Friday, January 13, 2012

It Snows in Alexandria

It is so so so so cold in Egypt right to the level that it is snowing in Alexandria currently, yes it has been snowing all day there.

Some people from Alexandria "most people I knew" stayed at their homes but some people especially kids seized the rare opportunity and played in the snow.
Alexandria: Snow and Children in the street

The Egyptian forecast authority has already predicted that we will have very cold three days starting from this weekend.


  1. it hasn't been snowing all day here actually. there was a good bit of hail for a short time though..

  2. No snow, just hail. Temp still about 8 degrees too warm for snow.

  3. wow its snow ive been there about 6 year but never experience like this ...

  4. People here don't know the difference between snow and hail...

  5. Alexandria experienced hail and not snow.
    It snowed once in Marsa Matrouh in 1948 and it snows sometimes in Saint Catherine Sinai mountains during Dec-Jan.

  6. It wasn't hail it was snow. I live in Alexandria, it didn't snow all day and not everywhere, mostly in west Alexandria for early morning hours but in most areas it was hail and very heavy rain. There are some images of window ledges clearly showing it's snow and not hail. It all melted down by midday. Damietta experienced snow last year in January but people there don't really care because they are workaholics.

    @anonymous, stop believing in everything you read in wikipedia. Matrouh experienced snow at least 3 times last century. Snow in Sinai's high elevation is constant during winter(not sometimes) but it hardly sticks till noon.

  7. thank you Anon!! geeze! these egyptians really have no clue what is snow and what is hail, LOL!

  8. You can't have a snowball fight with hail... it doesn't stick together in balls like snow does. I know; I live in Canada.


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