Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#Jan25 : Live blogging For an important Day

Good morning everybody and happy Revolution Day , oh yes it is an official national Day whether some like or not.
All respect to all our martyrs and injured , to whom we owe this day to. May Allah bless their souls :)
There is no state of emergency starting from today in Egypt except in case of thuggery which is a vague word.
It is 10:02 AM CLT , the weather is clear after long rainy night that did not stop thousands of protesters from coming to Tahrir square since last night. It is still cold though.

Tahrir square at 3 AM CLT
Here is a photo for the square from short a while ago.
At 10 AM CLT
The Muslim brotherhood supporters are still there and they have controlled almost all the entrances to Tahrir square except Talaat Harb street’s entrance.
The keyword again today is the marches.
Again you can follow live video for the different activities through out the day.

Now I am going to update this post from time to time insh Allah from Tahrir square after an hour. Follow this post and refresh it from time to time , also follow me on Twitter @zeinobia

@12:32 PM CLT

The numbers are huge and the marches have not arrived yet. The MB has mobilized its supporters and their families indeed with the flags of the brotherhood and the FJ party flags which are being sold now in the square for a price higher than the Egyptian flag "10 LE for Egyptian flag ,15 LE for the MB flag". There are FJ party souvenirs sold as well.

I think there aren't less than hundred thousands in Tahrir square.

At KFC area there are 3 stages set up one of them by the Wafd party Youth , another one by a group of independent protesters.

The Omar Abdel Rahman supporters did a march and I filmed it.

The Egyptian Red crescent doctors are there just in case with first aid backpack.l

The Egyptian museum is closed today ,it is being secured by the youth of the Egyptian museum as well undercover police personnel. Some groups offered to protect the museum but the youth of the Egyptian museum declined their offer. The undercover police told me that nobody offered help to these young volunteers.

A group of Egyptian tourists guide set up a tent beside the museum with the " coalition to support tourism" to protect the museum as well beside supporting the revolution.

The weather is hot

took tons of photos and videos already.

@2:48 PM CLT

Ok some rest.

There are nearly 7 stages now : The MB stage , the Martyrs and injured Stage , the Wafd youth stage , two liberal stages and other two I do not know to whom they belong yet.One of the liberal stages collapsed yet people continued to use it, it is the one in front of Hardee's. That stage announced that they will hold a trial for Hosni Mubarak with judges and so on in  the square then there will be a march to get him from the international health center. That stage also announced that there will be a march from Tora city to Tora prison to get the rest of the Mubarak gang and bring them to the square.

The MB stages airs patriotic songs and even held some marriage ceremony on in. The families of martyrs are extremely angry from that stage describing it as celebratory , one of the martyrs mother told me that they aren't here to celebrate. The injured hanged big banners saluting Heba El Swedi. 

A man from from Port Said made some sort of memorial for the Martyrs as a gift ,it is set up at the circular garden of Tahrir.

I recorded two video clips which actually messages from Ordinary Egyptians to Syrians. I also met a nice Algerian lady activist in Cairo who was hanging along with her friend a poster for Algerian political dissident called Muard Dahiba who was arrested in Paris,she told me that there were protests last year in Algeria but their government does not want the media to know it.

I heard that Safwat Hegazy , Alaa Al Aswany , Ahmed Maher are there , have not seen any of them. I saw the flags of Sharkia and and Suez. I do not know the news of Marches except that the march of Giza is here and big , also that ElBaradei could not continue walking in this march

The street vendors got a golden opportunity today they are even selling liver and crepe !!  There are all sort of people From all classes.

@7:57 PM CLT

At 3 PM CLT I saw the martyrs and injured stages showing the documentaries about the martyrs in a screen installed in the stage.

At 4 PM CLT I met the protesters coming from the Maadi march to Tahrir square.

At  5 PM I stood for about an hour watching the entrance of the biggest march I have seen in my life which is the Giza March , already I call some of my friends who joined me and told me that they did not reach even Kasr Al Nil bridge and they are stuck at Ahly club in Zamalak. It was big and long in a way you can’t imagine it.

The march was so big and it included all classes , it brought with it a cartoon obelisk with the names of the martyrs on it. It was put besides that memorial made by the Port Saidis.

At 6 PM I began to notice that some off the Islamists and MB supporters began to leave , there were buses waiting from them . Now according to some MB sources these members leave and other come !!

Several political movements including April 6 movement “Democratic front” and Revolutionary socialists as well the families of the martyrs and the injured will have a sit in. I do not support the sits in because they always end with disasters , the marches are much better.

The fireworks started in Tahrir square from 6 PM and there was that shift in the mood as it became more celebratory than protesting. The speakers of the MB are extremely louder at night. Their stage did not stop patriotic songs in a silly way.

I met Fardos Abdel Hamid , the famous actor who slammed the MB for their celebratory actions in the square. She is very nice lady by the way.

The Syrians were there in Tahrir square as well with their flag and their tent besides LAS where they will have a sit in for their cause.

I will write a post about it later.

There are hundreds of protesters currently at Maspero building attacking its bias media policies led by Nawara Negm and Samira Ibrahim. Hopefully it will not end tragic also. I am extremely worried about it.

The 3G connection was extremely bad so I do not know exactly what happened in the world outside Tahrir square.

Here clips I recorded on Bambuser today in the square , unfortunately I could not record more because I did not know where I could charge my iPhone battery , 3G will take more power.

Tahrir square : Part of the protests–1
Tahrir square : Part of the protests-2
Tahrir square : The Giza March


  1. What does State TV say about chants, do they include FJP-only stuff or is "Down with military rule" going through to wider public?

  2. Home in al-Maadi with the children. Thank you for the live updates.

  3. مسيرات مسيرات ماشيه في شوارع الاسكندريه انا شايفه مسيرات منهم في شارع بورسعيد وكل مانقول المسيره انتهت نلاقي غيرها وكلها مش بتحتفل كلهم عايزين رحيل العسكر وتسليم السلطه وعايزين حق الشهداء اللي ماتوا اثناءحكم مبارك وبعده وحتي خالد سعيد حاضر بينا وكأننا في يوم 28يناير 2011 مش عارفه اكمل الكتابه اكتب كام كلمه الاقي مسيره معديه اقاوم شويه يعلي الصوت اجري علي الشباك ابص وارجع تاني حتي تلحقها مجموعه اخري من جديدالاعلام كتيره اعلام مصر بجميع الاحجام واعلام حمراء واعلام سوداء وقبضه بيضاء وكله بيقول الثوره ماانتهتش وانهم اهم لاعايزين عسكر ولاجنزوري وعايزين حكومه وطنيه مين اللي حشد ده كله لحد دلوقتي ماشفتش حد من الاخوان الاخوان مظاهراتم مميزه وشكلهم مميزياساتر اد كده الناس كرهت العسكر بسبب المخلوع يعني اللي كرهوا عبد الناصر في الاول ما اثروش كتير علي الباقي الا لما مات وعرف العامه الحقائق واللي كرهوا السادات واختلفوا معاه مابغضهوش اوي وكأنه خد دورتين في الحكم وتوفاه الله اما مخلوعنا أبد ونصف قرفنا منه ومن عينته افقدنا الثقه في كل وانتهت حقبته بخلعه ومهزله محاكمته واخرتها يانسر الجو الجريح فعلا لابد ان تستمر الثوره لتحقق لمصر ماتريد والله المستعان fateimaD

  4. I have been following your comments on twitter today in South Africa. Happy 1 year anniversary of the peoples' revolution. Democracy will triumph!

  5. Ode to Tahrir by Sunny Morgan

    Voices crying in unison,

    chanting-give us hope, give us peace,

    Pushing, shouting, falling, crying, pleading praying!

    Young ones shouting, older ones dreaming, still old ones remembering,

    Girls and mothers Standing ,

    bold and empowered,

    Boys looking up at their fathers

    BIG and Proud

    Red, white and black faces,

    golden eagles rising up!

    Take my dreams, and bring me freedom.

  6. beautiful ode Sunny !Great post Zenobia! did you see Tamer Hosny or Amr Diab by any chance in the midan ? : )


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