Monday, February 20, 2012

#Syrian Revolution Reaches Egyptian Parliament

Members of the Syrian opposition are attending the session of the Egyptian parliament regarding the Syrian Egyptian relations today. I think they are members of the SNC. These Syrians already had a meeting with the Arab relations committee in the parliament.
The Syrian politicians are overwhelmed with the reception of the parliament. I think I have met one of them at the Syrian tent at Tahrir on last 25 January 2012
That delegation is the first foreign delegation to attend a session of the Egyptian parliament after the revolution. Despite all what You think about this parliament , I think this has a significance meaning , I will remember this scene very well because
This is the first time a foreign flag is raised or even entered the hall of the Egyptian parliament and I am proud that it is the Syrian flag 
The Arab relations committee has reached to the following : 

  • The condemnation to the crimes of El Assad regime. 
  • The crimes of El Assad regime have put the opposition in front of dead end. 
  • Egypt is demanded now to do its national role to save Syria through sponsoring a dialogue with all the branches of the opposition as well supporting Syrians 
  • The Arab relations committee is starting to meet with the Syrian opposition fractions. 
  • Egypt should press Russia , China and Iran.
  • Egypt does not want international intervention that leads to another Libya or Iraq. 
  • Egypt refuses military intervention in Syria
  • Egypt should support the Arab intervention. 
  • Supporting the Syrian citizens in Egypt from giving them residence visa with all other facilities like schools and universities. 
The Syrian delegation accused of SCAF of pressing Nabil El Araby not to do anything regarding Syria. Of course when it comes to SCAF level , be sure things are not that simple or easy. Ironically the Egyptian press has been accusing El Araby being Qatar's puppet !!!!!!!!!!!!
Back the people's assembly , well what happened today wasnot that big or huge , it will not stop the on going massacres in Syria yet psychologically it is great as it is sending a message to our people in Syria that Egypt has not and won't forget you :)

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