Monday, January 16, 2012

What do people really want !?

The people want “” was the powerful magical slogan of the revolution last year 2011 now in 2012 I wonder what the people want now.

Unfortunately nobody knows exactly what people want especially the revolutionary class.

I am not speaking about the rights of the martyrs and injured of the revolution but I am speaking the political demands that should be clear to the Egyptian people in this critical moment.

“Handing over power to the civilians immediately” is too vague and too broad and does not convince anyone as a goal if you do not have any detailed plan on how , when and to whom.

Unfortunately we are just days away from the revolution’s first anniversary and youth began to get ready for another second revolution “there is nothing called second revolution ,there are actually phases” and ready to die for “ the suicidal spirit is high among youth especially after the clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud and Cabinet HQ” yet ordinary average people do not have a true clue on what is the plan other than “The military should leave”.

You must know the majority of the Egyptian people want the military to leave the rule after suffering 60 years yet they want to know how and make sure of to whom the military is going to leave the rule , how and when !? In other words , what are these revolutionary options in front of the people so they would support one of these options and go to the streets in million and ready to die for ?

Now so far here are the options in front of us , yes options because revolutionary groups have not agreed yet like before on what they want this time other than “The military should leave now”

  • All the presidential candidates have to withdraw because the presidential elections will be a charade

Of course this team supporting this idea  , did not reach to this conclusion except after the decision of Dr.ElBaradei on Saturday , I do not know why they did not realize this idea before ElBaradei’s announcement.

Ok all the respectable presidential candidates have withdrawn , whom will SCAF hand over the power to !? Not to mention if all the respectable presidential candidates withdraw , all the unrespectable presidential candidates will have an excellent opportunity like Amr Moussa and Ahmed Shafik in front of the people and the world. Without doubt the US administration will not hate to cooperate with Moussa especially he has undeniable popularity in the street among popular classes.

Ironically those who want the presidential candidates to withdraw do not recognize the current parliament so I do not  know really to whom SCAF should hand over the power to !!

  • SCAF hands over power to the newly elected parliament

It is a good idea actually but there is one problem : the newly elected parliament refuses this idea , the majority party or the semi majority party aka Freedom and Justice party  in the parliament refuses this idea. I do not know how to press the parliament to accept this idea it refuses.

Ironically some of those suggesting this plan are totally against the MB and can’t stomach their Freedom and Justice party so I do not know how the MB technically speaking will take over the power if they do not trust them

It is not a deadlock but I think the only plan we have to stick to now is the original plan millions of Egyptians have approved it whether you like it or not , Presidential elections before constitution. We can push the presidential elections forward as a demand. We can have the presidential elections in April instead of June ISA.

I do not want the constitution to be drafted under military rule and honestly in this point I do not need to pinpoint which liberal icons who were and are very ok with the idea that the constitution to be draft under military rule including so-called revolutionary icons who welcomed the military to stay even 3 years so the liberal parties can stand in front of Islamists powers !!! Indeed Egyptian people tend to forget so fast including the revolutionary youth.

The longer we wait , the longer we do not provide the people with right realistic solution , the more they get bored from the whole situation and choose stability.

The people do not want any more military rule but what they want real solutions not twitter initiatives because we are speaking about a big nation with huge problems.


  1. Couldn't have said it better.

    though some believe street pressure can force the parliament and MB to accept the temp. role of a president.

  2. Well, i can see contradictions in your post..How do you say first you wonder what the people want and at the end, you mention that the majority chose the presidential elections before constitution according to the referundum...also, why are you assuming that all the egyptians want the military regime to leave the power..nothing confirms will only be a fact if a military candidate run for presidential elections and nobody choose him...don't misuse the "people want" slogan as all the egyptian elite..

  3. I throw you a bone:

    If power after Jan 25 2011 were given let's say to April 6th youth movement, would Egypt be worse or better now?

    If power after Jan 25 2011 were give let's say to ElBaradei, would Egypt be worse or better now?

    It's not hard to guess better alternatives than SCAF! Thats the thing.

    But since the elections are seen as representative, why not give power to the parliament? People can oust them if they don't like 'em. If not by streets then by elections.

  4. CPE actually came to the conclusion that presidential elections will be a sham right after Maspero massacre in an official statement by Salah Adly the secertary-general of the party, CPE also suspended its campaign for the parliamentary elections after the massacre . CPE is also part of the coalition for change, so it wasn't news to many or decision taken after elBaradei suspended his campaign. But in all truth, those who are close to ElBaradei knew he will not run for president regardless of the circumstances, he wasn't interested and was stirring the olitical waters. He would not have run anyways whether the elections were a charade or not.

  5. There seems to be 4 groups who want different things.

    Scaf - I believe do want to hand over power to satisfy their pledge to the people & the US. But not all power. They would prefer to share with either a secular or the MB. Whichever will give them the best deal.

    MB - Has been waiting & working a long time for this opportunity. Would like to go with a Turkish - type state in which their political party is dominant. But does not want to alienate the people, military or foreign powers.

    Secular opposition - wants, needs more time. But also wants civilian gov't as soon as possible (even if it is MB)

    Salafists - want a total, risky transformation to a Saudi/Pakistani/Iranian type of regime takeover that would be permanent. But are not strong enough to achieve that, now. In the meantime they will hope conditions get worse damaging all the other groups.

    What the people want? Safety & Jobs & Dignity. Whoever can give them that will be their choice. Whoever doesn't provide that will lose them.

  6. Back in January 2011 people went out on the streets calling for 'Bread, Freedom and Justice'of which none has materialized.
    Egypt's economical situation dwarfs everything else as it has experienced a 50% drop in it's foreign reserves, 80% drop in tourism, foreign investment has come to a standstill, inflation is on the rise and the Pound continues to drop in value.
    Egyptians primary issue is BREAD, BREAD, BREAD, because it translates to 'EIISH' meaning life or subsistence.
    The best candidate for the Presidency is a leader who is
    willing to take the economic problems by the horns.
    Is there such a person?
    The Canadian.

  7. Thank you. One of the most reasonable analysis I have read. Tweets might have a role in some areas of politics, but unfortunately, in most cases what you read is responsible comments and rumors.

    At this stage, we do not need the dictatorhip of Meidan El-Tagrir (e.g. April 6). There are many ways to express our opinions. Remember, SCAF has not left a stone unturned with respect to meeting with and consulting with all segments of our populations.

    A "push-button" demands like "SCAF leave immediately" is irresponsible and reflects either ignorance or lack of understanding of democracy and the governing processes and laws.

    Some say the revolution has been stolen and its fruits has gone to "others". This is non-sense. The revolution came from the whole people and its benefits should go to all. Remember not all revolutionary people were in Meidan el-tahrir or even in the other streets in the other cities, towns, villages or farms and factories. It is not a cake. After 30 years of injustice and corruption, it will take long time to fix.

    To those saying the goals of the revolution have not materialized, I say, we are on the right track and we are actually far ahead of the ever "changing" (and never agreed upon among the different groups)goals coming from meidan el-Tahrir.

    SCAF has a plan agreed on by the people and has a very reasonal schedule. By the way, some revolutionaries want SCAF out today and others think they should stay for two or three years. Support and trust our SCAF and government and show a bit of patience.

    Zoheir Abouguendia

  8. The change needs to be more radical. Democracy must change from a choice between different corruptible leaders or parties,to a situation- newly possible- of people having legislative vote on every issue which interests them. Internet capability is widespread in Egypt, and Mubarak alone had enough money to buy everyone in the country an iPhone. This would be a successful end to the revolution.
    Or should I say a successful beginning- the whole world would benefit from such a model. The end of world hunger could be subsidized for 17 years by the richest 1000 people on the planet alone. Their failure to feed a billion people must be recognized as psychopathic and prevented.

  9. "SCAF hands over power to the newly elected parliament
    It is a good idea actually but there is one problem : the newly elected parliament refuses this idea , the majority party or the semi majority party aka Freedom and Justice party in the parliament refuses this idea. I do not know how to press the parliament to accept this idea it refuses.

    They refuse!!! HOW AMAZING??!!!


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