Monday, March 26, 2012

Mubarak Memories That never exist !!

For couple of weeks now the media in Egypt is speaking about alleged memories written by ousted president Mubarak. Rosa Al Youssef weekly “famous for its fabrication” is publishing excerpts from the alleged memories. These alleged memories will be published in UK by Canongate Books  for $ 10 million .
Despite I know that Mubarak and his family may work on memories in order to defend themselves in front of the world plus it is a good source of income , yet I highly doubt that Mubarak would see the following about himself :
  • His mom sued him for financial aid. “She did in early 1960s”
  • President Sadat used to call him stupid and was planning to dismiss him
  • Qaddafi killed Lebanese Emam El Sadr and Ashraf Marwan
  • He questioned Safwat El Sherif after the murder of Soad Hosni.
  • If he had been a real dictator he would have killed Amr Moussa because the later insulted him.
I do not think Mubarak will admit that he is mistreated his parents in 1960s publicly in front of the world or that Sadat used to call him stupid !! This is besides the fact that the words “Rose Al Youssef” and “memories” make me doubt that there are memories written by Hosni Mubarak at all.
Lately Rosa Al Youssef claimed that “Canongate Books” is facing huge pressure from the Arab rulers to remove about 300 pages in the alleged memories because it exposes them.
After researching and contacting Canongate Books , I found out that the British publishing house is denying totally that it is going to publish the memories of Hosni Mubarak or his wife  Suzanne as some newspapers claimed that the famous British publishing house was going to publish the memories of Suzanne Thabet.
It is worth to mention that Thabet was indeed planning to publish her memories before the revolution.
This is not the first time Rosa Al Youssef publishes fabricated news thanks to its genius Tawheed Wagdy ,the journalist who made a name in the media with his fabricated tabloid news. It seems that this is the natural evolution of Rosa Al Youssef from Adel Hammouda to Abdullah Kamel to Tawheed Wagdy !!


  1. Know who else has false memories? Mohamed El Naschie has completely forgotten that he lobbied for Hosni Mubarak to get the Nobel Peace Prize. El Naschie also says he warned Gamal Mubarak that the regime's policies would lead to the events of January 25. El Naschie doesn't think of it as a revolution though, but as an Intifada.

  2. @Zeinobia, Where are you getting this information about Rosa Al Youssef? They have been offline for some time. Their URL redirects to Try it:

  3. I agree with you strongly. There are unreasonable events that especially his relation with his mother.


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