Friday, January 6, 2012

Syrian Revolution : #300DaysLater

Today Friday January 6th , 2012 marks the 300th Day of the Syrian Revolution in March 2011 , today is the 300th day and the Syrians are still paying huge price for demanding their freedom and their kids freedom, for having a powerful Strong Syria. I have counting but the numbers of the Syrian martyrs have exceeded the 3000 martyrs , endless number of injured and detainees not to mention a spilt in the Syrian army and huge fear from the future.

Today the thousands of Syrians took the street again demanding the immediate international intervention especially after the failure of the Arab observers and LAS to stop the daily blood rains in the country.

Hama : We will write our history with our blood
Idlib : A protest in Darkoush city
Homs : Our demand is the heaven
Aleppo : A protest in Marea
Palmyra : A protest in the ancient city of Palmyra
Reef Dimshaq : Demanding international intervention
Hama : The people want international intervention

In 300 days A city like Homs has took the banner from Hama and Daraa and I feel that there is no family in the city that who has not got a member who was not injured or killed !!!

Today the first news came from Syria did not come from the outside Damascus and the crimes of El Assad regime but from Damascus , a huge blast from Downtown Damascus with reports of victims killed and injured. Ironically the Syrian TV reported first that the victims were from the regime’s security forces and then later they claimed  that there were civilians !! According to official numbers not less than 11 were killed  and 36 injured in the blast.

In the fastest investigation ever in less than half hour we know that it was a suicide bombing !!  Anyhow the Syrian TV has topped its twin official Egyptian  TV in bias unreal coverage today.

New TV : Transferring from Syrian TV on air !!!

Here is a clip from Lebanese New TV which aired the broadcast of Syrian TV directly from Damascus right after the blast , you can see clearly the location was set up by Syrian TV crew before shooting !!

The Syrian Revolutionaries believe that it was a set up by the regime. Here is a press release by the Syrian Revolution FB page about the blast in English to international press.

Anyhow there has been real blood today as 36 were reportedly killed across the country in the same old bloody crack down. The security forces have stormed the city of Bukamal in Deir Ezzor with tanks , people heavy heavy gun fire in an area between Doma and Harasta in Reef Dimshaq. Net less 13 civilians including teenagers have been killed today in Reef Dimshaq only today.

There were sounds of explosions in Harasta in Reef Dimshaq as well in Hama.

Here is a video showing security beating 3 young men in Modamiaya El Sham , Reef Dimsshaq.

Modamiaya El Sham : 3 young men beaten by security forces gangs

Despite I was busy in the Internal Egyptian Chronicles issues , I could not ignore the Syrian Chronicles for one second , I just could not and can’t. Interestingly enough during the last clashes in Tahrir square between protesters and army forces , I noticed the El Assad’s death machine was working madly killing Syrian civilians day and night in more than the average per day unfortunately as if the world is keeping an eye on Tahrir then it is a golden opportunity .

Unfortunately in 300 days that the international community or rather the main players in the international community waited all that time for their own agendas whether to give El Assad a time to crackdown the revolution or to keep things getting worse in order to have the a reason for direct international intervention. Needless to say our Syrian brothers can’t tolerate it anymore and demand a direct international intervention especially with the constant failure of the Arab league to do anything. The international intervention will not be freedom and democracy to the end of this fancy talk but for another thing started with cutting off the oldest Arab ally of Russia in the region as well Iran.

By the way as much as our revolution is affecting the Syrian revolution  , we are also being affected as well with the Syrian revolution and the future of Syria more than you can think , it is not about how SCAF scares people with the Syrian scenario and the revolutionary protesters class threaten them with Libyan scenario in one of the most disgusting immature way ever scaring the public but about the future of the Egyptian presidential race.

Nabil El Araby met today with Khaled Mashal who took a message from the LAS to Damascus , we will see. There has been news that Hamas has already began to transfer its offices from Damascus to both Doha and Cairo.

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  1. Syrian Revolution is the bravest & most disturbing & bloody so far. They seem to be politically very aware from what I can tell.

    Its a complete rebellion against Assad. He is getting help from Iran, China & Russia but not US or Israel. Still his power seems to be fading steadily, from week to week. They will need a Separation Wall around Damascus soon.

    Its already a tragedy, a crime. The people are like one clenched body bracing for blow after blow. To have countries not just ignoring your cause but some hoping that it fails, that you give up has to make it very hard indeed.


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