Friday, November 11, 2011

Another important court rule to ban former NDPians from elections in Mansoura

Yesterday ,Thursday the administrative court in Daqhalia governorate in Nile Delta has issued an extreme important court rule : Banning the former members of suspended ruling party "NDP" from running in the parliamentary elections.
We do not know if the government will respect this court rule or not , we do not know if the court rule will be applied all over the country as a base court rule
According to official statements from the government the disfranchisement law will be issued after the Eid holiday.
Even if the law is applied , it will be applied on the leading class in the
NDP after presenting evidence about their corruption to the court.
Update : 
According to the vice chairman of the administrative courts this court rule can not be appealed and that it can be implemented all over the country. The high commission of elections should respect it.
According to Mohamed Fadel , the CNN correspondent in Egypt the cabinet says that the high commission should respect the court rule and ban the NDP members from elections. 
Some people are scared that this will turn the elections in to bloodbath and I am surprised on what the people really want !!? Are not people already expecting bloodbaths either ways !?
There is important question , does this mean that electoral list will be cancelled ? There are NDPians on the electoral lists of several parties !? 


  1. ادي اللي اخدناه من الثورة

    كمان الاعضاء اللي سكتوا عن فساد الحكومة هايتمنعوا من الترشيح!

    احنا اسفين يا زفت

  2. ادي اللي اخدناه من الثورة

    احنا اسفين يا زفت

  3. The rule can be appealed but only by someone who is a part or by the HEC and therby affected by it. The HEC has already said that it will abide by the rule but it remains to be seen...


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