Saturday, November 12, 2011

Syrian Revolution : 40 in one day !! "Updated"

It seems to me that for real the world does not want the Syrian people to live free in a democratic country without a fear , otherwise why the international world is giving all the time in the world to El Assad to crack down the Syrian revolution and to kill what is remaining from the Syrian population to secure the throne.
Today the Arab league is having another meeting to discuss the Syrian issue again and again. There is news that the Arab ministerial committee is having a meeting with the Syrian opposition delegation currently in Cairo , despite Saudi Arabia is not member in the committee , it is said that the Saudi FM is attending the meeting.
There are also rumors that suspending Syria’s membership is on the table for real this time.
Al Arabiya News is reporting that Egypt is against the suspension of Syria’s membership in the league. I am quite surprised because according to what is said SCAF is an alley to Saudi Arabia yet it stands against the suspension of Syria’s membership which is nothing considered the close relations between the two countries or rather regimes now.I feel there is a good cop/bad cop being played in the league. Anyhow nothing official and it could be another rumor or test balloon because when I remember it Algeria , Yemen and Sudan are always standing with
Update : Egypt has not issued its official decision yet for the time being , it could be a test balloon.

According to Sources Egypt is not with or against the decision , the session of the LAS was suspended because there is no agreement on the decision. Only 2/3 of the countries can issue the decision and of course Syria has no right to vote.
Sources also say that Saudi Arabia was the one that leaked the so-called Egyptian's position through Al Arabiya channel to force Egypt to accept it.
Ok the sources are leaking info that the deal could be suspending Syria's membership till the regime accepts and implements the Arab initiative
@3:00 PM 
It is true Syria's membership is frozen till the Syria regime accepts and implements the Arab initiative and cease violence starting on Wednesday 2011.
According to Al Jazeera the LAS has called its member countries to withdraw their ambassadors from Damascus threatening to recognize the National council if the Syrian regime does not stop. It is not obligatory though.  The LAS has called for the protection of the Syrian people "National Council's request" calling the Syrian army to stop its operations against the people .
The LAS has also imposed economic sanctions.
19 countries voted for the decision including Egypt while Iraq abstained. Lebanon and Yemen voted against.
In three days the LAS will hold talks with the Syrian opposition to discuss the future.
The LAS will hold talks with international human rights organizations as well as the UN as an escalation.
Here is a copy from the decision from Egyptian journalist Ahmed Khair.
The decision document  by Ahmed Khair
It turns out ambassador Youssef El Ahmed , Syria's envoy to the LAS as well as its embassy in Cairo has insulted the LAS and Qatar using dirty words !!!! The man insulted Nabil El Araby and accused him of treason along Prince Hamed from Qatar.
I think he should be expelled and rejected as an envoy.
@6:11 PM Cairo Local time : 
The Syrian ambassador in Cairo and to the LAS is having a press conference at the Syrian embassy where he unleashed a huge attack on Nabil El Araby , the LAS which he described it as a League representing the foreign interests.
According to Al Ahamd , these decisions are not legal.
He threats all the countries including the Gulf countries indirectly with hell.
He also criticizes Egypt.
Here is the full statement of the LAS including the decisions in both Arabic and in English. Here is the press conference in Video

Now currently in Damascus the Qatari embassy and the Ambassador's residence are being attacked. The American ambassador's residence is also attacked again. I think the American ambassador will not return to Damascus any time soon.
Homs is being bombarded and shelled again especially Baba Amr's quarter. Several areas in Syria are reporting power cuts like in Daria and Homs. Here is a video allegedly was shot and uploaded today "12/11" showing a house after it was shelled by Syrian forces at Al Baida quarter in Homs. The footage includes human remans. "+18"
A city in war , seriously 

This video shows the live ammunition used yesterday against the civilians in Al Baida's massacre. 

From what I understood these houses are the houses of the defected army forces and opposition icons from famous people.Here is a video showing the house of the former goalkeeper of Syrian national football team Abdel Baset El Sarot whose brother was killed in the shelling.
There is fear that the LAS will make the Syrian regime more madder  but honestly it has been mad so far to a degree that will not
I am not having high hopes just like the Syrians. Syrians are paying the prices of the alliances and world powers game with all these threats from Iran and Hezbollah.
On last Thursday 40 civilians have been killed alone , I think this is a biggest number of martyrs per day in Syria after long time. On Friday the Syrian regime killed not less than 30 civilian.
The news of defections among the Syrian army as well as police force has become a daily basis news , still we do not know for real how it will affect the balance of power considering that the majority of the Syrian army is from the Alawi. Here is a defection in Aleppo on 11/11/11 from the police academy there.
Aleppo : Students defected on 11/11/11
Baba Amr in Homs is a ghost town officially !! This quarter in Homs has been shelled and attacked since last Ramadan for God sake !!
According to the latest statistics from human rights activists updated on November 6th ,2011:
  • More than 4260 martyrs have been killed
  • There are 268 child martyr
  • There are 189 martyrs from women
  • The missing have reached to more than 20,000
  • Those who were killed under torture are 111
  • Detainees : More than 50,000
A Syrian friend of one of my relatives from Aleppo “from wealthy family” has already bought in Egypt a house and opened a bank account , the man decided to transfer his family “wife and kids” to Cairo as they will be safer because things do not look good and El Assad clan is crazy enough to unleash hell till Damascus revolts for real.


  1. I would suspect the U.S. to pay lip service to any condemning of Syria until their secret detention centers can be moved to a new location in another country.

  2. @Demeur: You're a communist retard. Nobody cares what you would suspect.

    @everyone: Unfortunately for me Demeur is my next door neighbor. Seattle is chronically infested with cockroaches like him.

  3. I found this video of Demeur at the Occupy Seattle protest.

  4. If the US gets involved, I want to see a free Kurdistan as an outcome.

  5. The Palestinian bourgeois, the "people with money", fled to Cairo in the 1940s, too. They left their tenant farmers and villagers to fight for a country without them. The bourgeois have been crying about the loss of their property, ever since.

    What do you think, that the people who fight for a new Syria will think of the people who sat out the conflict in Cairo?

  6. If the US or, worse yet, Israel were to intervene in an obvious way in favor of democracy, all of the Arabs and Islamists in the world would mobilize to fight for the Assads and for fascism.

    Prominent US Arabs, like Ali Abunimah and Asad Abukalil have been fawning over the Assads for decades, undeterred by the 20,000 Arabs killed by Hafez Assad at Hama. Why? For their foam-at-the-mouth anti-Israelism and general anti-Americanism. Abunimah and Abukhalil are still hoping for an Assad victory. Without the Assads, who will carry the "Death to Israel" banner with such energy? And what will happen to dear brotherly Hizbollah?

    Abunimah is at the Electronic Intifada web site. Abukhalil is at the Angry Arab.


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