Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#Prisoners Swap : 25 Egyptians to return back home next Thursday

And officially 25 Egyptians including 3 minors will be exchanged with Israeli US suspected spy Illan Grapel next Thursday after the approval of the Israeli security cabinet today.
Insh Allah next Thursday’s night Grapel will cross the borders from Taba in some dark car till he reaches to Eilat then our 25 Egyptians will cross the borders back.
Haaretz published today a report on how two Israeli officials visited Grapel in his prison and it even showed a photo for him with two Israelis where Grapel looks in a good shape.
Grapel in the Prison's commissioner office
with the Israelis officials "Haaretz"
Egypt has refused to include Ouda Tarabin as well Jordanian suspected spy Ibrahim Abu Zaid who was arrested earlier before Grapel. Amazingly Jordan has not requested officially him as far as I know.
There is no official explanation on why the deal went from 81 for 1 to 25 for 1 up till now. 
Update :
Here is the list of the 25 Egyptians including the 3 minors in Arabic and Hebrew 

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