Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elections 2011 : Women in elections “1”

Ok I can’t find a good title for this post now but it is just a post about some interesting stops in the the Egyptian parliamentary elections race :
  • Instead of photo a rose

    Al Nour Salafist party posts the photo of a rose instead of its women candidates in its list !!

To be honest I am not surprised because we all know the views of Al Nour Salafist party leaders from ultra conservative scholars about women. I remember in that first Al Nour party’s conference for women where all the speakers were men , one of them said that women’s place is in the house but they need their votes in the elections.
The Salafist Sheikhs also said in different interview that they do not believe that women should run for the elections yet they have women on their electoral lists because the law says so nothing more , nothing. One of them also said that a Salafist woman in the parliament is much better than a secular man !! I assume he said it in the demeaning way.

  • The First woman wearing Naqab to register in the elections.

Bahia Mohamed is the first woman wearing Naqab to register in the elections.She says that she is running independently , she is not from the Salafist nor the Muslim brotherhood’s FIJ. I will not debate on whether a woman wearing Naqab should run for the elections but I will say that it is her right as a citizen yet it is my right as Zeinobia , the Egyptian citizen not to vote for her because I want to know my representative. By the way please remember that in Yemen most women wear Naqab yet they participated effectively in the Yemeni revolution.
  • Al Wafd candidate for Downtown Cairo “Zamelak, Kasr Al Nil , Boulaq Abu El Ela, Abdeen, Al Aazbaqia” Nehal Ahady

Nehal Ahady of El Wafd party
You saw her poster and you know that she is pretty , now you can imagine the amount of sexist comments she got on social media to the level I wonder if this is going to judge women candidates !! Yes I take these things seriously.  Now she is being called “The hottie of El Wafd” !!
The part highlighted in pink says she was NDPian
After knowing Nehal Ahady , we found rumors and flyers all over the internet claiming that she was a member in the NDP based on some flyer from the elections of Gezira sporting club’s board of directors. You must take in consideration that El Wafd is being accused of including many NDP remnants in its electoral lists.
From her side Ahady denied on her twitter account as well in media that she was a member in the NDP claiming that it was a fake and accusing Fakher Islam Sanhoury  “the son of Islam Sanhoury , the chairman of GSC” of spreading lies about her. Both had interesting conversation on twitter accusing each other of lying .. etc. She said that we can’t find her names in the NDP lists while Sanhoury’s son showed anther flyer from 2010 saying that she was a member in the NDP.
The name of Ahady found its way to the media when she was physically assaulted by Islam El Sanhori , the Club’s chairman in a fight after she accused him of corruption.
Of course Fakhr Sanhoury labeled her #Mozetelwafd “The Wafd’s hottie” as accusing her of being a NDP member was not demining enough !! It is now a disgusting hashtag !!
Being a NDP remnant in disguise is not the only thing Nehal faces , sooner she found a rumor saying that she is the daughter of Mohamed Ahady Fadly , the former CEO of Akhbar currently in jail for corruption charges .She had to deny the rumor posting her full name online.
Now I wish to Ahady all the luck in the world but she is running against none other than Gamila Ismail. I do not think that Ismail will agree on the use of “hottie” to describe her rival.
Still I will not lie that I do not know what the two ladies will do in an area like Boulaq Abu El Ela !?
  • Our young ladies in Parliamentary elections

Some of the parliamentary elections candidates are actually younger than me.
The Adl Party got Doaa Abdel Fatah who is running in the party’s Southern Cairo list.
The Revolution Continues alliance has got Somia Adel El Turky in the East Alexandria RCA list. She is born in 1986
The FJP “MB” got Ms.Hafsa Atef Abdel Hafiz who runs in the second electoral committee in Behaira governorate. Abdel Hafiz was born in 1986
I will not lose hope , even if this is not the best experience that would result the best parliament ever .. it is worth to try it.
I hope that our ladies pay attention to the local councils’ elections , they are extremely important.


  1. Very funny and interesting post, Z. “The hottie of El Wafd” hahahaha

  2. I just don't understand how can they allow a person women niqub to run. How are they suppose to know who they are? What if "she" is a ZIONIST JEW

  3. I'm shocked that these salafist sheikhs should be putting images of themsleves on posters. Surely they believed that making images of Allah's creatures is haram.
    If a painting of someone is an image then so is a passport photo or photo on a poster. They are both images just like statues. Ahhhhhhh but when it suits then it's different though!

  4. :) That's funny aHMED. You're mocking Alice!

  5. The picture of a rose to represent women candidates is mind boggling.

    The #mozetelwafd hashtag has funny comments. Some are saying her looks are overrated. One says "she's a respectable married woman, don't let your sexual deprivation get the best of you". My favorite is from mohamedahmos, who says "i will give my vote to you baby ;)" hahaha. Ibrahim Elgarhi makes a Viagra joke in Arabic that I don't get: ‏ سيد البدوي المفروض طالما هاينزل مزز من النوع ده يشد حيله شوية في انتاج الفياجرا

  6. Imagine one of those Alnour party became the president of Egypt. We will have 4 first ladies instead of one :)

  7. @Jason: you don't get the joke because though you keep trolling here, you know nothing about Egypt beyond the puerile and ignorant racist stereotypes you keep trying to inflict on the rest of us.

    And no, we can't know for sure who is behind a niqab, any more than we can know for sure that, for example, "aHMED" is an anonymous poster's real name.

  8. @Alice, I admit to trolling on occasion, but I don't know what you mean about inflicting stereotypes. You're the one who does that. Some of Zeinobia's readers including me think it's hilarious, and that's why we mock you.

  9. I'd like to confirm that I was in fact taking the piss out of Alice.

  10. @Jason: you say "we" as though you and aHMED are two separate people. Only two? A proud troll like you could certainly come up with more sock-puppets than that. Then you could claim that you have a whole crowd of pathetic losers all sounding exactly alike, "mocking" me.

  11. So in trolling Jason's delusional little world he really thinks that he speaks for other readers of Zeinobia's blog. Great joke.

  12. @Alice, I'm not aHMED and Zeinobia can confirm that in her visitors log if she likes, I don't care. I have never posted here as anyone but Jason, which is my real name. @uprisingworld, how... DARE... you...

  13. I'm voting for Alia Magda Elmahdy for the next president of Egypt.

  14. If the woman is a mean fat chick, would a rose still be an appropriate symbol? What about a hippo ?


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