Friday, December 23, 2011

Shafik : Let them Eat “Fish and chips” !!

And strangely Shafik appeared suddenly in that terrible week as usually to make people more angry with his provoking statements. Now the former less than one month PM and potential aspiring presidential candidate Shafik spoke at conference held by the Canada Egypt Business council “CEBC” on last Wednesday in Cairo.
During that public meeting Shafik said that if he becomes the president , there will be a lot of changes in Egypt and that :
Egyptians deserve to eat fish and chips instead of beans and falafel  !!
Dear follow Egyptians elect Shafik and you will eat fish and chips instead of fol and ta’amiya !!!!!!!!!
Fol and ta’amiya aka beans and falafel are the most popular and spread meals in Egypt due to their cheap price. “Strangely fish was also very popular in the past among the poor classes in Egypt”
This is the exact problem of Shafik , it is not only because he comes from a military background or was part of Mubarak’s regime , but it is the fact that the man lives in an ivory tower and arrogant.
I believe that if the military got a presidential candidate from the army , it won’t be Shafik Pasha or Omar Soliman because simply both men are too exposed.
By the way I do not think that Shafik knows how to feed ducks.
Speaking of the pullover man I found a very nice information from a dear friend regarding General Katu who won an international fame after his belief that protesters should send to Hitler’s Holocaust or rather Hitler's overs as he called it.
Katu is a retired air forces general and he was/is close friend to none other than Mubarak and Shafik !!
You must know that SCAF is distancing itself from him especially that his firing statement issuing their 93 communiqué where the council makes it clear that its own views are expressed through its official FB page while the views of those strategic and security analysts “like Katu” are not related to SCAF or represent it from  near or far.
Of course SCAF had to issue this statement after the growing criticism from inside and outside , especially outside after the statement of the special U.S envoy for monitor anti-Semitism Hannah Rosenthal  was extremely angry from his statements.

Egypt’s defense attaché in the States also stated today according to MENA that this Katu was just a civilian now as he is retired general and he is not related to the SCAF or an advisor to the generals as portrayed in the media insisting on the full respect of SCAF to the protesters !! “Hard to believe that respect”
After Hitler's Holocaust General Katu defended the attack on the blue bra girl disgustingly claiming that she deserved it because she insulted the soldiers !!! 
I am not surprised as he is a friend of Mubarak and Shafik !! Thank Goodness that this man is no longer in service.
By the way speaking also of potential presidential candidates , two potential presidential candidates were on the verge of losing their sons during the clashes : Ayman Nour and Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh.
Dear activist Nour Ayman Nour is a brave young man who defended a girl protester from the brutal attack of the army soldiers during the clashes at the cabinet before being arrested and badly beaten. Of course the army officers released him later. 

Despite being away from the media , we know for the first time that the son of potential presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh , Hudhayfah was injured during the clashes. Abu El Fatouh refused to speak about the matter or even to open it publicly as he does not want to say that he is using this for campaigning.


  1. Sudanese Observer12/24/2011 06:29:00 AM

    Ivory tower indeed! Well described!

  2. Maybe the Canadians will give you the fish but I don't know where you will get the chips. Oh, and its always nice with a little caviar on the side.

  3. Serving Size: 350 g, Calories: 600, Fat: 12.2g, Carbs: 16.9g, Protein: 14.7g
    Fuul contains a modest 203 calories & 57 calories in one falafel.
    Conclusion: Shafik is ignorant about what is healthy food vs unhealthy foods.

  4. Can I just say that I think your blog is absolutely perfect. It is informative but not boring, I feel like I am learning something without any effort! I'm doing a blog analysis on the matters in Egypt and yours is by far the most entertaining! Keep up the good work!


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