Thursday, March 29, 2012

Egyptian Presidential Elections : Wacky Races indeed

And now the big surprise of the game : SCAF has dropped the charges Ayman Nour was convicted of and thus Nour restored all his legal and political rights including his right to run for presidential elections !!

Nour announced the news as soon as he knew on his official twitter account before changing his twitter bio as a presidential candidate 2012.
By Nouran Sallam

Nour is the leader of Ghad El Thawra Party which got already 2 seats in the People’s assembly and thus Nour will not need any PAs or recommendations.  Nour will register himself on Friday.
There are fears that Nour will divide the liberal votes. I am quite surprised because if I am  not mistaken Nour withdrew from the Presidential race after Mohamed ElBaradei because he believed it would be a charade. “Despite he could not then because of the legal problems that prevented him from running”.
Veteran Leftist Abu El Ezz El Hariri is already the first presidential candidate to reserve his place in the first stage of the race because he is a member in the parliament and got the official endorsement of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party.
General Hossam Khairallah has also got the official endorsement of El Salam party which got seats in the parliament after failing to secure enough PAs. Khairallah’s campaign was accused already of paying bribes for the people so they would sign PAs for Khairallah. It is worth to mention that the leader of El Salam party is the head of Muslim youth association , who was accused of being part of the battle of camel attack against the protesters in Tahrir square on February 2nd and 3rd.
Now there are presidential candidates from two unknown parties : Mohamed Awad of “Egyptian National Party” { An NDP remnants party of Tawfik Okasha} and  Mohamed Fawzy of “The Democratic Generation Party” . Do not even ask about them !! Strangely infamous lawyer Mortada Mansour is going to register himself as the “Egyptian National party” candidate.
Now Amr Moussa has managed to collect 45,000 PAs to become the first presidential candidate to gather these PAs from citizens from two weeks. He is also the fifth one to become officially qualified for presidential elections. 
Amr Moussa after presenting his PAs "Moussa' Campaign" 
Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh has collected more than 30,000 PAs according to his campaign last week and today he went to the HPEC to present 45,000 PAs.
going to the HPEC with the PAs "Abu El Foto campaign"
Hazem Saleh Abu Ismail campaign claims that they managed to gathered over 150,000 PAs.Abu Ismail has not gone yet to present these PAs to the HPEC. He will go on Friday “Is the HPEC opened in the weekend already !?”. According to a tip I got there will be a show off for Abu Ismail followers next Friday where they head to the HPEC with buses from all over the country. They will allegedly form a human chain from Dokki to Heliopolis !!!!!!!
Now many Salafists are angry from Al Nour Party because it has not announced its full endorsement to the famous Salafist Sheikh. There have been contradicting news that the party will not endorse him in the past two weeks. Al Nour party will lose some of its popularity among its Salafist base without doubt if it does not endorse Abu Ismail.
Nevertheless Al Nour party is not that important to the Salafist votes compared to the famous Salafist Sheikhs. The Shura council of Salafist sheikhs “Shora Al Olamaa” has announced its official complete endorsement to Sheikh Abu Ismail.
Mansour Hassan withdrew from the race after embarrassing him and his history. Of course what Wafd party is more embarrassed after endorsing him publicly despite the refusal of the youth members in the party. I think they will endorse Amr Moussa now.
I highly doubt that Bothiana Kamel and Khaled Ali will manage to collect enough PAs despite I really wish they would.
I do not understand why Hamdeen Sabhi does not run as the presidential candidate of the Karama Party “got a seat in the parliament” instead of humiliating himself. May be he will do this in the end. The man wants to prove that he is a popular in the country but it is not time for bragging.
Here is the official Presidential elections website with the latest updates regarding the official Presidential candidates.

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