Saturday, October 22, 2011

RIP Hegazy "1936-2011"

Egypt has lost yesterday one of its famous cartoonist "Hegazy" who died in silence in his hometown "Tanta" yesterday.

For more than 50 Hegazy was among the famous political cartoonist in Egypt and the Arab world where he criticized dictatorship and economic conditions yet for the young generations like me who did not see his work in Al Akhbar daily or Al Ahram or Rosa Al Youssef as the old generation Emirati magazine " Maged" was the gate to his work. He was nicknamed Siyad Darwish

Not only "Maged" but also Kuwaiti " Al Arabi" political magazine if you remember.

Surprisingly Hegazy did draw any new cartoon in the past 25 because as he said
The nation's problems have not changed for so long
Here are some of the old cartoons he made.
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I wish that the revolution had inspired him to draw a new cartoon before his death. RIP Hegazy and May Allah Bless your soul.

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  1. Off-topic for this post, but a breaking story. Saturday, October 22. Egyptian jailed for Facebook Islam insult. Three years hard labor.


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