Sunday, November 27, 2011

Country in Crisis : And Tantawy is going to have a presser

@11:15 AM Cairo local time

Field Marshal Tantawy is going to have a press conference soon today after meeting a group of presidential candidates and political figures at 1 PM.
Political revolutionary powers headed by revolution youth coalition have called for a million man protest at Tahrir square at 4 PM today. It is being called “The Revolutionary legitimacy”
The Revolution Youth coalition has published its demanded on their FB page and they are as follows :
  • An immediate trial for those involved in killing the protesters regardless of its position
  • Forming a national salvation government with complete SCAF’s political and economic powers to rule for the rest of the transitional period
  • Rejecting Kamel El Ganzoury’s government
  • Starting a complete restructuring for the ministry of interior and disbanding the central security forces
Among the political movements calling for the protest : Revolution Youth coalition , April 6th Youth movement , El Tayar El Masry and the national association of change.

@12:01 PM Cairo Local time

Tantawy will have a press conference attended by the military correspondents only. Al Masryeen Al Ahrar party and its founder Naguib Sawiris are among the parties invited to Tantawy’s meeting.Potential Presidential candidate Abu El Fatouh has announced that he is boycotting the meeting with Tantawy.
Abu El Fatouh said on his twitter account :
I apologize for the meeting held by SCAF on Sunday.
Al Masry Al Youm and Al Arabiya began to publish quotes from Tantawy , we do not know if this is from the press conference or not.
Tantawy says that the army’s position in the upcoming constitution will be the same as in the old constitution of 1971 
Al Arabiya :
Tantawy Says : We will not let anyone or any party to press the armed forces.
Egyptian TV :
Tantawy says : Elections are on time

@12:41 PM Cairo local time

And Tantawy says that the Ganzoury’s cabinet is temporary and will have full powers as well full support.He also added that the ministry of interior will secure the elections and the armed forces will support it. He also revealed that he met ElBaradei and Moussa by their own request.
In other words the military want El Ganzoury for now. Of course El Ganzoury can fail in finding ministers in this week and the
You can follow Al Masry Al Youm live broadcast from Tahrir square especially after 4 PM to see the square.
News that Hamdeen Sabhi is going to boycott the meeting with Tantawy. Of course I do not need to guess that El Wafd and El Tagammu parties are going to attend the meeting.

@1:04 PM Cairo Local time

Interestingly enough we knew from reliable sources that one of the current Ganzoury’s assistant is none other than
Also the Muslim brotherhood group is ready for a fight with SCAF over the right of the parliament to form the cabinet.
Mahmoud Ghozlan , the MB spokesperson told Al Masry Al Youm that the upcoming parliament should form the cabinet because it will represent the people.
Yesterday Major General Mamdouh Shahin said on TV that the parliament will not form the government. Honestly the secular powers in Egypt plus some liberal groups will be relieved to know that considering how much they are scared from the MB.
The MB is expected to have a majority and according to the currently constitutional declaration the parliament does not have the right to form the cabinet.

@1:13 PM Cairo Local time

This is from Reuters :
Egypt's military ruler warns of "extremely grave" consequences if no end found for crisis

@7 : 24 PM Cairo local time

Well it was raining heavily in Cairo , I do not know how it is affecting Tahrir square , already bunch of thousands showed up for the million man protest at Tahrir square.
News about meetings between potential presidential candidates from one side and SCAF with political figures and prominent personalities from another side to reach for an agreement for that so called advisory council.
The protesters in Tahrir square want tents against rain.
Rainy weathers and elections tomorrow , it is a busy day for a busy week in a busy critical period.


  1. According to Youm7, Mubarak is talking to Israeli (!) media. What is going on???

  2. There is an old Russian political joke I stumbled upon:

    Q: What is the difference between the Constitutions of the USA and USSR? Both guarantee freedom of speech.

    A: Yes, but the Constitution of the USA also guarantees freedom after the speech.

    Besides of joking, it is completely obnoxious if parliament will not be the one forming cabinet.

  3. "Egypt army position won’t change in new constitution, says Tantawi" -English Ahram

    What does that mean? Can Egyptians add an article to constitution that would say something like: "Military trials are forbidden for all civilians"

    Overall this is not looking good at all, as MB is wedging a division among Egyptians. This could lead to several years of old Turkey like scenario where military effectively controls the parliament / cabinet etc.

    One positive thing: MB wants elected parliament to form cabinet, SCAF is foolishly trying to resist. This could show the real spots of SCAF and MB would join the Tahrir again.

    Other hand it is already forseeable that the election results are not representative, and this alone should make MB to think about their position. Do they want to be the ones forming non-representative parliament / cabinet?

  4. It is not without problem that now Tahrir Square demands to decide who runs the country of 83 millions. Most Egyptians are not interested in democracy. They want a decent living. needless to say, that without democracy and purging corruption no decent life will be achievable.

    SCAF insists that Parliament has no authority to appoint a government, because Egypt has a presidential system. Is Egypt ready to accept a parliamentary democracy? I don't think so. Most Egyptians want a strong leader . a strong father of the nation.

    Finally: Non-muslims and seculars have any reason to be afraid of MB. A system based on Islamic values is very different from a government enforcing a kind of DIY-Islam according to the individual interpretation of self-appointed sheikhs.
    What happens in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan tells you how tolerant those fundamentalists are, once they are in power. They have become an oppressive scourge, who are enforcing their ways on the people, although Qur'an al Kareem tells us that there is no coercion in religion.

  5. "Honestly the secular powers in Egypt plus some liberal groups will be relieved to know that knowing how much they are scared from the MB. "



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