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The Egyptian Chronicles’ women of the year 2011 : Ladies who made their own chronicles

These lists or rather names have no order. All these names in this list already found their lives turning upside and down  in this year 2011. Needless the owner of this blogger herself found that her life has changed upside down in amazing way this way. The Egyptian woman in 2011 just like in 1919 stood and defended the freedom in her country like no other , the Egyptian woman is usual stunning for me just like Egypt.
Protesters at Al Tahrir million man protest "1"

Historical Mentions :

The blue bra girl whom I will not share her photo despite it has been engraved in the memories of many as one of the worst moments in our revolution respecting her wish. Strangely when I remember this is not the first time something like to happen when security conscript whether from army or police strips a lady from her clothes in the street in a crackdown. It happened before in the 1990s during the terrorism years , when the security forces used to strip the mothers , wives and daughters of terrorist suspects from their clothes whether in the heart of Upper Egypt or the heart of Imbaba.
Sometimes I wonder if one of those who stripped our dear girl saw that scene happening in front of him in those bloody years where everybody kept his eyes and ears shut one of the worst violations of human rights since the 1960s during that war of terrorism. Of course what is worst in our blue bra incident it did happen in this way.
The best thing in our blue bra incident that it brought back women to the political scene thanks to the amazing marches throughout Cairo. I do not need to tell you that this sorrowful incident whom many wished not to see in his or her life time brought many Egyptians back to Tahrir square.Honestly speaking I did not want people to return back to Tahrir square because of such horrible scene
We are paying the price of the old generations’ silence for decades , we are paying heavily from our blood , dignity and peace of mind , it is a fact we all know
The Pro-Revolution supporters call the girl now “The girls’ lady” in a sign of respect as “Set El Banat” in Arabic. Some old male activists are still thinking in their old manly way and proposed to marry her in disgusting and silly way.

Positive mentions :

    By Lilian Wagdy
  • The women doctors in the field hospitals of Tahrir square including those who lost their lives and those who were injured bravely.
  • Mona Seif , the strong fighter against the military trials in Egypt.Insh Allah Amr El-Bahairy and all other military trial detainees will see justice and be free in 2012 and Mona will return back to her lab. “As well the rest of the ladies participating in the No for military trial”
  • Samira Ibrahim for standing up demanding her right against not only the military but also the society. “As well the rest of the girls that spoke up against the virginity gate”
  • Bothaina Kamel , the potential presidential candidate whom I believe her true place should be in the parliament defending the rights of the public. This year was very special I think from activism to presidential activism to divorce and new marriage during the revolution.

Negative mentions :

  • Suzanne Mubarak , the fall of the real iron lady in Egypt.
  • Abla Ezz for campaigning at the beginning of the revolution for her husband abroad and in Egypt and being Felol and proud “It is kind of impressive actually as he is married another two women !!”
  • Tahani El Gebali for supporting the military state for so-called fear of Islamist take over and for trying to convince Samira Ibrahim to withdraw the lawsuit. El Gabali whom many cheered for after being appointed by the Mubarak regime as the first judge in Egypt was supporting the delaying in handover the power to civilian for fear of Islamist takeover. According to source El Gebali behind the infamous articles giving the army a lot of powers in that supra-constitutional powers.
  • Lamis Gaber for turning 180 degrees against liberal and democratic values of the Royalty era to become of the same old Pro-military advocates of the Nasser era she used to attack in her writing about the Egyptian royal family. Since day one Gaber has been infamously attacking the revolution and praising Mubarak in the media. Her biggest moment of shame was when she wrote a disgusting op-ed at Wafd newspaper with the worst headline ever “Down with the human rights” where she attacked the blue bra girl and accused her of striping deliberately to defame the soldiers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“In the same category we got Hanan Hawsak , Amira Abu El Fatouh and Azza Heikal as well”
  • Rasha Magdy for her simply forgetting her role as a journalist and being a speaker of the regime whether Mubarak or the SCAF , for inciting sectarian hate.
  • Aliaa El Mahdy for her misunderstanding for freedom concept in a wrong way as well putting the liberals in Egypt in a bad position.

Special mention and respect

To the martyrs’ mothers , wives , sisters and daughters who lost their beloved ones this year for the sake of the country.
Protesters at Al Tahrir million man protestDown with Mubarak Egyptian girls against Mubarak This is our country No More humiliation
Now who do you think I missed in this list ? I know I missed some great ladies.
Insh Allah tomorrow will be better Smile
Proud as usual of being an Egyptian lady from a nation that is tired from making history since 7000 years B.C.


  1. Shame on all women and girls who refer to Samira as te BLUE BRA girl. Shame on us to have Samira go in history as the Blue Bra girl. I don't blame men for their behavior as much as I blame women for allow men to humiliate and control them. Unless women not only fight, but grab their rights and freedom, they will forever remain subservient to men. Unless women demand the seperation of religion from social laws, there will never be any changes no matter how many marches and demonstration takes place in the street of Cairo. Women needs education in religion, and mothers needs to educate their daughters and sons to respect women. I still don's see hopes as long as TV is busy with soap operas that reinforce subjugation of women.

  2. Asmaa Mahfouz?

  3. @anonymous , Samira is not the blue bra girl , the blue bra girl is the one that was striped from her clothes by army soldier during the last Tahrir clashes

    @anonymous , indeed a honorable mention

  4. Mama Khadija, Nawara Negm, Asmaa Mahfouz and Ghada Kamal, they deserve being in this list :)

  5. Too many to mention and too many to forget, women in the revolution has inspired all of us, from the old ladies that prayed for us or sent us food to the little girls who stood in the cold weather chanting for their country.

  6. Dr. Heba Raouf Ezzat for sure

  7. Please don't forget Sheikha Sharifa Magda :)

  8. Israa Abdel Fataah ( nommèè pour le prix Nobel)

  9. salem
    pauvre femmes l'année 2012 va être dur avec l arriver des islamistes au pouvoir possible.
    pour moi c est une drôle révolutions pris par les islamistes et déja s 'attaque au vestimentaire des femmes.
    au lieu de parler du chômage et de la pauvreté
    et de plus les salafiste vaut crée la 5ème colonne il vaut embaucher des chômeurs pour une police religieuse qui contrôle des papier et voir les gens coment s'habiller.
    les révolutions arabe moi je crois pas cert vous avez la liberté d' expression mais vous avez pas libre totalement prisonnier par une dictature islamique plus dur que moubarak.
    plus tard ses les salafistes qui gouvernera l'égypte cars le scores de 29%.
    alors les femmes battez vous pour être libre.
    cars les femmes son les premier victime et les chrétiens..une femme arabe qui envoie ce message
    bonne anneé 2012pour le peuple égyptien.

  10. If I thought it would make a difference I would gladly strip naked and run through Tahrir Square. People remember the image and actions and not the name.

  11. Dr Manal el batran ya Zee

  12. The photos taken from Cairo women's university tell the story of the decline of women's rights in Egypt: 1959, 1978, 1995, 2004. Fact is,Islam is regressive.

  13. Egyptian women were better off under Pharaoh. Social values were more progressive in 2500BC. The problem is the regressive nature of Islam.

  14. Haha, Lara Logan, good idea :)


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