Friday, December 23, 2011

#Tahrir : Egypt’s Free Women Protest

Today is there is a protest in Tahrir as I hinted last night and its final name now is “Egypt’s free women protest”. There is one podium installed in the square at Hardees area.

The numbers are not big as expected but people are expected numbers to be increased with the rallies that should reach Tahrir square from different areas especially from Al Azhar square.

@ 12 :20 PM CLT

The numbers are not that big up till now before the prayer as expected , journalists estimated couple of thousands.

Here is a photo by Adam Makary showing the protesters praying.

Another photo by Heba Fahmy

Another photo by Dear Heba Fahmy

The Sheikh who addressed the protesters during the Friday sermon called for a civilian presidential council while the grand mufti spoke in his Friday sermon during the Friday prayers about the importance of forgiveness.

There was a symbolic funeral for the martyrs in the square by Heba Fahmy

It is expected that the numbers of the protesters will be increased later in the day.

On the other side of the capital the Pro-SCAF protesters are having their own protest “No for Vandalism Friday” in Abassiya square where they are attacking Tahrir square protesters and accusing Amr Hamzawy and ElBaradei of being agents of foreign countries to the end of that attack !!

I estimated their numbers to be couple of hundreds. Here is a screencap by ONTV

As usual the Egyptian TV is doing a zoom in to the Abassiya protest to enlarge the numbers and zoom out to the Tahrir square to show poor protesters’ presence.

@1:34 PM CLT

The march from Al Azhar is big , real big march with thousands of protesters from men and women chanting against SCAF condemning the humiliation of women protesters in the past protests.

Here is photo by @Hoda Osman from Al Azhar itself.

Here is photo from Original Dostor website from the ongoing march.

This FB interesting note about the square now and how it is infiltrated is more than important. I saw that coming but no one is listening , we are pawns in a big game and I fear indeed that there is something being prepared for the next January 25,2012.

There are rallies and protests in Alexandria and Suez as well.

@2:05 PM CLT

Here is a photo from Al Azhar rally by @Sally Sami

Another photo by @Dalia Negm at Kasr Aini street near the Scientific institute

Here is photo showing a rally in Alexandria from ENN

And another photo from Alexandria by @ Mostafa Rafaat in Alexandria.

There is a protest in solidarity with protesters of Tahrir square against SCAF in Luxor. 

There is also a protest in Asuit as well against SCAF , you can watch it on video.  It is worth to mention that a group of students tried to protest in front of the Southern military zone to object the humiliation of the protesters

Here is an Ariel view for Tahrir square by Ashraf Khalil , numbers estimated there by 30,000. 

@8:35 PM CLT

Ok sorry for this pause but there were protests against SCAF in Port Said , Tanta , Luxor and Kafr El Sheikh as well Qena and Sohag. They are not that big protests but people did protested and this is very important.

Here is another photo from the universities Students’ march to Tahrir square by Nagla Rizk

Here is a video showing the march when it entered the square.

Tahrir square : Cairo university March

Here is a photo album from the women’s march to Tahrir.Also this cute photo from Tahrir square. I do not know its exact source.

There are still people in Tahrir square and honestly I am so worried for tonight , in fact from every day , we are in a mine field .

There is football match currently where Ahly club play and the Ultras Ahlawy paid their respect for their martyr Mohamed Mostafa “ he was an Ultras member as well a tennis champion, 19 years old shot down in the latest clashes at Tahrir square by the security forces.

The boys made a special intro for him.

Also Manual Jose , our favorite Portuguese Ahly coach wore a t-shirt dedicated to late Mostafa.

Jose wearing RIP Mohamed Mostafa T-shirt

There is a White Knights Ultras member who is being missing up till now.

Here is the big protest at Abassiya !! I leave to you the comment !! The Abassiya boys attacked today reporters from Tahrir TV , ONTV , Al Jazeera and BBC as well. They also hanged the photos of Mona El Shazely and Reem Magued “Two TV hosts” calling for their execution.

The protest in Alexandria or rather the march reached to the northern zone commandership and stayed there for awhile despite the extreme cold weather there.

Not only in Alexandria people are still protesting despite the cold weather but also Tahrir was somehow packed from two hours ago.

We do not only need the people to come back to us but also we need the Muslim brotherhood still the brotherhood is taking the political route and is keeping its cool for now.


  1. , as usual i'm grateful to be able to read your magnificent peice!! it's unbelievable work that you are doing chapeau :)

  2. If you have a trouble with the French above, or the English, Google translate may help!

    Several days ago this blog was discussing 'Future Scenarios'. Yet, history is not made by planning or predictions. History is made by those who risk themselves to follow their zeal.

    A real game-changer this week was simply a blue bra, and a red jacket, both came to view in real action in Tahrir. As savage as it was, I was troubled more by the army reaction to the woman in red jacket who tried to protect the exposed blue bra.

    Revolution in Egypt is far from winning, but it is on the winning side.

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