Monday, February 20, 2012

Will 2012 be the year of the Algiers’ revolution ?

According to political analysts and observers that year of 2012 will witness changes in Algeria as the tsunami of the Arab spring will hit it sooner or later. Of course when we speak about Algeria , we are speaking about a true military state with a bloody past of civil war between the Islamists and the army.
Now yesterday the protests have broke again in the capital “Algiers” in a poor area called Dergna between protesters and the security forces after the death of a little baby girl because of the cold weather and poverty. It seems that the living conditions are the common factor in several of the recent protests in Algeria. Dergna already witnessed protests and clashes in 2011.
According to Algerian El Khabar newspaper the protesters are from the locals who were protesting the live conditions in the area demanding to be transferred in another place. The newspaper mentioned that there are 700 families living there with no water or electricity or gas for 20 days now.
Last January Laghout area witnessed protests against police treatment and economic conditions. I can’t find videos from yesterday’s protests but there are clips from past months.
Here is a clip showing a protest in December 2011 in Biskra state.
Algeria : Protest in Biskra state in 2011
May be you think it is a small protest but one thing for sure the protests have not stopped in Algeria through out 2011 despite the iron fist of the generals there, these small protests can evolve like snow ball especially with all the political changes in the region.
Boutaflika and his generals
It is worth to mention that the generals in Algeria know the challenge facing them especially Algerian president Boutaflika’s health is not great. They know the challenge and they have not waste any time in 2011 in using media in Algeria in portraying the Arab revolutions and uprisings especially in Egypt as a foreign Zionist conspiracy against the Arab Islamic countries.
Several Algerian tweeps and bloggers express these thoughts unfortunately and I know for a fact that whenever clashes erupt in Cairo for any reason, it is being enlarged in Algeria 3 times its real size.
The generals are no wonder taking a stand against all the Arab uprisings and revolutions whether in Egypt or in Libya or in Syria when I remember it.
The generals are also using the media to hide the news of protests in the country , you will be surprised by how many protests , Sits in and strikes Algeria witnessed in 2011 and yet have not been fully and properly covered regionally or internationally as in Egypt for example. It seems to me that after all that Egypt and Yemen had better media exposure than countries like Tunisia , Syria, Bahrain and Algeria. Anyhow I found this summary in Wikipedia about the protests in Algerian from 2010 t0 2012.
What I fear is that mix of restless strong army , armed militia and Islamists not to mention a major export of oil in the world while population suffer from unemployment and poverty and West waiting for a slice of the pie will produce violent revolution.


  1. Darling you are ahead of the news!!! amazing. today i'm reading you instead of stupid and boring official newspaper :))

  2. all ways the same-dont look to algerie ,look to your masr.
    L arabo-islamisme est un veritable cancer en Algerie.Ca a commencee depuis 14 siecle et surtout depuis la creation de l association des Ulemas algeriens qui etait proche des freres musulmans egyptiens.
    Chakib Arslan le panarabiste avait conseillee Messali pour parler de la nation arabe algerienne, et du Maghreb arabe.
    Le messalisme est la source de nos problemes aujourdhui.C est lui qui avait appelee a chasse aux militants berberistes qui ne voulaient qu une Algerie plurielle et democratique.
    Abdennasser a partir de 1952 est un autre cancer qui nous a plongee avec son bebe Benbella dans le bourbier arabo-islamiste.
    Son responsable des services secrets Al Dhib avait une fiche de renseignement sur chaque haut responsable de la Revolution. Pour chaque personne il mettait la mention arabe ou kabyle. (Abdennasser avait demandee a Benbella de tout faire pour ecarter les Kabyles de la direction du pays le jour de l independance.
    Des que Benbella est sorti de prison apres les accords du 18 mars, il est allee voir son pere spirituel pour le rassurer que l Aalgerie serait bel et bien gouvernee par les Arabes.
    Meme l assassinat d Abane Ramdane a ete commanditee en partie par les Egyptiens qui ne voulaient d un responsable kabyle aussi charismatique,aussi instruit,aussi libre de pensee.
    Boussouf et Boumediene etaient les remplacants de Benbella apres son emprisonnement.D ailleurs il y eut une correspondance reguliere entre entre bebe et boussouf. Amirouche a ete donnee.Krim a ete assassinee.

  3. Algeria is still to this day recovering from the bloody events which occurred in the 1990's that led to more than 100,000 deaths. Just because other Arab countries have joined in the revolution, doesn't mean that Algeria must also. Its almost as though you want it to happen and can I just say that you of all people should know that it is easier said than done, after all, there is still unrest in Egypt even after the over-throwing of Mubarak.


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