Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shafik’s golden answer about Field Marshal Tantawy

This is for history : How did General Ahmed Shafik answer a question about field marshal Tantawy ?

Shafik : Eh !!

Amr Adeeb was asking about whether ousted president Mubarak wanted field marshal Tantawy by his name in Shafik’s cabinet or not and Shafik answered like what you have seen above.

The episode of Cairo today was to present potential presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik , of course those who like the guy will say poetry about him and those who do not like it will have more reasons to hate him !! The man was awfully proud of him to the level that he mentioned the pronoun “I” about 30 times in the minutes !!

I am among the most 20 important personality in the aviation industry worldwide !!

What I did in one month as prime minister from achievements was more than any prime minister in 2011 !!

These are two examples of how the episodes went.

Our former PM for a month Shafik is running for presidency and people think that the military’s golden horse in the race despite his IQ seems to be less than the IQ of Hossam Khairallah.

By the way Tarek Zidan , the self acclaimed revolutionary supports Shafik for presidency just like blogger Sherif Abdel Aziz, yes Sherif Abdel Aziz.

My personal opinion about Shafik aside from all the corruption charges following him , well he is too arrogant to rule the Egyptian people.

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  1. Let's just hope this SCAF tyranny is over after January 25th.

    If FJP doesn't want the burden of ruling, then they should resign from the parliament, what sort of jackasses sign up for the duty and is refusing to take control of the country?

    I'll tell you what kind of coward does that: someone who is afraid as they know exactly what is right thing to do at the moment. Get rid of SCAF, jail them or retire whole bunch.

    In someways FJP is playing time, and see what the street does.


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