Thursday, December 22, 2011

#Tahrir : Another Friday Protest

Tomorrow there will be angry Friday protest several protesters hope that it would be a million man protest after the brutal attacks on the protesters at Tahrir square by the army forces and CSF.
Now interesting enough those parties are participating in the protest : El Adl party , El Wasat Party , Egyptian Social Democratic party , El Tayar El Masry , April 6 Youth Movement , Revolution Youth coalition , Free Egyptians party Al Ghad party and surprisingly El Nour party at the last moment.
Till afternoon we though that El Nour party , which is the biggest Salafist party in the country announced that it is going to participate in the protest in its official FB page.
Ok I see this move from the biggest El Nour party as more of clearing their image , already the leaders of the Salafist trend including the icon members of the party attacked the protesters defending SCAF so why this big shift !?
Well they want to clear their image after that interview their spokesperson did with the Israeli Radio , oh yes they did !! This will make them lose a considerable votes especially they are now being attacked by all powers for being hypocrite. Of course the party issued a statement also today slamming Israel and saying that the peace agreement with Israel made during dictatorship years.
The El Nour party is trying also to take some votes from their rival the Muslim brotherhood which is being criticized so much for its position in the current crisis as it seems it only cares for the ballot box.
The Muslim brotherhood announced that it is not going to participate officially in the protest as usual but its revolutionary member Mohamed El Beltagy is going to participate and the Muslim brotherhood’s youth are allowed to participate also but individually.
There will be three rallies tomorrow including one that will come from Al Azhar tribute to late Sheikh Emad Effat May Allah bless his soul , there will be another for rally for Egyptian ladies and the third rally will be for the street children.
There is no other clear demand except the immediate hand over for power aside for paying respect to our ladies and martyrs. It has officially two names “The Egypt’s women Friday” and “Restoring Honor”.
I do not know if there is going to be a sit in or not but usually there will be a small group of protesters that will continue in its sit in.
Already I am not worried about the protest tomorrow but I am worried as usual on our activists starting from tonight. 

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  1. cette manifestations moi j aurais aimer que se sois que des femmes sans les hommes.
    mais voila il faut bien que sa s "arrêt cars le pays et dans état économique la faillite
    l'agence de notation a abaissé la note 3eme fois en 1 ans.
    vivre dans l incertitude peu amené l anarchie
    et bien sûr quant on vois le peuple occupée la place tahrir sa va pas rassuré les touriste a cause de la violence le droit des femmes.........................................
    il faut un président capable de dirigé l égypte
    et que les frères musulmans faut alliance avec les libéraux et laïques pour faire barrage au salafiste .cars eux comment il parle des femmes
    c est aussi de la violence moral
    et espérons que l'armée laisse aux civil le pouvoir.
    et on verra si il son capable de travaillez de respecté tout les traité international


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