Tuesday, December 27, 2011

#Virgintygate : More than important court rule

Today the administrative court has suspended the practice of the virginity tests officially in Egypt.
This verdict was the first fruit of the lawsuits filed by human rights organizations on behalf Samira Ibrahim. The rest of the fruits is the investigation with that doctor conscript that did that virginity next Sunday. The administrative court will also see if Samira should be compensated or not.
According to the administrative court : The virginity tests are violation to the sacred women’s body as well a clear violation to the constitutional declaration.
Ibrahim underwent the virginity tests after her rest in the clashes of March 9th sit in dispersion along with other girls “about 7 girls” , only Samira had the courage to sue SCAF and the army.
Ramy Essam with Samira Ibrahim "by Mostafa Nagah
Of course the head military judiciary had to fire back reminding us that the verdict is invalid because there is no virginity tests in the military laws.Ironically when I remember it SCAF members did not deny it that there were virginity tests at least this is what Ismail Etman told Shahira Amin about as well what the generals told HRW executive director months ago promising not to have it again !! Not to mention the military judiciary has stated that they are currently investigating with the military personnel implicated in these shameful practice.
ِAnyhow if the military judiciary claims that it is not a legal practice , then these personnel have broken more rules and laws !!
The importance of this court rule is not only another victory against SCAF like how the revolutionaries look to it more than I think it is a victory for this Upper Egyptian girl who stood not only against a whole military institution but as well the society that is critical when it comes to sexual abuse. Ladies and people should not be silent anymore.
Samira’s Upper Egyptian family is a great example on how supportive they were , already without doubt I don’t think with their support she could have gone so far in her quest to restore her honor and dignity.
Now despite we are happy with Samira’s verdict I must raise this case or fast trial that ended by sentencing a citizen “Gaber Sayid Gaber” one year in jail for distributing anti-SCAF flyers at Abassaiya sqaure last Friday !!! Of course we need to know more information about this first degree sentence which be suspended as far as I know.
Also regarding Maspero clashes , well it turned out that 3 army personnel are being accused of manslaughter in the case are going to stand trial on January 8th 2012, mainly for running over the protesters !!


  1. Dear Zeinobia,

    Did you read this article?

  2. Just wanted to say how much we here in Scandinavia admire the courage and determination of many Egyptians. Freedom and justice do not come easily and it is wonderful to see the people demonstrating every day and working together for a new Egypt. Well done, and Good Luck!!


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