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Our men and ladies in Parliamentary Elections 2011

So far we have got these names from the revolutionary side in Egypt running for the parliamentary elections that will start next November.  Some of them are well known bloggers and activists , some of them from the old generation while other from the new generation that tries his or her luck in the most important elections of Egyptian modern history after the elections in 1920s.
Let’s begin by our follow blogger and micro-celebrity Sandmonkey , oh yes Sand monkey aka Mahmoud Salem will run for the parliamentary elections in Heliopolis and it was going to be hot race because he will not run against ex-NDPians and MB but also against none other than Amr Hamzawy and Asamaa Mahfouz.
Unlike Hamzawy and Mahfouz , Salem is actually from and live in Heliopolis and he made clear it to the whole world that his family was among the first families that lived in Heliopolis.

احنا من اوائل الناس اللي جت سكنت هنا, أول جامع اتبنى في مصر الجديدة متسمي على اسم جدتي. أنا وعيت على الدنيا هنا, كبرت هنا, ونازل هناTue Oct 18 17:59:42 via web
We were from the first people to come and live in Heliopolis , the first mosque there is named after my grandma’s name. I was born here , I grew up here and I am going to run for elections here.
Hamzawy lives in Dokki which is in Giza while Mahfouz lives in Ain Shams in Cairo yet she says that her life , friends and family are in Heliopolis and that’s why she is running for the elections.
Salem is not worried from Hamzawy or Mahfouz as he is worried from ex-NDP and MB candidates.

In my campaign I really have two opponents: The MB candidate & the NDP candidate. Those are my competition & no one else.Tue Oct 18 00:54:15 via web
I am not worried from Mahfouz but I am worried from Hamzawy , this will spilt the liberal vote without doubt. Without doubt Salem’s opinions in his blog will be brought up by opponents and of course he is ready for this just like Hamzawy.
Salem needs now volunteers for his campaign , Hamzawy also needs volunteers. Salem was running at first as independent candidate but sooner he joined the “Al Masryeen Al Ahrar” where he officially will face Hamazawy the candidate “Misr El Horreya”. 
Salem believes that the youth and everybody should join the parties and parliament to fight the system from inside just like from outside. That’s why he joined Al Masryeen Al Ahrar despite the criticism it faces from leftists as a party that opposes strikes and headed by non other than Naguib Sawiris or other activists who believe that this party includes former NDP members in its lists.
Hamzawy decided to stop his show on CBC in order not to influence the voters by the way.
Without doubt this district committee will be so much fun.
Shahir George Isahak is going to run for the elections as well in East Cairo district , the son of the famous activist will run behalf of "Misr El Horreya"
The Revolution Youth Coalition is going to participate in the people’s assembly elections by not less than 50 candidates.
Khalid Talimah of RYC “leftist” will run for Oseem and Waraaq district in Giza. I think Talimah is a very promising politician but he will face huge competition from the Muslim brotherhood as well as the Salafists.
Islam Lotfy , “Former MB youth”, the RYC member and found member of “Tayar Al Masry party” is running for the 4th district in Giza “ October , Oasis, Al Haram and Kardasa”. I think he can have a chance especially that most of the NDP members from Al Haram district are involved in the Camel battle case.
Blogger and activist Abdel Rahman Fares is running for the 1st district in Fayoum governorate on behalf of RYC and “Tayar Al Masry party” for the labor the city individually. I think he will face the MB there.
Tayar Al Masry” party is a having a natural coalition with RYC as most of its founding members are members in the RYC.
Zyad El Elaimy of Egyptian Socialist Democratic party  “Socialist” will run in Mokktam area “I do not know its actual name” against Dr. Amr El Shobky of El Adl party “liberal centrist”. Ok both men are great and I like them. Liberal voters can lose in front of this !!
Ahmed Shoukry of El Adly party will run in Sheribin electoral committee in Dakhalia governorate . Unlike other young candidates this is not the first time Shoukry runs for the elections. He tried his luck and stood against the NDP so unlike others he has got an experience . Shoukry comes from famous and old political family from both sides.His grandfather is none other than late Ibrahim Shoukry
Mustafa El Nagar of El Adl party will run for the first time in Nasr city. I think he will meet huge competition from MBs, Salafists as well NDPians.
Award winning journalist and blogger Dalia Zaida of El Adl party as well will run for the first time in Down town Cairo district as part of El Adl electoral list . Dalia Zaida will face a lot of criticism because of her views about peace and her relations with Israeli journalists and scholars.
Gamila Ismail “Independent Liberal” will run in Down two Cairo committee , Cairo. I am so happy for her. She ran for the elections in 2010 and lost for the NDP candidate who won by fraud and buying votes.
Now as you have to notice only very few youth are running for districts outside Great Cairo like Abdel Rahman Ezz and Shoukry from known face , well there are other youth whom we should support especially unknown young faces like for instance 25 years old Mahmoud Mubarak “not related to Mubarak” who is running for the first time in 1st district in Qena , in the heart of Upper Egypt against big clans.
It is well known that in Upper Egypt it is all about big clans and their alliances with other clans and tribes, even the NDP knew the game and played well to choose the big clans and so to have independent young candidates is more than great.
To be honest as someone from the pro-elections team , I hope that Ibrahim Houdabi and Zakaria Mohi El-Din to run for the elections as well as Wael Khalil.
I believe the more we participate in these elections, the more we will win more and more. The more we participate in these elections , the bigger turnout , the more difficult for anybody to cheat.


  1. absolutely fantastic it's enlightening. nobody is doing it better than you. somehow you put all the pieces together and a very vivid picture is shaping in front of our eyes. thanx

    it will take time before these seeds bloom but patient and hard work always paid off ;-D

  2. Wow! This is the first time I hear Mahmoud Salem is running and this news just made my day! Especially because Heliopolis is my riding too.

    But I think it's a shame that 2 quality Liberals, Mahmoud Salem and Hamzawy are running against each other. This will split the Liberal vote no doubt, in a time where we need to spread and win as many seats as possible. Why are they running against each other :(

  3. I have come to know some of the runners, and i know that the political game is dirty and full of malice.I hope i does not take them over and they stand up to their beliefs, principles, and the people they are ought to serve.

  4. Hi Zeinobia,

    Thanks for your listing. It is good to see that things are taking shape.
    Looking through your post I had three observations.

    1) I think you are right, the more young people the better. But I think, it doesn't even matter if they are liberals. I hope the MB will also field young people. Because the young people will feed back their experiences to the youth in their constituency via Skype, Twitter, Facebook and of course word of mouth. Old candidates are technologically, but also socially, much more removed. The early years of Egyptian democracy will be a learning process in many ways and the more people hear back from their candidates and learn how the actual processes in parliament etc function, the better.

    2) Yes you are right, if multiple good candidates run in one constituency there will be some cannibalisation effect. Eventually, before the lists are completely fixed, the parties will have to make arrangement with each other if they hope to be relevant. Historically there is many examples in many countries where because of such effects minority groups who were better organised, were able to win seats. It will be interesting to see how the MB will deal with this and how the MB & Salafis will be able to coordinate. I still expect that we will see mutliple MB candidates (an official one and multiple independents) in a number of constituencies.

    3) You are currently listing people running for individual seats, but I think it is important to keep in mind that proportional lists will be equally or even more important and there it will be key to see if the parties will put young people / women / Christians etc. on the most promising top places of those lists. in that respect I agree fully with Sandmonkey that young people need to join the parties, as only if they represent the base of the party, they will be able to get the candidates of their choice onto the lists.


    PS to Ahmed: That's exactly why it will be so much fun to see him running. And it might indeed be an necessary trait of any successful politician. I wish Mahmoud the best of luck!

  5. Hi

    I am actualy very happy to see that Amr and Sand Monkey "some of Egypt's Brightest" are running for elections however I am extremely sad to see thm run against each other. It is due to issues like this that the next few years I predict that Egypt will still be run by ignorant people wether Salafis or any other morons. The educated libearls are unable to meet halfway and come up with an election strategy. After spending the last 8 months fghting amongst each other and everyone else over petty issues we are now competeing against each other in the elections!!!!!!! The result is both will lose and some radical will win!! At the same time that we are witnessing age old foes come together for the elections we are seeing 3 (Asmaa, Sandmonkey and Amr) competing against each other.

    Sherif Hilal


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