Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#Right2Vote : Register at the Egyptian elections website

To all Egyptians living abroad and interested in voting in our elections , please register yourself in the starting from Thursday 10/11/2011  either with your National ID number or with your new passport that including your national ID number.

This is an important step so please do not be lazy and just spend few minutes if you have a new National ID or new passport and register yourself because you must know if you own anyone of them then you are lucky than many Egyptians abroad with old National ID and old passports who will have to get a new one while they want so much to vote in the elections.

Now the Elections commission revealed that there will be an amendment to article no.39th in the constitution declaration issued in last March 2011 to allow Egyptians abroad. Of course I hope that this is the only amendment to the constitutional declaration. We do not know when this amendment will issued or when SCAF will issue a decree to allow Egyptians abroad to vote especially it is only matter of two weeks before the parliamentary elections. Still we will know after the Eid.

By the way please follow Ambassador Youssef Zada on twitter , our current consul general in New York for more updates.


  1. The link to registration is not working.

  2. Please fix the link for registration soonest as we ALL want to register - thank you

  3. It was working fine when I tried it. BTW, it's a good idea to visit the police station in your district to confirm where you'll be voting, so you don't waste any time on election day, when you'll want to go as early as possible. I'm planning to be there with a group before dawn, several hours before the voting begins, just to make sure.

    There's been a lot of talk about certain parties getting their followers to crowd the polling stations early and to vote slowly, so that by the time they finish voting, the polls will be closed.

  4. Egyptians, forget all this talk about parties and revolution,democracy,voting and freedom. The Islamists "will win" following in the footsteps of the Tunisian model.What took place in tunisia will repeat itself in Egypt where people who started the revolution were not the people who voted. Now the army in Tunisia will as the Egyptian army will soon do, stand aside as the "protector of democracy" so to speak, and then cash in the "Foreign aid" almost all of it directed towards the military and none of it will reach the so called "free people". This model was adopted from Gaza who once voted Islamist and lessons were learnt to be used when the time is right in Tunisia, Egypt etc.., SO now if either Islamist regimes do not comply and do what it is told, then the aid will stop, and sanctions will follow and nobody will care about the people, again look at the sanctions against Gaza. So Tunisia and Egypt are the new Gaza, economically speaking held at ransom by the aid and financial and commercial "Packages".

  5. If Egyptians vote for the islamic party and US takes a stand against and cut financial aid like Gaza, that should not matter for Egypt. Actually it is better for Egypt as aid is only 1.3 Billion and Egypt loses that in a day right now. At least Egypt will have its free well, and not to be dictated by US anymore as did in Mubarak's time. US cannot boycot all these countries like Egypt, Tunis, etc. US will be the only loser here.

  6. Good luck to Egypt!


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