Sunday, November 27, 2011

#Elections2011 : 24 hours to vote or not to vote

Ok it is less than 24 hours and the parliamentary elections will start on Monday. Some people mainly from activists are calling the people to boycott the elections in order not to give SCAF a legitimacy ,the problem is that even if we boycott the elections , it will claim to have legitimacy in a way or another.
It is too late now to call for boycotting because from what I see around me many regular Egyptians will go and vote. Boycotting elections need a campaign , a long one , not just in one week where people are extremely worried about the future of the country and want to have a peaceful civilian transition for power more than you can think.
As you may voting the polling stations will open the doors to voter starting from 8 AM to 7 PM on Monday and Tuesday in Cairo , Alexandria , Luxor , El Fayoum , Port Said , Damietta , Kafr El Sheikh, Assuit and Red Sea.
Yes voting will be on two days and the Muslim brotherhood will send 3 of its youth to stay all night long in front of the polling stations to protect the ballot boxes with cameras and laptops.  I think we should not leave for MB alone , it is will an exhausting mission.
You can search for your polling station by your National ID number in the I  must hint out that campaign of the high elections committee in cooperation with Qabila TV was more than great , these cartoons were an effective way to explain the elections system for the people in a simple way.

There are dozens of websites dedicated to the elections and I will be ungrateful to thank all those who dedicate its time and effort to made these websites.
Ahram Online and Jadaliyya made a fantastic database for the parties and electoral alliance in Egypt you should see and I am not biased here. Here is the parties list and there is the electoral alliances.
Tayar Al Masry party issued a statement saying that it will not boycott the elections , on the contrary it will participate in the elections urging the people to vote and to return to protest at Tahrir square.
Tayar Al Masry is the affiliated party of Revolution Youth coalition.
Here are the members of TM party running for the parliament in the first stage of the elections if you want to vote for them.
Here are the members of El Adl party running for the parliament in the parliamentary elections.
Al Wasat party is running in the elections as well here is its list if you want to vote for its candidates in the elections whether individual candidates or  electoral list.
When it comes to the list : The Revolution continues and the Egyptian bloc are good.
Here is the list of Candidates in Alexandria from e7my Sotak initiative 
Here is the Revolution continues website , it is supported by bloggers like Wael Khalil and Alaa Abdel Fatah.
Here is the Egyptian Bloc website.
We do not know if there will be a rerun for this stage in the first place not to mention if there will be a big turnout as the weather conditions do not look good at all. Rains force people to leave the street , they will not go to the polling stations nor to Tahrir square it is raining.
There are Andriod apps for Egyptian elections by Egyptian developers. There will be an iPhone app soon as well.
There is also a Facebook app for Egyptian elections which I ask you to use and share. 
Tahrir Newspaper published today a great supplement about who you should vote in the first stage and on the other hand here is the mother of all black lists in Egypt on who you should not elect from the NDP orphans.
One must wonder if this is the first elections after the revolution with all its jazz and SCAF is in power , how the elections will be after we have a true civilian rule.


  1. I'm shocked that the Tahrir Newspaper favors Amr Hamzawy over Asmaa Mahfouz for the fourth Cairo district. Hamzawy gave up Egyptian citizenship to become German, then took Egyptian citizenship back. He just supported the revolution in so far as it helped get him popularity and he could appear on tv. Asmaa Mahfouz was with the revolution from the beginning (remember her youtube video calling everyone to go out on January 25?). She might not be as fancy or as great a speaker as Amr Hamzawy, but I'm 100% sure of her intentions- whereas as Amr Hamzawy just seems like he wants the prestige that comes with being in Magles el Shaab. If he really cared about Egypt, why would he ever give up Egyptian citizenship to take another country's???

  2. He Zeinoba, thanks for the great info.

    I am an Egyptian Expat Voter in Canada and have posted my story, as well as photos of my ballots on my blog if you're interested in sharing them:



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