Sunday, December 18, 2011

#Tahrir : Day “3” The nightmare continues

The death toll has reached to 10 civilians and the injured have reached to 505 according to the official numbers of the ministry of health . Interestingly enough Ahram Arabic Portal today’s header featured the martyrs of the clashes in the past two days.
Today was the birthday of late Alaa Abdel Hady , today late Ahmed Mansour was supposed to receive his graduation certificate
Next January 25th will be the 40th day on his martyrdom along other martyrs including Sheikh Emad and activist Ahmed Mansour. The students of the Ain Shams university as well the students of Cairo university had march dedicated to late Abdel Hady. Tomorrow the faculty of economics and political science’s students in Cairo university will hold a strike objecting the violence against the protesters.
Here is a photo gallery from Sheikh Emad Effat’s huge funeral.
164 are now being accused in the clashes and the prosecution has began to investigate the case and to interrogate them including those injured in the hospitals. Scary thing is many of these defendants are very young in age. 16 defendants are being detained for 4 days pending investigation by the order of the public prosecutor.It seems that some of the doctors at Omar Makram field hospital are still detained.
One of the detainees has passed away in custody from his injuries , activists accuse the army and security forces of torture him in the cabinet HQ. There are children among the detainees from the street kids accused of throwing Molotov cocktails .
For the first time since the Mohamed Mahmoud street clashes , the central security forces are back in the Sheikh Rihan street at the ministry of interior. They had clashes with the protesters for a while where both hurled stones and glass as well Molotov cocktails at each other. The official media says that 3 police officers and 100 CSF conscripts injured in the clashes. Today there have been 58 injured among the protesters.
By the way I hear from a dear friend who works as professional photographer that cameras are being stolen in the square and nearby streets frequently.
More horrific testimonies from detainees especially ladies as well photos are surfacing online. Group of youth began to organize themselves and collect these photos and videos incriminating the army and spread this collection online and offline to gain support of Public opinion. Suggestion ranges from printing photos and posting them on walls to distributing them in work and in university even to Street.
Today issue of Tahrir newspaper has caused a lot of buzz as well of shock to many Egyptians.
The Tahrir front page
Of course this is the picture of the day worldwide in the front page of major newspapers like NY Times , Sunday Mirror , Daily Mail and even Haartez.
Egyptians abroad and inside are not happy , shocked and ashamed.
Tomorrow at 10 AM SCAF will hold a press conference to speak about what happened ,of course they will have another presser to show photos and videos to prove their innocence in the most stupidest way ever.
I want this nightmare to end as peacefully , I want this nightmare to end without a disaster we will all regret afterwards, I do not want the next January 25th ,2012 to be cursed.

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  1. Of course now Ihwan and Salafeen don't say a word. It is them and the army who want to bury democracy. The army has lost its reputation forever. Only pro-Mubarakawis and cowards say that those protesters are wrong.
    Sure they do not represent the majority of Egyptians. But this silent complacent majority, who does not care about democracy as long as they can put their butts into a warm and cozy sofa IS WRONG.

    This is may be the last chance for a long time to finish the old regime once and for all. Public opinion around the world is shifting against the army now and the US are considering stopping their aid and this will be the undoing of the generals.

    Keep on the pressure, Egyptians! Don't stop until the army is in mutiny and falling apart. Don't stop until the lies of the Salafeen are exposed. Don't stop until Mubarak and his family and all his "children & thugs" are brought to justice.


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