 9 months after we entrusted the US-financed and supported SCAF with our revolution, and believed their promise to lead us within 6 months to a new, free Egypt,"

    Now that was a stupid thing to believe

    "We've seen what happens to people in countries that they rule over."

    Yes and we see every day what happens to people who are governed by Arabs/Muslims

  21. Why would "USRAEL" want to own a couple of hundred million starving savages?

    The victims of Qadaffi might benefit from seeing the dictator in chains, his crimes exposed. Victims sometimes are crippled by shame and feelings of powerlessness, that go on blighting their lives. Seif will have to do, now.

  22. Qaddafi wanted to die - he said so and he got his wish granted. So said his son Saif al Islam. May be he get his wish granted too.

    Contrary what Alice believes. Although it sounds odd: An evil can actually be righted by more evil.

  23. Collective amnesia. They always forget, how much they loved Qadaffi, Mubarak, Saddam Hussein for their defense of Arab Honor and for standing up to the Yahud or Americans or Brits or French. They love their Head Chimp until he begins to weaken. Then, it turns out that they never loved him at all. They always loved the next Head Chimp. Only, they Yahud or Americans or Brits or French prevented them from saying so.

  24. Not amnesia rather than schizophrenia.

    Americans, Brits and French colonized and slaughtered reckless. They talk democracy but act authoritarian once they don't like the outcome. Yahuds can kill Arabs without having to fear any sanctions. They steal their lands and properties and the West says that this is just and we have to accept it because the Yahuds are democracy.

    Those 'head chimps' started quite honest until they got corrupted by the West, who bought their peace for Israel. Millions were doomed to live in property and to suffer under dictators on the payroll of the West and all for the sake of the Yahud. even now as we speak the USA would love to bring Mubarak back, just to avoid the Ihwan winning the elections, isn't that true?

    Now, the West cannot understand why we do not love the Yahud and why we do not trust the West.

    BTW - G. W. B. deserves the title of a former head chimp too

  25. At Anonymous 9:20 PM: "even now as we speak the USA would love to bring Mubarak back, just to avoid the Ihwan winning the elections, isn't that true?"

    No, it's not true. In fact, even now as we speak, the US appears to have cut some kind of deal with the Ikhwan, through direct contacts and through the US-backed SCAF.

    The US' Saudi and Qatari proxies are supporting the Ikhwan in Egypt and other Islamists here and elsewhere (like Syria, Tunis and Libya), with vast sums of money and propaganda through the media they control.

    What the US wants to prevent above all is Arab citizens taking true ownership of their own countries and their own resources, and using them to benefit the people rather than the US or Israel.

    That's why the revolution's call for "social justice" and all its economic demands have been ignored by both the US-supported SCAF and the ambitious Ikhwan.

    Egypt's economy has been and is still being bled to benefit just a few elites and especially foreign imperialists. The US doesn't care if the Mubarak corrupt capitalist elites are replaced with Ikhwan corrupt capitalist elites as long as the system itself doesn't change. The religious element (whatever the religion) is actually an advantage, because it's useful in distracting attention away from what's really going on economically.

    It's the same in any country that America dominates, from Latin America to Africa to Asia to the Middle East.

    Follow the money, always. You'll be surprised at how much you learn.

  26. The Tunisians have failed and soon Egypt will too. The so called Jasmine revolution
    Was a one time opportunity for the Tunisians to start afresh and modernize, instead what we have is yet again another Islamic uprising this time calling itself moderate. The Tunisians have done the wrong thing as many Arabs did before them again and again. The first objective of these Islamists is to alter or overthrow the present social and political order so that is granted, but the second aim is to establish a new social order based on alleged Koranic theological and juridical principles, which emphasize according to Islamists a proper personal conduct and social justice which too often is a political agenda. But on the whole, these Islamic revolutions have always been an alibi for repressive and often inefficient regimes as it is only too common in Arab states since the 12th century and even before. What will result in Tunisia is what resulted before, they will attempt to create a coalition which will result in a political stalemate between modernists, leftists, Islamists and so on and with an unstable Libya to the south the future of Tunisia is questionable. We should never take the Islamists word because if you studied Islam, there are no definite political institutions or economic or social policies prescribed by Islam as El Farabi, Abu Sena and Ibn Khaldoun tried to find out until the Islamists stopeed, banished or killed them. many Islamists in the past and all of them right now including in Tunisia have been putting forward interpretations and uses of Islam to serve their own objectives. So now you have a surge in Islamism in the Middle East and North Africa not only to be found in economic and social problems like in Tunisia and Egypt, but also represents a manifestation of a void in cultural and national identity in opposition to the west, who have been the former colonial or semi-colonial masters, that is the wrong platform to vote for a government. Why Tunisia went Islamic like The Turks, the answer is very serious economic problems and the degradation of the social situation and these did provide additional strength to the Islamist surge in Tunisia. So why did Tunisia fail the test, the answer is that what Tunisia needed is not Islamism, but a party of guaranteed freedom, sound economics social and modernizing programs that lifts the Tunisians from their previous agony into the modern world. Following the Tunisian campaign there were no manifiestos, nor economic policies nothing just rivalries, shouting and words lots of words where evryone is saying I am right and all of you are wrong. As a result the Tunisians will suffer economically for their choice for a long time, So Egypt beware. The Tunisian explanation however is revealing, the majority of the votes were made by the poor particularly in the south outnumbering the educated and the middle class the result is under-representation for the segment that Generates the wealth, this is another reason why proportional representation actually misrepresent, shame on you Tunisia.

  27. @Alice the Jew-hating Coptic dhimmi

    "the US and its allies now control Libya's oil... USRAEL... What the US wants to prevent above all is Arab citizens taking true ownership of their own countries and their own resources, and using them to benefit the people rather than the US or Israel."

    The US and its allies could by force of arms simply load Libya's oil into tankers and take it. We didn't do that in Iraq though, and we won't do it in Libya. Instead what we did and will do each time one of the Arab world's foul home-grown tyrants forces us to kill him is to give control of the oil fields to the newly-liberated Arab populace so that they can sell the oil into the international market and enjoy the profits. In my opinion we NATO/Coalition countries should take the lion's share to offset our war expenses, but we are too nice for our own good.

    If the Arab world wants to prosper, they should entice some smart Jewish technocrats to come run their banks, industries, and governments.

  28. Jason, in your opinion, based on the cheap propaganda and racist lies you keep pushing here, you Zionists are very pleased with yourselves, full of self-praise as supreme and benevolent beings, just like the German Nazis whose model you follow so accurately.

    "If the Arab world wants to prosper, they should entice some smart Jewish technocrats to come run their banks, industries, and governments."

    You don't mean "Jewish", do you, but "Zionist"? Funny, that's just what the US did, especially during the past three or even four decades. How's that working out?

    "Inside Job: How 'Banksters' Continue to Steal Our Money"

    "How Can America Create Wealth If Our Industrial Base Is Destroyed?"

    As for those "smart Jewish technocrats" (actually, they have to be Zionists - non-Zionist Jews, just like other non-Zionists, are not welcome) who run America's State Department:

    "The Marginalization of U.S. Mideast Experts"

    who control the US Congress and Senate:

    "Israel Lobby Dominates Congress, Media Covers it Up"

    the White House

    "Israeli billionaire Saban biggest donor to US politicians",7340,L-3355786,00.html

    "Barack Obama: 'The first Jewish president'?"

    Treasury Department:

    "From Irgun to AIPAC: Israel Lobby’s US Treasury Follies Hurt"

    and even the Pentagon

    "How Neocons Influence the Pentagon"

    "Dr Strangelove: Made in Israel"

    Based on the American experience with all those "smart Jewish technocrats (only Zionists -- whether Jewish or not -- are 'smart')" who have devastated and gutted the American economy, its industries and its democracy in service of Israel, we thank you very much for your kind suggestion, but we will pass. Especially since we just had a revolution to overthrow Israel's "strategic treasure" and are still trying to rid ourselves of all Israel's "friends" still in power.

    If you have any more friendly suggestions for us here in Egypt, you can call our hotline especially for Zionists and other concerned foreign parties. Just dial 1-800-EAT-SHIT.

  29. @Jason, "The US and its allies could by force of arms simply load Libya's oil into tankers and take it" Stop watching Rambo movies.
    "We didn't do that in Iraq though, and we won't do it in Libya" You can try and do it in Libya if you like to be sodomized looool.
    "If the Arab world wants to prosper, they should entice some smart Jewish technocrats to come run their banks, industries, and governments" Yeah sure and Goldman Sachs fiasco is a perfect example of those "smart Jewish technocrats" looooooool

  30. @Hazem, I'm just 50% serious and 50% trolling. ;)


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