Tuesday, December 27, 2011

#2012 : My 2012 Wishes for Egypt

  • I do not want any Egyptian to be killed or injured by the hand of another Egyptian or any Egyptian to be abused or tortured or bullied by another Egyptian
  • People would have a real vision , mission, strategy and tactics for the new Egypt and her future.
  • Unity
  • Justice for everybody not only for the martyrs and the injured but for everybody in this country.
  • The transitional period to become a true transitional period and not vindictive period.
  • A true independent judiciary
  • A new constitution that suits a country like Egypt and preserves my rights as Egyptian representing all Egyptians.
  • A new elected interim president for this transitional period who understand its challenges .
  • A new parliament whose members do not care for the position or for their party as much as they do care to pass this transition period successfully.
  • A new government whose ministers care for the people for true and make to real achievements and positive change in the lives of the Egyptians.
  • An army and intelligence that do not interfere in politics that protects our true national security , an army that produces arms and defense systems in its military production factories once again.
  • A police that makes me feel safe and confident that my rights will be not lost.
  • True TV channels that represent the people do not represent the interests of the owners or the ratings of the TV shows.
  • A true understanding among people.
  • Our youth to think with their minds and not with their emotions and heart.
  • People began to think outside the boundaries of Tahrir square , Cairo and Alexandria
  • The attack on our agricultural land to be stopped.
  • To restore our money and assets outside and inside Egypt

And I think these wishes are enough , more than enough. The road in front of us is too long and too hard more than you think


  1. je souhaite que l 'égypte en paix mais l égypte a besoin de son armée et sa police même s il son pas parfait la police pour la sécurité pour tout égyptiens l'armée la sécurité national.
    le chemin va être long et difficile.
    la révolutions peu pas réussir si l égypte s' affronte .
    en France les associations de musulmans de france s 'inquiete la monté des salafistes.
    l image d eux et des discourts honteux la monté de l islamophobes grandissant.
    nous touriste on se pose des questions sur l 'avenir du tourisme en égyptes.
    les islamistes son puissant en égypte le maroc et tunisie les libéraux et laïques on moitié du scores.
    et peu allez dans la rue pour la laïcité reste dans le pays.
    le ministre du tourisme tien a assuré mais dés que les frères musulmans il aurons le pouvoir sa va changer.si bien l'armée donnera le pouvoir.
    que sa face pas comme l'algérie.
    je peu dire que les occidentaux son inquiets.
    les europeens on le double langages le ministre canadien lui a dit tout hauts ce les autre dit tout bas c 'est a dire que les islamiste était une dictature pire que moubarak.
    se que pense le peuple europeens................
    alors bonne chance..............................................................2012

  2. The one wish to remedy Egypt's shortcomings is for it's people to behave HONESTY in their daily lives.

  3. "Justice for everybody not only for the martyrs and the injured but for everybody in this country."

    How do you propose to obtain justice in Egypt? By strict fact-finding and weighing right and wrong by independent standards or by seeking to validate people's feelings and fantasies by seeking to realize their violent desires?


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