Thursday, January 12, 2012

Egyptian X-Files : Our own CPVPV !!

From couple of weeks ago we found some FB page claiming to be that it was the newly founded “The committee for the promotion of virtue and prevent of vice in Egypt” aka CPVPV Egypt that will spread virtue in the society based on Islamic Sharia.It caused a lot of controversy and reactions since then despite no one has reached to a single one behind this group or even saw its members in real life.
After thinking that the page was hacked earlier last week by a some hacking group that demanded those behind the page to return back to Saudi Arabic , it returned back like an ugly menace in to our faces : They got a new official page and they announced that they would have their training tour for their volunteers in the popular  Mandara quarter in Alexandria with their electric shock batons as a tool of defense.
Up till now we got nothing from Alexandria about their training tour , may be because of the terrible bad weather conditions the alleged morality police was too lazy to do its job !!
In their old hacked page there was that email for those men interested to join the morality police for  LE 500 and allegedly the FB page claimed that there was huge turnout. They also announced that soon enough they will have these electric shock batons like in KSA. Indeed we read from couple of days ago in the news that Suez port confiscated 1000 electric shock batons smuggled to Egypt and strangely these batons were related to that morality police in no time !!
A screen capture for the new facebook page
Now are not these illegal weapons ? Should not those who smuggled them be arrested !? Logic says so but the media does not care to ask. Is not smuggling illegal stuff to the country against the teaching of the Sharia !?
I found how this group dared to brag on how they smuggled “they used the term” those batons to Egypt is quite remarkable and strange.
Electric shocks batons are considered a weapon in Egypt and they need authorization like any weapon , no one is allowed to use them officially except security forces. 
It is worth to mention that the Egyptian constitution as well the current constitutional declaration that armed groups are not allowed to be formed , is not considered an armed group thus against the current constitutional declaration !?
Also should not that group register officially ?
I found it strange that nobody knows anything about this group for real and honestly I do not trust shady FB pages because simply there are a lot of questions marks about it.
“The morality police” or CPVPV claimed at first that they are young members of Nour Salafist party despite they made it clear  that they are not officially affiliated to Nour party. The conservative party ironically slammed the morality police just like the Muslim brotherhood and Al Azhar who attacked them.
The CPVPV has already the worst reputation ever thanks to “The committee for the promotion of Virtue and prevention of vice in Saudi Arabia”. Egyptians especially ladies got bad memories with the committee in Saudi Arabia. Thankfully we got an ally from Saudi Arabia to support us against the calls to have CPVPV : Princess Basma Bin Soud Bin Abdel Aziz who slammed the CPVPV system in her country as well made it clear that such group would not have any credibility in Egypt.
It is worth of mention there was an attempt to have a similar thing in Tunisia , I bet there is one already in Libya if it targets the Arab Spring countries.
Now in my point of view I believe that this morality police or CPVPV or whatever is called most probably is some sort myth created by the state security or rather the national security in order to create fear in the society as well to divert attention from things that matter , God knows how many they are now. 
Yes there are individual incidents of extremism and imposing Islamic Sharia from the point of view of some yet not related to this group and they are as old since the 1980s , usually stopped by the first warning of the police or rather state security. 
Bottom-line I believe that morality police in Egypt is a bad hoax.
If it is not a bad hoax, then insh Allah it will fail knowing my people, the Egyptians who will kick the asses of these guys if they see them in the street.

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  1. Nice post. However, I don't believe that the news regarding electric shocks shipment were correct. Indeed, the news websites and TV channels who spread this hoax, are the same news websites and TV channels who spread the first the hoax about the page. This page had only few likes (some say something like 40 likes) and it was on the homepages of many news website. Anyways, nice post :)


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