Thursday, November 10, 2011

11.11.11 : Giza Pyramid is closed in front of everybody

And the Supreme council of antiquities has reached to a decision to please all regarding the 11/11/11 craze: The Pyramids are closed from Thursday to Saturday in front of everybody !!
The Pyramids area is closed in front of visitors whether Egyptians or foreigners starting from 4 PM on Thursday to 8 AM on Saturday. All the reservations for events in those days are completely cancelled.
According to people near the Pyramids area say that it is completely sealed by the security forces that do not if there is a party to be held now or not. Of course rumors say that the party is on thanks to the infamous usual mistrust despite according to those who are living besides the pyramids all the lights are off except the famous Sound and light theater which did not cancel its acts tonight. It is worth to mention that the chairman of the Sound and light theater has sworn to God that nobody is having a celebration tonight.
Al Masry Al Youm Daily went with public delegation and checked the Pyramids’ zone , no one is there.
The April 6 movement “Democratic Front” has already called the youth to protest in front of the pyramids and to have a sit in there in order to kick out any intruders !! The front and a News FB page called ENN have published photos from inside the pyramid , the King’s chamber if I am not mistaken claiming that it is from the Freemasonic secret party !!
Does this look like a satanic Freemason party !? 
Well nothing cooler in a secret party than to expose it like that !? Anyhow ironically the photo shows veiled ladies !!
No wonder the photos are fake !! Now the ENN apologized and admitted that they were fake.
Now April 6 movement “Democratic front” shares the same views with Ahmed Zpider !!
Dear Egyptians our media all those years managed to hide the fact that there is a Giza Pyramid cult outside Egypt bigger than you think. Dear Egyptians for year there are followers of cults that worships ancient Egyptian deities come to Egypt to visit the pyramids and other ancient monuments to worship.  Some people in the world believe that on 11.11.11 star gates will be opened in several areas in the world including the pyramids and our alien ancestors will come. “We will see a lot of that in December 2012 insh Allah”
Dear Egyptians stop the paranoia and focus on things that really matter , instead of speaking day and night about that stupid party that is already being banned why nobody is raising a demand to open an investigation about our ancient treasures that have been stolen in the past 30 years !?
Here is another website calling for the 11.11.11 party for mediation thanks to Lobna and as you can use it is not one group but several groups. By the way I do not know who these ladies behind this website are but there is one entrance for the pyramid , there are no private entrances else where.
From what I see online form comments , there is hysteria but offline people are busy with the Zamalek SC’s pathetic centennial.


  1. Zeinobia, I was going to tell you about this story but you beat me to it.

    "there is one entrance for the pyramid, there are no private entrances elsewhere." There is a second, very secret entrance to the pyramid through tunnels dug by Zionist Jews to steal ancient artifacts. Alice can tell you all about it.

  2. Mind you rich foreigners with a penchant for the occult have always come to Egypt to imbibe themselves with its Pharoanic past not surprising considering the Free Masonry symbolism is borrowed - and not into this stuff btw but have come across it from New Age hippies and Oxbridge Tories - heavily from this stuff...idiotic I know but conspiracy theories tend to take off wherever news censorship is practised heavily.

  3. Tunnels dug by Zionist Jews....
    And this is the new, post revolution Egypt? I despair

  4. If rumours were food all Egyptians would be FAT!
    I have lived and worked in Egypt for over 6 years and if anything is true,its that 'stories' still make up a large part of Egyptian culture...
    The pyramids 'make' a lot of money and maybe any 'bad' publicity post revolution is being carefully controlled.
    If egyptians want to make more money now, maybe you should open call centres... after all you do like to talk!lol
    I love the Egyptian people and hope you all have a better life now and the military government helps its people and not hurts them.

  5. @Maadi resident, I was kidding about the Zionist Jew tunnels. I was making fun of Alice, who actually believes things like that.

  6. @Jason, you ignoramus: the "Zionist Jew tunnels" you refer to aren't under the pyramids, but under and around Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa mosque.

    The Zionists, in their desperate search for any archeological evidence, anything at all, of the supposedly great "ancient Jewish civilisation" that never existed, have done everything they could to destroy priceless evidence of actual Middle Eastern civilizations that did exist and really were great, like the 7,000-year old civilisation of Iraq, and like that of ancient Palestine/Canaan.

    But Palestine and Iraq both fell into Zionist hands (Paul Bremer III, who oversaw the looting and vandalism of Iraq's irreplaceable historic treasures, is only one among many fanatic Likudnik Zionists who swarmed into Iraq on the back of the US invaders), and thus were completely at their mercy. Egypt, thank God, is not.

    But given their consistent pattern, nobody but the Zionists themselves, who lie as easily as they steal and kill, or morons who listen to them, can doubt what would happen to Egypt's priceless heritage if they ever got their hands on it, God forbid.

  7. @Alice, your presumed lunacy regarding the Al-Aqsa mosque was in fact the model I had in mind for my Zionist Jew tunnel story. Thanks for your current screed; it is one of your best rants yet against Americans and Zionist Jews. Regarding "the supposedly great "ancient Jewish civilisation" that never existed" I have no well-informed opinion, but in modern times the Jews win Nobel prizes at a per-capita rate three thousand two hundred and eight times greater than Arabs.

  8. How much more proof could it need after this post to see that Jason is nothing more than a rascist scumback, brabbling about nobel prizes, as if there were some genetical superior jewisch race, who's smarter than everybody else and especially arabs.
    You are nothing but a son of a Mengele, Nazifotze.
    Dafür gäbe es im real life direkt auf die 12.

    Antifa F

  9. @Jason, you make a good point, however, you are missing a very important fact. Most of the jews, except 4, won their Nobel prizes while working in well developed countries which spend billions of dollars on R&D. Guess where those 4 jews were living at the time of their winning their prizes, in Israel, and one of them,menachem begin, had a bloody murderous past with the Irgun gang. Yet nobody in the Nobel prize committee resigned when he was chosen for the peace prize. Then when Arafat was chosen for the peace prize, one of the same committee resigned. Its obvious that politics play a big role in selecting the Nobel prize winners. In any case, pharaohs then muslims had great achievemens in the history of civilization which can't be ignored even by a hateful person like you.Check this list of great muslims.

  10. Well, it's good to admit when you don't know something. It provides what we parents like to call a teaching opportunity:

    False Testament: Archeology Refutes the Bible's Claim to History

    As for the Nobel thing, a small sample of your "winners" off the top of my head include Henry Kissinger, Shimon Peres and this guy:

    These three alone could fill a swimming pool with the blood of innocent victims they've spilled (and then hopefully drown in it).

    I'm sure you are very proud.

    Speaking of which, I don't understand why you guys pretend not to like Nazis, and then talk and act just like them. Going on and on about how superior you are and how others' human rights must be sacrificed to protect your superior selves against "demographic threats" and "ticking wombs" and the savagery of inferior peoples and having rabbis on the zionist state payroll explaining that even Arab babies should be killed, because they grow up to be "terrorists" and whatnot.

    Just replace the word "Aryans" with "Jews" and most of the time you could never tell the difference. You know what they say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    But why am I bothering? You Zionists only listen to yourselves, and all you hear is your own voice telling you how delightful and peace-loving and clever you are, which is why you must continue to steal and kill and rob from others, to preserve all that wonderfulness.

  11. @Antifa F "as if there were some genetical superior jewisch race, who's smarter than everybody else and especially arabs"

    No, not at all. Aside from the Nobel disproportion I should mention IQ by country with these examples: Hong Kong & Singapore 108. USA 98. Israel 95. Egypt & Saudi Arabia 83. Equatorial Guinea 59. Jews are not the smartest nor Arabs the dumbest. As to the genetic component, IQ heritability is widely understood to be between .45 and .9. Also see this update with qualitatively similar conclusions.

    I'm just reporting the numbers, so please don't shoot the messenger. What's your explanation? Mohamed El Naschie's is that Arabs don't win because of racism, and he has said "the Nobel is decided not in Stockholm but in Tel Aviv". Cool, huh? There's nothing you can't blame the Jews for.

  12. @Hazem I agree with you actually. You need a level of educational and research infrastructure to win Nobels, and it's largely absent in the Arab world. Your list of Arab scientists is interesting and I will study it carefully. Arabs can win Nobels if they study science as hard as Jews. By the way, the Egyptian Nobel Laureate chemist Ahmed Zewail who won in 1999 is a friendly acquaintance of mine. He is the force behind the Zewail City of Science and Technology project which hopefully will go some way toward providing the needed infrastructure.

    @Alice, you mention injustice concerning Nobel Peace Prize awards, and I agree with you although we would disagree about which were undeserved. It would be fairest to remove all the Peace Prize winners from the comparative statistics. However, this would remove half the Arab Nobels and skew the results even more in favor of Jews.

  13. These are Alice's links lit up: False Testament: Archaeology Refutes the Bible's Claim to History. (Criticism). (Harper's 2002) and Calls grow for withdrawal of Nobel prize. (Guardian 2005) That first one's interesting actually. The "Bible" being debunked there is the Jewish Old Testament, consistent with Alice being a Coptic Christian. To me it's odd how much venom Alice has for Jews and how little for Muslims, the Copts being more anciently indigenous to Egypt, and disadvantaged by the rise of Islam.

  14. @Jason, you use a highly dubious and unscientific study that uses tiny, outrageously unrepresentative samples, and in some cases even "guess-timates" based on tiny, outrageously unrepresentative samples "in neighboring countries" to bolster your racist prejudices. The Nazis had tons of studies like that, many of which were welcomed far more than this one ever was in serious scientific circles, and used them for the same purposes.

    Re: the Nobel Prize. I don't think it's fair to remove ALL the Peace Prize winners. Mohamed El-Baradei, for example, withstood incredible pressure, harassment and intimidation in order to deny any legal fig-leaf to a war of aggression, about which the International Tribunal at Nuremberg said:

    “To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

    He provides a model of bravery, morality and professionalism that is all too rare among people in his position.

    So, no, I wasn't only talking about the Peace Prize winners. In fact, if you'd bothered to check the link, you'd have noticed that one of the three examples I mentioned won the Nobel Prize for Economics.

    His brilliant insights inspired the US military to indiscriminately bomb 2 million civilians in Vietnam, and to push for Israel to maintain the criminal Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and oppress Palestinians until they give up their legal rights. A veritable light unto the nations, this guy.

    Speaking of the Nobel Prize for Economics, a surprising number of the winners have, in fact, been Jewish, many of whom were appointed advisers to US presidents, so people who think like you can point with pride to the great contribution of Jews to the health of the American economy.

    As for your name-dropping of Ahmed Zewail, how cheap, yet typical. Losers who can't get respect any other way typically do that sort of thing.

    Once again, like the Nazis and people who take pride in phony-baloney "national IQ" studies, it reveals a desire to be judged by some spurious association with a glamorized other, rather than on your own merits. Pathetic.

  15. @Jason,The IQ methods the author used were completely unscientific and unreliable. However, I have a reliable method to test YOUR IQ since you are a mathematician. Guess what the sixth number in this sequence will be 300-288-252-180-108-? (you get only 1 point if you get it right)

  16. @Hazem, the successive differences of your series are

    12, 36, 72, 72

    Notice 36 = 3x12, 72 = 2x36, 72 = 1x72

    The multipliers are going 3, 2, 1 so the next should be zero. The next difference should be

    0 = 0x72

    thus the next term (and indeed all terms from now on) will be 108.

    The criticisms of you and Alice regarding the shortcomings of the IQ studies are doubtless correct, but psychology and sociology are imperfect sciences even when done well. Qualitatively the results are surely correct modulo minor changes in ranking.

  17. You got the point Jason. I hope you did not use a computer to solve it but you got the right answer. I knew you were going to solve it. My point was that IQ testing should be tailored to each cultur, language, age, educational background, etc...
    There is no one size fits all in IQ testing. Some people might be illiterate but have a very high IQ.

  18. @Hazem, that was a good IQ problem, not too hard and not too easy. I Googled the sequence but found nothing; then I looked in The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences and again found nothing. So I had to work it out myself. :)

    There are better arguments against psychometry than the ones generally used (shouting "racist" or "Nazi"). And there are tests valid cross-culturally, like repeating a list backwards. IQ opponents should simply note that a high IQ doesn't make you a decent person. There is a wide spectrum of desirable human traits and intelligence is only one. Can't argue with that.

  19. @Jason: you falsely conflate my rejection of the lies, racism and violence of Zionism with "venom for Jews".

    On the contrary: I'm the one who is advocating equal human and civil and other legal rights for all people, and one standard of justice regardless of religion or ethnicity or color. There are many people who agree, including many -- and growing -- numbers who are Jewish.

    It is you, with your blatant double standards and your sadism and your glee at the suffering of people who do not belong to what you consider to be the superior racial/ethnic/religious category, who are full of poison.

    You even grasp at straws to provide your racism with a pseudo-scientific basis.

    You say, "Qualitatively the results are surely correct modulo minor changes in ranking," about a study that used some of the sloppiest, most unscientific methods possible, like guessing a population's IQ by using tiny samples from 2 neighboring countries and averaging them, by using very different methods in different countries, and in the case of Egypt, using 129 children between the ages of 6 and 12 as a representative sample for all of Egypt, without even indicating how and where this sample was collected.

    In other words, according to you, this bit of voodoo pseudo-science, which has been widely rejected in serious scientific circles is "surely correct" only because it says what you want to hear.

    Concerning the article about archeology and the Old Testament, once again, you expose your hypocrisy. Religious faith is one thing, but hard, scientific (in this case archeological) evidence is another.

    I respect all religious beliefs, just like I respect everybody's right to their own opinion, but the standard for justice must be equal for all, just as there can only be one measure for evaluating scientific evidence and conclusions.

    Ideologies, like Zionism and its parent, Nazism, which deliberately subvert religion, science and the law so that they fit the supremacist agenda of one category of human beings at the expense of others, are destined only to end up (albeit at great cost to humanity) in the dustbin of history, where they belong.

  20. @Alice, you were making a persuasive case until you resorted to "Zionism and its parent, Nazism" which in the civilized world is generally recognized as an antisemitic trope. I understand that in Egypt it's a respectable position.

    Your yapping about methodologies and sample sizes misses the point. I'm not defending the exact order. I'm saying that the order presented and the true order will have a high correlation. I'm saying that it truly is the case that average IQ is higher in some countries than in others. I'm saying that Singaporeans do, in fact, have higher average IQ than Equatorial Guineans. Those assertions should be noncontroversial to anyone with a functioning brain. But you, like many Egyptians, have had your cerebral cortex atrophied by left-wing ideology that makes you terrified of obvious, mundane truths.

  21. Given the savage atrocities, including egregious war crimes, that you've defended here before, you're hardly in a position to decide what is or is not "civilized".

    Especially since you appear to believe that the word "civilized" means "self-appointed members of an exclusive club to which you belong, who are innately superior and right no matter what."

    Claiming that something "truly is" doesn't make it so. Neither is describing your racist beliefs as "noncontroversial", when in fact they are extremely controversial, and unsupported by any credible evidence at all.

    All racists believe that their prejudices are "obvious, mundane truths", and like you, most resort to tantrums and childish insults when the lack of any logical, moral and factual basis for them is pointed out.

    As for my brain, it is still functioning ok, even after all that exposure to "left-wing ideology" we Egyptians get. On the other hand, I am indeed terrified that atrophy may start to set in if I continue to read the self-serving, Zionist drivel which you tirelessly seek to inflict on us here.

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